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ELLIOTT, Simon and Isabella

The Elliott’s; parents Simon Elliott (1781-  ) and Isabella ___ (1791-  ) and their five adult children,  had immigrated from Ireland before 1850. None of the children seems to have been married and brought partners with them. The first Canadian record (1851 Census) finds them living in a log shanty in Perth County. Family members would move on for work or better land and 24 year old Thomas would come to Foresters Falls, Ross Township; and his offspring would spread even further....

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ELLIOTT, Andrew and Margurite Jane Shields Elliott

Young Andrew Elliott (1851-1932) was born in Clarendon Township, Pontiac County, Quebec. In the mid-1800s, the Upper Ottawa Valley was opening up and new immigrants were arriving to take up the government’s offer of free land for homesteaders. The Ottawa was the highway and there was safer water to travel on the Quebec side of the river; the Ontario side had a number of ferocious rapids. Today they are the foundations of a huge white-water rafting business; but back then travellers coming...

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ETHIER, Joseph and Elizabeth (Isabella) Bouquet Ethier

You have to dig well back into our nation’s early history when researching the ETHIER Family of Westmeath Township. They were among the earliest of the French settlers in New France; in what would become Quebec, Canada. These early generations were headed by the following ETHIER men: 1. Leonard Ethier Estie (2 versions of surname), born  about 1643 in St-Martial de Manot, Angouleme, Angoumois, France. He died 1689 in undetermined place. 2. His son Joseph Ethier Estier Etier Esthier (4...

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