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DAVIDSON, John James & Sarah Grendle Davidson

John James Davidson’s portrait displays an impressive set of medals pinned to his top-coat.  About 1845  James and his wife Sarah Grendle settled on a crown grant on Lot 6, Con. 4 East Muskrat Lake (EML) of two hundred Acres in the Township of Westmeath. The grant was given to him in recognition of his services to England in the Irish Rebellion; his rank was colonel.

There is some sense of irony that men like John James Davidson would be proud of their participation in the  infrastructure and security of a British Colony; when his countrymen had known such suffering in Ireland from British penal laws, absentee landlords and food shortages. But  the  new immigrants were thankful that they had safely landed in a welcoming land and appreciated the chance to build a new life.

John James Davidson, 3rd Battalion, Victoria Rifles.

John James Davidson

John James Davidson (1854-1927)

John James Davidson (1854-1927), with his  Medals earned during the Irish Rebellion.

John James Davidson (1826-1898),  and his wife Sarah Grendle  (1826-1861), were both residents of Ballymony, Antrim, Northern Ireland, and like so many from that part of Ireland, came as “Immigrant Ancestors” to Upper Canada in 1845. Their family would grow to five sons and two daughters. The McLeese family also came to Westmeath Township from Ballymoney, Ireland. The ties between these two families remained strong with intermarriages. See MCLEESE entry. As well, the Dickson family was intertwined with the McLeese and Davidson families. See DICKSON entry. Kinship networks added greatly to the success of new settlers. Many working together could build the log homes and clear the land for cultivation.

His first wife Sarah Grendle died in 1861 at the age of thirty-six. All of their seven children were born in Westmeath Township  except eldest Robert G. “Bob” also known as Blind Bob who was born on the sea voyage to Canada. James remarried to (2) Sarah Moore, date unknown.

Davidson Family Portrait.  Standing L to R.: William Henry Davidson, Thomas Grindle Davidson, James Davidson, John Davidson. Sitting  L. to R.: Sarah Grindle, John James Davidson and Elizabeth “Liza” Davidson. Photo from

Brothers and Sisters in Davidson Family Portrait.
Standing L to R.: William Henry Davidson, Thomas Grindle Davidson, James Davidson, John Davidson.  Sitting L. to R.: Sarah Jane Davidson Dickson, Robert G. Davidson and Elizabeth “Auza” Davidson Dickson.
Photo from

In the “1888 Directory of Renfrew County, Township of Westmeath” the extended family lists 12 entries – all the men are farmers except for one sawyer.1888 Directory - Davidson

Notes from

“James Davidson Sr. married Sarah Grendle (born 1825, died 22 September 1861) at the age of 36 years.  James died when a team of horses ran out of control.  He is buried in the Beachburg Cemetery. He died of blood poisoning 14 days after the accident with the horses. Death certificate 018901 Dr. Moir or Mair.

They lived on the farm next to the side road to Zion Lane just over the hill before coming in sight of Beachburg.  This is where the family were all born and where they both died.  That farm  was owned in later years by Jack Davidson (Jim’s eldest son).

“The Davidson Family were born in Scotland and moved to Northern Ireland and arrived in Canada in 1845.  Their son Bob Davidson, was born on the sea voyage to Canada from Ireland.”

Land parcels owned by Davidson family East of Muskrat Lake.

1893 Voter Lists Westmeath: Land parcels owned by Davidson family East of Muskrat Lake (EML), Beachburg.

In the 1893 Westmeath Municipal Voter’s  list for Beachburg, three Davidson members are eligible for voting – as only landowners and males could have the franchise. The Davidson land parcels were well inland from the Ottawa River because by the 1890’s all of Westmeath Township was surveyed and increasingly populated. The Davidson parcels could today be accessed from Pappin Road and Zion Line. Davidson Farmsteads.

Davidson-Grendle Stone, Beachburg Cemetery.

Davidson-Grendle Stone, Beachburg Cemetery.

In the 1896 Voter List for the Municipality of Westmeath Township, five Davidson men were eligible to vote in the Beachburg Polling Station.  Only landowners and sons of landowners were eligible.

1896 Voter's List Davidson men

1896 Voter List. 4th column shows Lot Numbers and 5th column shows Concessions of the township. EML is East Muskrat Lake & do is ditto. The Zion Line runs between the 2nd and 3rd Concessions.

This copy of 1896 Voter List shows Davidson men eligible to vote at Westmeath Polling Station.

1896 Voter List. Davidson men farming on Lot 25 between Greenwood Road and Finchley Road.

1896 Voter List. Davidson men farming on Lot 25 between Greenwood Road and Finchley Road, in the area also farmed by the Moore Family.

This copy from the 1896 Voter List shows a Davidson voter in the Gower Point Polling Station (LaPasse).

1896 Voter List for the farms south of Gore Point- also settled by the Dickson family.

1896 Voter List for the farms south of Gore Point- also settled by the Dickson family.

Use was made of material in the Davidson History Binders for some parts of this entry. Thank you to Hazel Davidson Bromley for their use.

The children of John James Davidson and Sarah Grendle are:

1.  Robert G. “Bob” Davidson Sr.  (1845 – 1925)  was born during the Atlantic Ocean Crossing in the summer of 1845. He was blind. Robert G. Davidson married Zorah  Brown and they had two daughters: Alice Lorena Davidson and Susan Davidson. Buried at Beachburg, ON. They lived on property as listed in Voter List above.

2.  Sarah Jane Davidson (1848 – 1936) m. (1) Thomas  Dickson (about 1840-1876)  Jane&ThomasDicksonMarriage  and together they  settled on Dickson land on Gore Line, Westmeath Township. See DICKSON entry.  When Thomas died,  Jane Davidson Dickson then married (2) Daniel McLeese, son of Daniel McLeese and Margaret McGuigan. This was also his second marriage. See MCLEESE entry.

3.  James “Jim” G. Davidson (1854 – 1927) m. Eleanor Emily “Nellie” Hill, October 2, 1871 in the Manse in Beachburg.  She was the daughter of John Hill and Frances Childerhose. Jim lost his left arm in a horse-powered threshing machine and later was fitted with a hook. Nellie was a school  teacher and a columnist for the local Cobden newspaper. This family lived on the Zion Line of Westmeath Township and were, with their large family of 12, very well-liked  in the community. James knew everyone and took his threshing machine around to the other farms at harvest time and Nellie was known for her kind and affectionate nature.

James Davidson 1854-1927

James Davidson 1854-1927. Photo from

The Obituaries of James and Nellie taken from the local newspaper are found in the Davidson Family History binders:

James Davidson1

James Davidson2

James Davidson3

James Davidson4_0001

Jim Davidson & Ellen Family  Bob, Hattie, Frances & John twins Gracie, Lizzie & Walter. Photo from

Jim Davidson & Nellie Hill Family
Bob, Hattie, Frances & John twins, Gracie, Lizzie & Walter. Photo from

The children of Jim and Nellie Davidson were:

i. Francis Jane Davidson (1872-1957) m. Malcolm MacLaren (1870-  ) in 1898 and lived on Lot 7,  5th Concession of Ross Township. She was a twin with Jack. They were married at the bride’s home on the Zion Line June 29, 1898 in Westmeath Township. Malcolm was born on the 2nd line of McNab Township and died of pernicious anemia.  She suffered from Alzheimer’s and died in 1957. They are buried at Cobden. These clippings from the local Cobden newspaper were in the Davidson Family Binder.

Francis Jane Davidson1

Francis Jane Davidson2

Children of Francis Jane and Malcolm were Eleanor Mary MacLaren (1901-1908); Hildred Jessie MacLaren (1904-1989);  Gladys Marian MacLaren (1906-   );  Gordon Campbell MacLaren (1909-1997);  Harriet Isabelle MacLaren (1916-1948) m. Robert Daniel McLaren, son of Robert Wilson and Eliza Bresanham, in 1937 in Cobden and would died at a young age of epilepsy.

Hariett McLaren Obit

Gordon McLaren

ii.  John James “Jack” Davidson (1872-1948) m. Elizabeth Eleanor Bennett on 1915 at Westmeath. Buried at Beachburg Cemetery. Children of Jack and Elizabeth were: John Henry (Harry) Davidson (1919-1956) m. Doris E. Pettigrew in Pembroke in 1942;   Lillian Patricia Davidson (1920-1982) m. (1) John DeLaurier, –  no children, (2) Conrad Loyer;   Eleanor Frances Davidson (1925-  ) m. Leonard William Edwards.

John J Davidson1

iii. Harriett “Hattie” Sarah Davidson (1875-1952) m. Robert G. Keyes in 1899 and no children. Robert Keyes had the occupation of tool and dye maker and instructor at Henry Ford Trade School in Detroit Michigan and his religion was Christian Science; also a Masonic Lodge member of the Grand Lodge in Detroit.

iv. Henry “Harry” Hill Davidson (1879-1943) lived in Arnprior. He m. Estelle E. Tracey in 1908 from Cobden. Their children were born in Beachburg: Norman Davidson; Gerald Davidson (1912-1990) m. Pat Byrnes – no children. Gerald worked at Northern Affairs, Ottawa.

v. Robert William Davidson (1881-1966) m. Clara May Johnston from Beachburg in 1908. They farmed on the Zion Line of Westmeath Township and attended Beachburg United Church. Robt & Clara Davidson 50th.   Their children were: Margaret Davidson; Findlay Albert Davidson (1909-1995) m. Patricia Cannon in 1939 – they lived in Kirkland Lake, Ont. and had no children;  Rita May Davidson (1910) infant death, buried at Beachburg Cemetery;  Hedley Robert Davidson (1911-1949) m. Stella Hyrchuk, lived in Kirkland Lake, Ont. and buried at Martin River Beach Cemetery; Joyce Davidson (1925- ) m. Harry O’Brien, son of William O’Brien and Hannah Perrault, in 1943 in Pembroke.

vi. Grace Eleanor Davidson (1883-1963) m. George Dunlop, son of Robert Dunlop and Mary Lalonde, in 1903 at the bride’s home on the Zion Line. Buried at Beachburg Cemetery. Their children were: Grace Elizabeth Dunlop (1906-1994) m. Manford Hector Pappin in 1923 in Pembroke;  Ernest Arunah “Rooney” Dunlop (1907-1991) born on the Kerr Line of Ross Township, m. Iva Rae Kirk in Almonte Presbyterian Manse  and is buried at Ross Presbyterian Cemetery on Kerr Line;  Graham K. Dunlop (1912-1991)m. Geraldine Ryan and  owned Lakeside Farm, Ross Township and buried at Beachburg Cemetery.

vii. Stephen Ernest Davidson (1884) – died at 4 months, Beachburg Cemetery.

viii. Elizabeth Zorah Davidson (1886-1966) m. George Eady in 1906 at the bride’s home on the Zion Line. They are buried in Pembroke Calvin United Church Cemetery. Their children were: Percy Davidson  (1903-1983) m. (1) Hazel Isabel Price in 1926 – (Percy was the  son of Tom Gibson and Elizabeth Zorah Davidson and raised by his grandmother Eleanor E. Hill Davidson) – m. (2) Nettie Gertrude Fiebig in 1959 daughter of Herman Fiebig;  Dorothy Eleanor Eady (1908-1978) m. James Doig;  Walter Clayton Eady (1910-1984) m. Mary Margaret (Marie) Gregoire in 1936 in Pembroke and is buried in Pembroke Calvin Cemetery; Gwendolyn Eady (1911-1962) m. (1) Gordon Briscoe in 1929 and later m.(2) Robert Briscoe;  Reginald James Eady (1913-1986) m. Doris Clara Wagner- buried at Capital Memorial Gardens, Ottawa; Jean Elizabeth Eady (1924-1975) m. Richard Lawson Coleman; Wayne T. Eady (1928-1988) m. Helen (Molson) Molzahn in 1947.

ix.  and  x.  – Stillborn twins boys – 1887.

xi. Walter Findlay Davidson (1889-1975) m. (1) Annie Young; no children; (2) Martha Mae Barr in 1917.

xii. Catherine Marion “Mernie”  (1894-1917) died at 22 years, 4 months. She had been married in 1912 at her home on the Zion Line to John McClelland. See MCCLELLAND entry. Two daughters: Eleanor Cordelia McClelland ( 1913-  ) m. (1) Ernest Davison, son of Algie Davison and (2) John Roberts;  Marion McClelland (1916-  ) m. (1) David Reynolds and (2) Sparling Little.

xiii. Percy Davidson (1903-1983) m. Nettie Gertrude Fiebig in 1959 daughter of Herman Fiebig, Pembroke, Ont. Percy was the child of Elizabeth Davidson Eady (see viii above) and Tom Gibson but raised as the child (not the grandchild) of Jim and Nellie Davidson.

Research has turned up a newspaper clipping  of a hunting accident in 1931. We are unsure  which William Davidson was shot by Leslie Wilson, and did he survive his wounds?  1931 William Davidson Shot by Wilson. If you, Dear Reader, knows about this incident; please write in to this website.

4.  Thomas Grendle Davidson (1851 – 1921)  m. Mary McLeese (1863 -1956), in September 13, 1881, daughter of Daniel McLeese and Mary Jane Murphy. See MCLEESE entry. They farmed in the Beachburg area as well. Children of Thomas and Mary Davidson are:

i. Stewart McLeese Davidson (1882-1966) m. Charlotte Farnell in 1907. Buried at Beachburg Cemetery. Children: Gordon Wesley Davidson (1908-1971); Laura Elizabeth Mary Davidson (1910-1978) m. Mac Mayhew in 1937;  Leslie Joseph Derward Davidson (1913-1974);  Helena Margaret Davidson (1915-1984)- Forest Lawn Cemetery, North Bay; Thomas Erwin Davidson (1917-1935) at age 18-buried at Beachburg.

Young Thomas’s death was a horrific blow to the extended family because his Uncle Lloyd Davidson was the driver of the vehicle. 1935 T. Davidson Death in Car Accident.

ii. Archibald ” Archie” Davidson (1884-1967)  m. Ida Rubina Freeland in 1910 at the bride’s home in Ross Township. Children:  Lyle Verner Davidson (1912-1992) m. Eileen McClelland in 1937 -Buried at Ottawa Pinecrest Cemetery;  Helen Gwendelyn (1915-  ) m. John Leonard Dawson in 1938; Eileen Mary Davidson (1920-1929) at 9 years old.

iii. Daniel Davidson (1886   – 1907) Beachburg Cemetery 21 years old.

iv.  Thomas Henry Davidson (1888-1957) m. Bertha Goulding in 1921,  He died at Fort Erie, ON. and is buried at Greenwood Cemetery. Children:  Delbert Lowell Davidson (1922-  ); Dorothy Margaret Davidson (1924-1991) m. Rene Leonard in 1943, buried at Fort Erie, Ont.; Donald Thomas Davidson (1930-  ) m. Barbara Joan Brindley in 1951.

v. William “Lloyd” Davidson ( 1891 – 1939) m. (1) Lillian Bell Bulmer in 1914 at Cobden and m. (2) Leta Stein in 1923.

vi. Laura Elizabeth Davidson (1892-1907) Beachburg Cemetery 15 years old.

vii.  Allen Robert Davidson (1894-1983) m. (1) Mary Murdock in 1914, Haileybury Ont. Tomstown Cemetery. ON. Second marriage to (2) Lillian McGill in 1973.

Children:  Wesley Allan Davidson m. Mildred Mayer;  Eric Osborne Davidson (1916-1991) m. Keitha Nightingale, New Liskeard, ON.; Kenneth George Davidson (1917-  ) m. Hyacinth Creighton in 1942; Baby (1919 infant death in Foresters Falls; Marguerite Kathleen Davidson (1920-  )  m. Robert Russell Deacon in 1946; Russell Murdock Davidson (1922-  ) m. Lillian; James Archibald Davidson (1923- ); Harold Ray Davidson (1930- ) m. Audrey Martin in 1953; Lois Verle Davidson (1932- ) Robert McDonald in 1952; Eileen Doris m. Neil James Ferguson in 1951.

viii. Anabel Davidson (1897-1994) m. William Cain in 1921 in Beachburg. He was son of Frederick Cain and Mary Spragg. She died in 1994 in Ottawa.  Children: Warren Cain (1922-  ) in Beachburg; Mary Cain (1924 in Campbell’s Bay, P.Q.; Myra Cain (1925-  ) in Campbell’s Bay m. Gorin G. Bree in 1958 in Ottawa – son of Arthur Bree; Frederick Stewart Cain (1928- ) Campbell’s Bay m. Delma Eady in 1949 in Pembroke, ON; Harland Jeffrey Cain (1934- ) Campbell’s Bay m. Evelin Melcher in 1957 in Pembroke, ON.

William Cain’s brother Ernest also married into the family to a cousin of Annabel – Blanche Davidson – see 6- xv.

ix.  James Lowell  Davidson (1900-  ) m. Vera Finemore in 1923, Jellyby, ON. Children: Doris Ada Davidson (1929- ) m. Alfred Adams in 1946; Phyllis Mary Davidson (1931- )m. Gerrard Gallant in 1950

5.  John James Davidson (1854 – 1927 ) m. Catherine “Kate” Dickson (1860-1941) and they would have 9 children together. See DICKSON entry. Buried at Beachburg Union Cemetery.

John Davidson

John Davidson

John Davidson and Catherine Dickson, earlier years. Photos from

John Davidson and Catherine Dickson, earlier years. Photos from

John Davidson and Kate Dickson with three of their family.

John Davidson and Kate Dickson with three of their family.

Davidson-Dickson Stone, Beachburg Cemetery.

Davidson-Dickson Stone, Beachburg Cemetery.

The children and grandchildren of John Davidson and Catherine “Kate” Dickson were:

5-1.   Catherine Davidson (1878 – 1903) m.  William James Shields (1866-1942);  when she was age 20 years old  in 1898. Catherine died in 1903 at age: 25 in Westmeath Township of peritonitis complications, 12 days after Baby John Alexander was born. William was left with three children –  the oldest was 5 years old.  See SHIELDS entry. William would marry his late wife’s sister Sarah Davidson and father five more children.

5-2.   James “Jim” Gordon Davidson (1880 – 1953) m. Eva Myrtle Dougherty, Beachburg.  She was the daughter of Robinson Dougherty and Margaret Jeffrey.

From Davidson Binder, courtesy of Hazel Davidson Bromley:   James and Eva farmed and raised their children on the Bromley Line, E. part Lot 4, Con. 2 CFL; 1744 Bromley Line, Westmeath Township. Their youngest son Gordon took over the farm and lived there until he died May 4, 1982. Gordon’s brother Ellard Davidson and his wife Aldean moved to the farm in June 1995; they lived and famed the land until retirement October 1998. The farm was sold to Richard (Ricky) Bromley who is a great-nephew of James G. Davidson and Eva, grandson to William M. Davidson and Sarah E. Pender, Westmeath Township, son of Hazel Davidson and Keith Bromley, Westmeath Township.

Their children are:

i.  Violet Margaret Mae Davidson  (1910-1959) m. Milton Percy Lyons (1911-1985).  One daughter:  Margaret Jean Lyons (1937- ) m. Cecil Mathieson in 1957. See LYONS entry.

ii.  Pearl Davidson (Dec.25, 1912- ) buried at Westmeath Union Cemetery.

iii. William James “Archie” Davidson (1913-1994) m. Sadie Elizabeth “Estelle” Young (196- ) on October 23, 1935 at the Westmeath United Church Manse. Buried at Beachburg Union Cemetery. Their children are: Elizabeth “Betty” Estelle Davidson (1936- ) m. Earl Wandmaker in 1968; Elmer Archie Davidson (1938-1947) m. Ordella Stewart  in 1961  ; Keith Emerson James Davidson (1940-  ) m. Angeline Beauchamp; Myrla Eva Mae Davidson (1943-  ) m. Allan Henderson in 1963; Jean Marilyn (1947-  ) m. Tom Fisher in 1967.

iv. Milton Roy Davidson (1915-

v. Harriett Catherine Doreen Davidson (1918-1986) m. Blakley M.Wilson (1910- 1962) , son of John Wilson and Margaret McCulloch in 1936.  Buried at Beachburg. Their children: Mervin Carl Wilson (1938-   ) m. Ruth Mathieson; William Glen Earl Wilson (1939- ) m. Loretta Delarge in 1966 ; Shirley Myrtle Dorothy Wilson (1940-  ) m. Tom Martin in 1965; James Sherwood Wilson (1941- ) m. Mabel Lambert in 1966; Shelda Jean Wilson (1945-  ) m. Roger White in 1967.

vi. Percy Davidson (1919) Died at birth.  Buried at Westmeath.

vii. Lloyd Robert Davidson (1920)  Died at birth. Buried at Westmeath.

viii. Ellwood Davidson (1921-1990) Englehart, Ont. m. Rita Bates ( -1996). Children are: Violet Davidson (1963-1993)  and Darrell Davidson (1964-1982).

ix.  Marjorie Verna Davidson (1924-1929). At young age of 5 years of pneumonia along with her little sister Helen and an old man who lived there also died of pneumonia. There were three caskets at the farm house as per Uncle Ellard Davidson, as told to him by Archie Davidson. From Davidson Binder courtesy of Hazel Davidson Bromley.

x. Helen Dorothy Davidson (1926-1929)- died  at age 3 of pneumonia.

xi. Ellard Percel Davidson (1927-  ) m. Aldean Schreader (1930-  ) in 1956 at Beachburg United Church Manse.

xii. Gordon Ivan Davidson (1930-1982) Buried at Westmeath.  Davidson,Gordon 1964Fire. Never married and lived all his life on the homestead on Bromley Line, Westmeath Township

xiii. Kenneth James Davidson (1934-  Buried at Westmeath

5-3.  Sarah Davidson (1883 – 1965) O’Brien, Sarah Davidson  m.  (1) William James Shields, her deceased sister Catherine’s widowed husband;  See SHIELDS entry.  Remarried to (2) Thomas Gladstone O’Brien. See O’BRIEN entry.

5-4.  Jemima “Miny” Davidson (1884-1964) m.  (1) Enos Briscoe . Their daughter Muriel Briscoe m. Jamie Labarron, Stittsville, Ont. , son of Jeremiah Labarron and Mary Hamilton. Children of Muriel and Jamie Labarron were: Elva Joyce Labarron (1931- ) m. Robert Martin; Keith David Labarron m. Helene Rivington; Kathy Labarron m. Robert Webb.

Second marriage to  (2) William Joseph Keyes (1876-1958). Keyes, Wm & Jemina Davidson. Buried at Beachburg.

5-5.   John Robert “Jack” Davidson (1886 – 1974) m. Ethel Pearl Dougherty (1893-1980) October 19th, 1912. Davidson, Pearl Dougherty. They farmed on the Bromley Line of Westmeath Township. She was the daughter of Robinson Dougherty and Margaret Jeffrey. See DOUGHERTY entry.

Davidson-Dougherty Stone, Beachburg Cemetery.

Davidson-Dougherty Stone, Beachburg Cemetery.

The children of John and Pearl Davidson are:

i.  Albert John Davidson (1913-1984) m. Averil Isabella Hawthorne in 1942,  daughter of Thomas Hawthorne and Isabella Bulmer living on Lookout Road of Westmeath Township. One son Glenn Davidson.  DAVIDSONGlenn, Buried at Beachburg.

ii.  Ernie Davidson’s barber shop on the Main Street of Beachburg became a village landmark. He m. Maimie Anderson, an adopted daughter of Peter D. Anderson also of the Bromley Line. Children: Diane Davidson m. Steve Ethier and Donna Davidson . __ Ranger.

1935 Davidson Ad14112013_0000

iii.  Laura A. Davidson (1916-  ) m.  John James Lavalee in 1935. He was the son of David Lavallee and Marie Gould.  Children: Mamie m. Alvin Anderson; David Lavallee; David Lavallee m. Linda__; Delmer Lavallee m. Carol__;  Murray Lavallee.

iv. Hilda M. Davidson (1919- ) m. Forest E. Thibeau (1914-1986). Children: Mervin Thibeau; Marilyn Thibeau; Beatty Thibeau m. Carolyn Hartwick

v. Percy Davidson (1929) m. Theresa Wilson and they raised nine children: Tex; Craig; Sherry; John; Bonnie Lee; Kerry; Heather; Robert and Stacy.

5-6.  Elizabeth “Eliza” Jane Davidson (1889-1966) m. John Robinson (1884-  ), son of Robert William Robinson (1860-  ) and Sarah Ann Richardson (1859- ), in 1909. Their children were: Lillian Robinson (1910-1980) m. (1) William Lyons and she m.  (2) Milton Lyons in 1969;  William John Robinson (1913-1983) m. Meryl Anna Orr, daughter of Hugh Orr and Frances Robinson.

5-7. Rachel Davidson (1891 – 1967) m. William Dickson (1890-1971) Beachburg. He was the son of William Dickson and Elizabeth Davidson. See DICKSON entry. They had three children: James William Dickson (1917-1987); Wallace Dickson farmed at Kinburn, Ontario  and Denzil Robert Dickson (1919-2002).

Dickson-Davidson Stone, Beachburg Cemetery.

5-8. Mary Agnes “Aggie” Davidson (1896 – 1979) McBride, Agnes Davidson Dickson m. (1)  Silas Dickson (1886-1945) on September 25, 1918 in Pembroke.  See DICKSON entry. Aggie had a  second marriage to (2) Milburn McBride. See MCBRIDE entry. The 6 children of Aggie Davidson and Silas Dickson are:

i. Christina Dickson;

ii. Viola Dickson  (  – 1987) m. (1) Frank Adams and m.  (2) George Ferneyhough;

iii.  Elva Dickson;

iv. Hailen Dickson;

v.  Raymond Dickson;

vi.  Ellen Dickson

vii.  Kirk Dickson.

5-9.  William Miner Davidson (1897 – 1992) Davidson William  m. Sarah Ethel “Sadie” Pender (1890-1986) and operated  the family homestead, on the Gore Line of Westmeath Township. Sadie was from Adamston Township, the daughter of John Pender and Liza Dunfield. Buried at Beachburg Cemetery.

William Minor Davidson

William Minor Davidson

When William Davidson was age 20 he signed up in July of 1918 in the 2nd Battalion, Eastern Ontario Regiment. New recruits were needed as the Canadian Expeditionary Force had suffered great losses; – luckily for him the First World War would be over in a few months. Davidson, Wm. RecruitWW1.

Davidson Family log home on Gore Line is still in used as a residence.

Davidson Family log home on Gore Line is still in used as a residence.


Davidson-Pender Stone, Westmeath Cemetery.

Davidson-Pender Stone, Westmeath Cemetery.

Some children from this family are picture at Pleasant Valley School. The children of William and Sadie are:

i.  Harold Davidson (1928-  ) m. Myrtle Kidd, lived in New Brunswick  and raised nine children.

ii. Clarence Davidson m. Sydney Ann,   London, Ont.

iii. Muriel Davidson,  m. Millar Bennett in 1956, lived in Stittsville, Ont. and raised 4 children.

iv. Marion Davidson  m. Patrick Duffy,  Pembroke, Ont. and raised 3 children.

v. Harvey Davidson (1932-1993) m.  Ruby Irving,  Pembroke, Ont.

vi. Helen Davidson , unmarried, Ottawa, Ont.

vii. Lois Davidson (1935-  ) m. Lawrence “Bud” Bradley, lived in  Calgary, Alberta and raised 4 children.

viii. Kenneth Arnold Davidson (1937-1984), m. Phyllis Morrissey. Lived in Calgary Alberta and buried at Beachburg Cemetery.

ix.  Hazel Davidson (1942-  ) m. James Keith McLaren Bromley in 1960, son of A. Garnet Bromley and Jessie May Bulmer and farmed at the corner of Bromley Line and Malloy Road,  Westmeath, Ont. Raised 5 children.

 6.  William Henry Davidson (1856 – 1945) m. Margaret Jane McLeese (1861-1939). They married in 1878 when she was 17 yrs. old. She was the second daughter (sister to Margaret McLeese), of Daniel McLeese and Mary Jane Murphy to marry Davidson brothers. See MCLEESE entry. They would be married for over 60 years. 1937 Davidson-McLeese 60th.

William Henry Davidson (1856-1945)

William Henry Davidson (1856-1945)


Margaret Jane McLeese 1861-1939

Margaret Jane McLeese 1861-1939

Davidson-McLeese stone, Beachburg

Davidson-McLeese stone, Beachburg Union Cemetery.


William Henry and Margaret Jane Davidson

William Henry and Margaret Jane Davidson

Margaret Jane McLeese 1861-1939, Mary McLeese 1863-1956 & William Henry Davidson. Photo from

Margaret Jane McLeese 1861-1939, Mary McLeese 1863-1956 & William Henry Davidson. Photo from

William and Margaret Jane Davidson had a large family of 18 children:

i.  Mary Elizabeth “Minnie” Davidson (1879-1912) was born and is buried in Beachburg. Minnie married Robert Crawford Houston in 1900 in Grafton, North Dakota. He was son of James Houston and Jane Weir. Their children were:

1) Margaret Jane Houston (1901-1969) m. to (1) Earl Godin in 1922 – she died in Pembroke, Ont.; Their children were:  Mary Iris Godin (born at Montreal in 1926-  ) m. Alec Wood in 1957 in St. Sauvuer, Quebec;  Robert Edward Charles Godin (1929-1975) m. Ghislaine Chasse in 1955 and lived in Chutes aux Outardes, Que.;  Mary Catherine Shirley Godin (1933- ) m. (1) Philip J. Hawton and (2) Leslie Moyse in 1954 in Toronto, Ont.

Margaret Jane Houston later m. (2) William G, Kipkie in Kingston in 1948.

2) James Erwin Houston (1904-1973) m. Hedwig Theresa Zadow – buried in Calvin Union Church Cemetery Pembroke. They married in 1929 in Ottawa and she was the daughter of Albert Zadow and Augusta Keuhl.  They had three children Joyce Barbara Houston; Robert Houston and Marilyn Doreen Houston.

3) Mildred Susanne Huston (1906-1989) m. William Herbert Taylor, Perth, Ont. He was the son of Abraham Taylor and Matilda Ward. They had four children: Elaine Corliss Taylor; Daryl Eugene Taylor; Dawn Carol Taylor and Janice Heather Taylor.

4) Pearl Rose Houston (1909-1981) m. John Ross Sine in 1929. Their children were: Guy Hamilton Sine (1930-1930- infant death; Marvin Ross Sine (1931-1968) m. Dorothy Jean Moore in 1954 – buried Pinecrest Cemetery, Ottawa; Dennis Loren Sine (1933-1975)  m. Myriah Margaret Paget;  Glen Houston Sine (1935-1994), Port Moody, B.C. common-law with Katherine McSporran;  Maxwell Irwin Sine (1936-1937) – infant death.

ii.  Sarah Alice Davidson (1880 – 1890), died at 10 years.

iii.  Mildred Annie Davidson (1882 – 1969) m. Hamilton Scott (1870-1922). Hamilton had a brother “Mac” at Cobden; they were sons of Thomas Scott.  Their daughter was: Marjorie Ann Scott (1914-1987) m. Harris W. McDonough and lived in Kirkland Lake and is buried at a cemetery there. Marjorie and Harris had a family of 8 children.

Scott Farmhouse, circa 1910, Beachburg, Westmeath Township.

Scott Farmhouse, circa 1910, Beachburg, Westmeath Township. Photo from

iv. Robert Henry Davidson (1883 – 1967) m. Sarah Isabel Martin. Buried at Beachburg. Their children were:

1) Gladys Irene Davidson (1904-1992) m. John Alexander Fraser, one daughter Fay Isobel Fraser. See FRASER entry.;

2) Ernest Edgar Davidson (1906-1967) m. Delta Pearl Boyd;

Wesley Carleton Davidson

Wesley Carleton Davidson

3) Wesley Carleton Davidson (1908-1944) – killed, aged 36 years, in WWII and buried in France.

Wesley Clayton Davidson

4) H.J. Muriel Davidson (1910- ) m. Edwin Orin Waite in 1932- they had five children Delores Waite, Robert O. Waite, Jean Eleanor Waite, Orna Waite, Darlene Waite;

 5) Kathleen E. Davidson (1914- ) m. (1) Wesley Quinn;  and (2) Gordon Wilson in 1967. She and Wesley Quinn raided 8 children: Garrie Quinn; Mavis Quinn; Mina Quinn; Robert Quinn; Irene Elizabeth Quinn; Inez Quinn; Bryan Quinn; Colleen Quinn.

6)Ruby I. Davidson (1919-1978) m. Gordon Condie – buried at Beachburg Cemetery. Two sons: Kevin Condie and Vaughn Condie.

v.  Martha Jane Davidson (1885 – 1974) m. Charles Carlson in 1908 in Fargo, North Dakota. She is buried at Forest Hill Cemetery, Utica, NY. They had 4 children:  Robert Francis Carlson (1909- ) m. Vivian Swanson; Helen Carlson (1912-1943) m. Bernard F. McKenney in 1937 ; William Carlson (1914- ) m. Dorothy Elmer; Doris Muriel Carlson (1925- ) m. Raymond F. Lewis.

vi.  Daniel ‘Donny’ McLeese Davidson (1886 – 1953) m. Nettie Jane McClelland. See MCCLELLAND entry. Buried at Beachburg Cemetery. Their raised a family of nine:

1) Hiram Davidson (1912-1933)

2) Donald William Davidson (1914-1989) m. (1) Connie Hunt; and  (2) Margaret Ellen Robertson. Buried at Beachburg Cemetery. Two children: Jane Ann Davidson and Ian Daniel Davidson.

3) Ruth Margaret Davidson (1916-1967) m. John McLaren Black (1901-1977), son of James Robinson Black and Alice McLaren. Buried at Beachburg Cemetery. Four children were: Donna Alice Black; James Donald Black; Douglas Bruce Black and Kevin John Black.

4) Hazel Davidson (1918- ) m. Archibald McVicar Morris. They had three children: Richard Wayne Morris; Daniel Silas Morris; Nancy Laura Morris.

5) Lyle Douglas Davidson (1920-1946) m. Rose Gladu- buried at Beachburg. They had three children: Patricia Davidson and twin sons Larry Douglas Davidson and Gary Donald Davidson.

6) Wallace Davidson (1922-1976) m. Ann __ -lived in Calgary Alberta;

7) Lois Davidson (1924- ) m . Charlie Piche. They had three children: Allen Piche; Susan Eleanor Piche and Judy Piche.

8) Roy Davidson (1925- ) m. (1) Norma_ _;  three children were: Linda Davidson; Stephen Davidson and Wanda Davidson. Second marriage (2) Peg___.

9) Robert Cecil Davidson (1930 – ) m. Ethel Rae June Holmes in 1953 in Acton, Ont. Three children: Drisilla Francis Davidson; Debra Jane Davidson and Gregory Cecil Samuel Davidson.

vii.  William ‘Willis’ James Davidson (1889 – 1970) m. Ethel Moore; buried in Beachburg. See MOORE entry. Their children were:

1) Clara Isabel Davidson (1914-1978) m. (1) Henry Edward Davies in 1930. Their children were Florence Phyllis Davies (1931- ) and William Barrie Davies (1933- ).

2) Herbert James (1915) infant death at 1 month.

3) Audrey Rose Davidson (1918-1927) at 9 years old.

4) Wellington Leonard Davidson (1919-1989) m. Helen Jean Burnett. Buried at Beachburg Cemetery. One son Gregory James Davidson.

5) Earl Douglas Davidson (1921- ) m. Stella Bernice Yozkowski. Their children are: Walter James Davidson’ Douglas Ewan Davidson; Robert Stanley Davidson and Sheryl Ann Davidson.

6) William Irwin Donaldson (1921-1921) infant death at 2 1/2 months.

7) Florence Ethel Davidson (1922-1982)

8) David Mervyn Lawrence Davidson (1924- ) m. Mildred Irene Lois Robinson in 1950 in Westmeath. She was the daughter of William Robinson and Mary Bennett. Two children Lorna Ann Davidson and William Wayne Davidson.

9) William Kenneth Delmare (1926-1998)

10) Morris Arnold Davidson (1928- infant death) –  at two months old.

viii.  Thomas  Herbert ‘Herb’ Davidson (1891 – 1968) m. Ann Marie Carmichael in 1926 in Pembroke. Buried at Pinehills Cemetery, Toronto. They raised three children Elizabeth Margaret Ann Davidson (1928- ), Eleanor Adele Davidson (1931- ); Olive Lorraine Davidson (1932-).

ix.  John Roy Davidson (1892 – 1893) – infant death at 26 days.

x.  Clarence Austin ‘Spike’ Davidson (1894 – 1976) m. (1) Mary Fletcher in 1919 in Beachburg.  They had seven children:  Arnold Davidson (1917- ); Clayton Davidson (  -1987); Helen Davidson (1922-23) infant death;  Dorothy Davidson; Laura Davidson; Jack Davidson (1924-1990).

Spike married again to (2) Jeanette Beatrice Reid Smith in October 1942 and they had two daughters: Jean Frances Davidson (1944-2010) was born at Smith Fisheries, Rainy River District; Marjorie Florence Judith Davidson (1945-).

Wm. Henry & Margaret Jane Davidson Family Back L. to R.: Herb, Willy, Minnie, Martha, Clarence, Wally Middle  : Roxy, Grandma William SR., Mina, andreww,  Front: Zoah, Bob, Blanche

Wm. Henry & Margaret Jane Davidson Family
Back L. to R.: Herb, Minnie, Willy, Martha, Clarence, Wally.
Middle: Rose,  ?, Margaret Jane,  William Henry, Mina, Arnold,
Front: Zora, Bob, Blanche. Photo from

xi.  Rose Muriel Davidson (1896 – 1973) m. Thomas Cecil White at Beachburg in 1921. He was the son of John White and Katherine Mick. Buried at Crown Hill Mem. Pk, Yorkville, N.Y. Two children Phyllis White and Kathleen Inez White (1927-1995) m. Herbert David Bonville and they have four children.

Arnold Leonard Davidson

Arnold Leonard Davidson

xii. Arnold Leonard Davidson (1897 – 1916) was adopted by family -unknown details.  At age 19 years Arnold was killed in action in 1916 in the Battle of Somme and is buried in Boulogne, France.

xiii.  Edgar Wellington Davidson (1898 – 1898), died in infancy. Twin with Wallace. Buried at Beachburg.

xiv.  ‘Wallace’ Sidney Davidson (1898 – 1974) m. Florance Marjory Rogers in 1935. Twin with Edgar.

xv.  Margaret ‘Blanche’ Davidson (1900 – 1977) m. Ernest Cain. She is buried at Tavares Cemetery, Travers, Florida.  He was the son of Frederick Cain and Mary Spragg. They had one son Raymond Ernest Cain born in Utica, NY.

Ernest is a brother to William Cain whose wife Annabelle Davidson is  a cousin to Blanche – see 4- viii.

xvi.  Kathleen Marjory ‘Zora’ Davidson (1908 – 1968) m. Thomas Walter Bolton. Buried at Crown Hill Mem. Park, New Hartford. They had four children: Beverly Bolton; Ronald Thomas Bolton; Gail Ann Bolton;  Walter Alfred Bolton.

xviii. Harrah Davidson (1908 –

7.  Elizabeth “Eliza” Ann Davidson (1857 – 1936) m. William Dickson. See DICKSON entry. Their children were:

i. Sarah Dickson (1870- ) m. Robert James Goudie in 1902 in Pembroke where they settled. Buried at Calvin U.C. Cemetery, Pembroke. One son James Goudie (1906-1987) m. Kathleen McQuirters and their son Keith Goudie (1934-1958) m. Dorothy Wilson in 1958 in Greenwood, Westmeath Township.

ii. William Dickson (1890-1971) m. Racheal Davidson (1891-1968), daughter of John Davidson and Catherine Dickson. See 5- 7 above.

Second Marriage: James Davidson remarried sometime after 1862 to Sarah Moore

Sarah’s family background details unknown. Sarah and James’s children were:

8. Sarah Davidson  ?

9. George Davidson (1863-  ) m. Margaret Marselle. Twenty-six year old George is listed as a labourer in the 1891 Census for Westmeath Township and he and Margaret have 3 little girls in the household.  They raised a family of 7 who were:   Adelia Davidson (1888- );  Sophia Davidson (1888- ); Ethel May Davidson (1891- ); Mabel Davidson (1894- ); Isabella Davidson (1896- ); George Davidson (1896-1918) and Irwin Davidson (1905-1970).

10. Susannah Davidson (1865-  ) m. Hiram Scott. Their children were: James Scot (1882- ); Francis Scott (1884- ); Ellen Scott (1886- ); Agnes Scott (1890- ); William Herbert Scott (1894-1968) m. Queenie Ann Pouton.

11. Sophiah Davidson (1870-  )

12. Alexander Davidson (1872-  )

13. David Andrew Davidson  (1877-  ) m. Victoria Laderoute in 1898 in LaPasse.

14. Alice Davidson (1881-  )