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The HWT Project Family Registry is an ongoing project where local family stories are received and shared.


If you have family stories to share, consider sending documents and pictures about your Historic Westmeath Township family. Stories of when, why, who, how and where. The material already prepared and presented here is to be viewed as the “foundations stones” on which you can build. The result will be a “Community Memoir” of the families who participated in the building of Historic Westmeath Township.

Your submissions will be posted here alphabetically by surname.

Errors:  If you spot an error or an omission, please email this site with the correct information. Although care has been taken; mistakes do happen and we are grateful for  any correction you can supply.

pioneer homesteadWhere was the old homestead?  The pioneer land-owners’ names were written in beautiful calligraphy on Map No.22 housed in the Archives of Ontario. This was the main visual record of Westmeath Township from the 1830s for subsequent decades.  Now that true treasure of a map has been digitized by the Archives and made available in the Maps Section  of this site.

Don’t forget to visit the Main Site and look through the School class pictures of your ancestors when children; or take the time to search through the Marriages Registry found with the appropriate church.

Maple Leaf badge of the Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-20.

Walter Lennox Robinson

Lest we forget…

This website covers the generations that came of age and experienced both the horrendous sacrifice of the Great War  of 1914-1918 and the ravages of the second; World War II 1939-1945. To bring attention to the impact those wars had on the families of Westmeath Township; a red poppy is inserted for each veteran who served our nation. A visual remembrance.

Detail of "Family Register" taken from an embroidery sampler made by Harriet Jackson, age 12, in 1842.

Detail of “Family Register” taken from an embroidery sampler made by Harriet Jackson, age 12, in 1842. See JACKSON entry.