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DICKSON (DIXON) James & Catherine Warden; & Jemima Ann Van Dusen

(Thomas) James Dixon (Dickson) (1815-1889) born in Coldstream, Berwickshire, Scotland,  would become an “immigrant ancestor” to a large extended family in Westmeath Township. His first wife (1) Catherine Warden (1818-   ) was also born in Berwickshire,  Scotland. Their immigration to Canada happened around 1841. The first three of the couple’s children were born in Scotland and accompanied their parents.

James Dickson stone. From

James Dickson stone. From

1851 Census, Westmeath Township

1851 Census, Westmeath Township

The surname spelling of DIXON at some point in those early years morphed into DICKSON. Unknown reasoning; but if the members were illiterate then the surname would be spelled as the census enumerator or another official wished.

Descendants of  T. James Dixon and first wife Catherine Warden

1. Thomas Dixon (1834- 1877) married Sarah Jane Davidson (1846-1936)  in 1866. Jane&ThomasDicksonMarriage.  See DAVIDSON entry.   In the 1871 Census for Westmeath Township the young family has Thomas’ younger brother James Dickson  living with them,  as well as a hired man named James Corrigan. 1871 Census Westmeath Township

Thomas died young aged 43 and is buried in Beachburg Cemetery. Widowed Sarah Jane Davidson Dickson then married Daniel McLeese. See MCLEESE entry.

The children of Thomas Dickson and  Jane Davidson are:

i. Sarah Jane Dickson (1869-1930) m. Samuel McCarthy (1872-1948), son of John McCarthy and Jane Wright. They lived in Pembroke, Ont. Their children were : Etta Irene McCarthy (1912-1964); Violette McCarthy m. Harvey Schultz, Olive McCarthy; Kate McCarthy m. Ronald Game.

ii.  James Dickson (1870-1925) unmarried, died at age 58, and farmed on the Bromley Line.


James Dickson stone, Beachburg Cemetery

iii. Catherine Dickson (1873-1961) m. John Jeffrey, son of Patrick Jeffrey and Isabelle Campbell,  in 1892 in Westmeath.  See JEFFREY entry.

iv. Hugh Dickson (1874-1942), unmarried and buried in Beachburg.

ii. Thomas Dickson (1876-1896) – died at age 20.

2. Robert Dickson (1839-1917) m. Ellen Mathieson (1836-1900). Two daughters:  i.  Cassie Jane Dickson (1872-1874);  ii. Bertha Dickson (1883-1914) who married John Greenfield (1877-1946).

1891 Census Westmeath Township

1891 Census Westmeath Township

This 1891 Census of Canada shows the Dickson farms side-by-side on the Gore Line of Westmeath Township  with Robert & Ellen Dickson’s family; plus their half-brother Benjamin and Mary Dickson and  brother Adam and Jane Dickson. Not shown is the family of Robert’s youngest brother William and Eliza Dickson, also on a neighouring farm.

In the 1893 Voters’ List for Polling Sub-Division No. 3, the lands owned by Dicksons’,  on or close to, the east end of the Gore Line are:

Dickson, Benjamin     Lot 13   Concession 10 EML (East Muskrat Lake)

Dickson, Adam            Lot E part 1  Concession 4 CLF (Coulonge Lake Front)

Dickson, Robert           Lot W part 1  Concession 4 CLF

Dickson James Jr.       Lot W part 1  Concession 4 CLF

3. Adam Dickson (1840-1930) m. Jane Spotswood (1846-1921). Adam had accompanied his parents emigrating from Berwickshire, Scotland and he married a daughter from an older Westmeath family. Jane’s parents were William Spotswood (1810-1871) and Jane Graham (1814-1874) and she had grown up along the Ottawa River at Spotswood’s Landing.

In 1868 James Dickson Sr. “the Elder” sold his land to his son Adam for the total sum of $5.00. 1868 Sale James to Adam Dickson.  The farmstead was of 66 and 2/3 acres fronting onto the Gore Line on Lot 1, Concession 4, Westmeath Township. This land would stay in the family and came down through the generations; until the widow of the Silas Dickson, Agnes “Aggie” Dickson, sold it to the grandson of Daniel McLeese, John Earl McLeese in 1953.

Dickson-Spotswood Stone, Westmeath

Dickson-Spotswood Stone, Westmeath

 Their children of Adam and Jane were:

i. Elisabeth Dickson (1870-1961)

ii. Catherine Jane Dickson (1875-1876) – died in infancy.

iii. Margaret Mathilda Dickson (1875-1941)-

iv.  Adam Dickson (1878-1898) – died 20 yrs. of age.

iv.  Mary Ellen Dickson (1880-1905) – died 23 years of age.

v. George Walden Dickson (1882-1953)

vii. Hiram Dickson (1884-1956)

viii. Silas Dickson (1885-1945) m. Mary Agnes “Aggie” Davidson (1896-1979). They had 6 children.

viv.  Samuel Peter Dickson (1888-1933)

4. William Dickson (1842-  ) m. Eliza Ann Davidson (1858-1936). See DAVIDSON entry. Their children are:

I.  Sarah Dickson (187o-1969) m. Robert James Goudie and is buried at Pembroke Calvin United Cemetery.

ii. Catherine  Dickson (1877-

iii. Elizabeth “Eliza” Jane Dickson (1880- ) m. Harry Coburn

iv. Robert Dickson (1882-1889) buried Beachburg Cemetery at 6 years.

v. Emma Dickson (1883-1886) buried at Beachburg at 2 years.

vi. Thomas Dickson (1885-1889 buried at Beachburg at 4 years.

vii. Martha Dickson (1886-

viii. William Dickson (1890-1971) m. Rachel Davidson (1891-1967) Beachburg. See DAVIDSON entry. Three sons were:  James William Dickson (1917-1987); Denzel Robert Dickson (1919-2002)  and (John) Wallace Dickson (1914 -1985) who lived just west of Toronto with his wife and three children, until 1961 when he moved with his family to a farm near Markdale, Ontario. The family home in Pembroke was on Town Line Road.

Dickson-Davidson Stone, Beachburg Cemetery.

Dickson-Davidson Stone, Beachburg Cemetery.

5.  James  Dickson Jr. (1844-1882)


Descendants of T. James Dixon (Dickson) and second wife Jemima Ann VanDusen

 T. James Dickson at age 43, married for a second time to (2) Jemima Ann VanDusen (1839-  ). The VanDusen’s lived in Smith Falls, Lanark County, having come first into Canada from New York State and settled at Cornwall, ON.  James and Jemima married in 1858 and their children are:

1.  Catherine “Kate” Dickson (1863-1941) m. John James Davidson (1854-1927) the son of James Davidson (1826-1898) and Sarah Grendle (1828-1861). Catherine and John Davidson would have 9 children together.  See DAVIDSON entry.

"Kate: Dickson. Photo from

Catherine “Kate” Dickson. Photo from

John and Kate with three of their family.

John Davidson and Kate Davidson with three of their family.

Arthur Tennent Dickson, Canadian Artillery Regiment, France, WWI.

Arthur Tennent Dickson, Canadian Artillery Regiment, France, WWI.

2.   Benjamin Dickson (1866-1943) m. Mary Anderson (1868-  ),  the daughter of John T. Anderson and Eliza Armstrong, also of Westmeath Township. See ANDERSON entry.

A daughter Elizabeth Ann Dickson married George Edward Curry (1872 – 1949) from Beachburg and the couple settled in Saskatchewan. See CURRY entry.

They would have a large family of 15 children and they would move with many of  their children to a section of land: Wellington RM97 12-14, in Weyburn, Saskatchewan.  Two of this large family married spouses from the Currie family.  Dickson-Anderson Family 1911 Census.

Their eldest son Lloyd Andrew Dickson (1888-1917), died by drowning at age 26 years in Edwards Creeks, Abitibi River, Northern Ontario. He was working there for A.W. Hennessy, also from Westmeath Township.Dickson, Lloyd Andrew.   The third child Arthur Tennant Dickson (1889-1919) died in February of 1919 while with the Canadian Artillery Regiment in WWI. He is buried in France.

3.   Jane Dixon (1867- )

4.   James Coburn Dickson (1869-  ) m. Jennie Frost

5.   Jemima Ann Dickson (1878-1967) m. Reuben Nelson Gollinder, in the Algoma District of Ontario in 1900 and died in Los Angeles, California.

6.   Mary Dickson (1884-

After T. James Dickson’s death in 1889, Jemima VanDusen Dickson married again to John Hudson in Westmeath in 1891.