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BEAUPRIE, Joseph and Ellen Kief Beauprie

The Beauprie family is one of the earlier pioneer families of Westmeath Township. Their story is one of hardship and perseverance.  Joseph would get employment in the rapidly expanding lumbering economy but would die at a young age.

The young couple had started out in Quebec and their first-born William was born in Aylmer, Quebec. They moved northwestward to Westmeath Township around 1847 first settling in LaPasse, the township’s French-Canadian, Roman Catholic community. At least four of the Beauprie children were born in LaPasse, Ont.

In the earliest Westmeath Township Census taken in 1851, Joseph Beauprie (1816-1860) and his wife Ellen Kief (or O’Keefe) (1821-  ), are not enumerated and three small Beauprie youngsters are listed in the Beachburg Village household of a Dr. Thomas and Martha Black, a Scottish doctor and his English-born wife. We assume that John and Ellen, (sometimes named Julia),were temporarily away visiting relatives or working to earn cash wages.


1851 Census -Black Household

1851 Census – Black Household

By the 1861 Census, young William “Boprey” age 13 (15) is listed in the Beach household in Beachburg. In that same Census, Julia (Ellen) “Boprey”  is widowed at age 40 with 5 children at home. Joseph had died the year before in 1860.

1861 Census- Beauprie Household

1861 Census – Beauprie Household, Westmeath Township

 Donald J. Beauprie, a great-grandson has generously submitted his family tree t0 this entry which has been incorporated, along with information, and other sources.

The children of Joseph and Ellen Beauprie are:

1. William Beauprie (1848 –), born in Aylmer, Quebec. Worked as general manager of the Gainesville Midland Railroad in Gainesville, Georgia. Unknown marriage. Son Arthur Beauprie and unknown wife had 3 daughters.

2. Julienne (Julia) Beauprie (1849 – ) born in LaPasse, Westmeath Township.

3. John Beauprie (1852 –1934), born in LaPasse Jan.30,1852, 1934 John Death Reg. m. Margaret “Emma” Wright (1856-1936), 1936 Emma Death Reg.  the daughter of Samuel Wright (1832 – 1905) and Mary Boyd (1832 – 1898), a Presbyterian farm family also from Westmeath. John Beauprie was born in LaPasse, Westmeath Township and died in Beachburg, Westmeath Township. He worked as a farmer, a bailiff (bailiff listed as his occupation in 1881 Census at age 29 years), and Constable for the young community. John and Emma were married 54 years and built their home in Beachburg Village.

They were Presbyterian adherents and the Beauprie name appears in the church records. See Marriage and Baptism Registries.

In the 1888 Gazetteer for Westmeath Township brothers John and Martin Beauprie are owners of adjacent farms. In the 1896 Voter’s List for the Municipality of Westmeath Township, John is the only Beauprie listed and is still the owner of the north ½ of Lot 7 on Concession 5 EML.

1896 Voter List for Westmeath Township

1896 Voter List for Westmeath Township


Beachburg Village

John’s farmland would be parcelled off as the small village grew giving John and Emma a source of income and a solid place in the community.

July 1926 - Beachburg  L-R- Earl Beauprie, Ruby Boyd  Beauprie, Hazel Howell Beauprie, John Beauprie, George Anderson, Front- Ruth  Lyttle.  Photo courtesy of Donald Beauprie & Graham Lyttle

July 1926 – Beachburg L-R: Earl Beauprie, Ruby Boyd Beauprie, Hazel Howell Beauprie, John Beauprie, George Anderson. Front- Ruth Lyttle, Emma Wright Beauprie and Belle Wright Anderson.
Photo courtesy of Donald Beauprie & Graham Lyttle

July 1926 Beachburg ON L-R- Front Earl Beauprie, Lennox  Beauprie & wife Hazel Howell Beauprie , kneeling - Ruth Lyttle Beauprie.  Back- George Anderson, John Beauprie & Belle Wright Anderson. Photo courtesy of Donald Beauprie & Graham Lyttle.

July 1926 Beachburg ON L-R- Front Earl Beauprie, Lennox Beauprie & wife Hazel Howell Beauprie , kneeling – Ruth Lyttle Beauprie. Back- George Anderson, John Beauprie & Belle Wright Anderson.
Photo courtesy of Donald Beauprie & Graham Lyttle.

 The children of John and Emma Beauprie are:

i) Alma Euphemia Beauprie (1882-1912) m. John Condie ( (1872-1958) on  Jan.9, 1901 and they farmed in Beachburg. See CONDIE entry. Children: Gladys Condie m. ___Bradley, Vera Condie m. ___Thornton, Kathleen Condie m. ___ Phillips, James Condie m. ____and Leona Condie m. ___ McLaughlen.

ii) Edna Rosabelle Beauprie (1885-1970) m. E.J. Pratt on October 14, 1908, lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Daughters “Bubbles” Edna Mae Pratt, Portland, Oregon and Margaret Pratt, Winnipeg and Burnaby, B.C.

iii) James “Findlay” Beauprie (1887 – ) m. Amanda Ollis on March 20, 1922. Findley was a bookkeeper. Children:  Ellice Beauprie and James Beauprie of Port Maitland, Nova Scotia.

iv) Ruby Boyd Beauprie, RN (1891 –) -never married became a nurse and worked in New York.

v) Stewart “Earl” Beauprie (1894 –) m. Ruth Lytle on Oct.20, 1921. See LYTTLE entry. No children. He worked in an Ottawa dept. store.

vi) Lennox Wright Beauprie (1898 -1970) m. Hazel Ruth Howell on June 129, 1925. He was a teacher in Ottawa and Montreal. Children: William Roger Beauprie and Donald J. Beauprie, retired dentist and author of “Destination Algonquin Park“.

4. Martin Beaupre (1854 – ) born in LaPasse, m.  (1) ___Sykes who died young; they had no children but adopted Millie;  m. (2) “Widow” Coleman, Perth, Ontario. in 1888 he  owned a farm on North ½ of Lot 7, Concession 6, EML.

5. Sylvester Beaupre (1857 – ), born in LaPasse, in Minneapolis he married and then moved to Chicago. He became a Police Captain. He was struck by a snowplow, died on pneumonia. Sylvester was a great athlete in long jump.

Ellen Beauprie remarried to Malcolm Condie and they had three children. Malcolm was the eldest son of James and Isabella Condie. See CONDIE entry.

Beauprie Family in Beachburg

Source:  On the occasion of the 175 Anniversary of Beachburg an excellent book was produced: “Beachburg – A Rich Heritage, 1835-2010” The BEAUPRIE family’s submission of text and photographs to this commemorative book is used here. Information and pictures submitted by Dr. Donald Beauprie of Deep River. Numbers indicate generations.

The Beauprie name is associated with the early settlement of Beachburg. The family history begins with the arrival of Joseph Beaupré who first came to the LaPasse area. Some pioneers travelled up the Ottawa River on the far side of Calumet Island to avoid the Roche Fendu rapids, thus establishing a tiny hamlet at Gower Point (LaPasse) early named being “Lapasse des outardes” referring to flocks of geese passing overhead.

The Anglicisation of the name Beaupré to Beauprie was a result of conversion to Protestantism from the Roman Catholic religion. Many Protestant settlers moved into the adjoining communities and intermingled, while others remained loyal to the Roman Catholic faith. This occurred also in names like Condé to Condie, or Therriault to Tario, to mention just a few.

Joseph Beaupré’s ancestor’s came originally from Normandy, France. Joseph lived in St. Jacque L’Achigan, Quebec, and then Aylmer, Quebec.

1   Joseph married Ellen Kief from Ireland, her name originally being Helen O’Keefe, and they eventually settled in the area of the Glen in Beachburg on the farm that later became the farm of Wm. Headrick and later again was owned by Harris Schroeder. They had seven children; William, Julienne, John, Martin, Sylvester, Joseph and Mary.

Joseph Beauprie died in 1860. His widow Ellen Kief married Malcolm Condie, whose family was among the first settlers in Beachburg. Their children are Malcolm Condie, who stayed in Beachburg, Anne who died young, and Christina who moved to Chicago and married Charles English.

Beauprie John Emma

2   Their third child John Beauprie (1852-1934) married Margaret Emma Wright (1856-1936), daughter of Sam Wright.

John and Margaret ran the  successful “Union Hotel” until it burned in 1931. See BEACHBURG page.

John was then a farmer, served on the public school board, and acted as bailiff and constable. They built a house about 1891 and lived where Ralph and Claire Martin now live. They were married 54 years. Both John Beauprie and Emma Wright were highly regarded for their contributions to the community and to St Andrew’s United Church. When John died in 1934, he was Beachburg’s oldest native born resident. Their family of six were Alma Beauprie, Edna Beauprie, James Findlay Beauprie, Ruby Boyd Beauprie, Stewart Earl Beauprie and Lennox Beauprie. Findlay is listed in the 1911 Census as a bookkeeper at the railway freight shed.

Beauprie's Store

Beauprie’s store was built in the early 20’s for Stewart, S.E. Beauprie near the railway tracks where the present day Cenotaph is located. In the early days the Beachburg Road came to a right angle at the tracks and within the right angle was the two story building with living quarters above the store. It burned in 1928 and sometime after that the road was curved to the right.

3   Alma Beauprie married John Condie 1901. He was known as “Johnnie on the hill” to distinguish him from another John Condie, and they farmed in Beachburg, raising children Gladys Condie, Vera Condie, Kathleen Condie, James Condie, and Leona Condie.

3   Lennox Wright Beauprie  BEAUPRIE, Lennox     married Hazel Ruth Howell 1925. He became a teacher in Ottawa and Montreal. Their children were William Roger Beauprie and Donald John Beauprie.

4   Donald Beauprie who married Jean MacGregor in 1960 is a retired dentist in Deep River. Their children are Roderick  Beauprie, Ian Beauprie and Laura Beauprie.

iBeauprie House

Beauprie Ruby& Friends