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GODDARD, Edmond and Margaret Colquhoun

blacksmithImmigrant Ancestor Edmond Goddard (1826-1888) came to Westmeath Township  from England. It is unknown where he met and married a Scottish immigrant named Margaret “Jessie” Colouhoun (1820-1893).  A part of the kinship  network of these settlers were also James Garrett and his wife Jessie Colquhoun,  who are buried at Westmeath. Margaret & Jessie were perhaps sisters.

In the  1861 Census, the household consists of  Edmond Godard (35), blacksmith from England and wife Margaret (41), Scottish, with children Robert (9), John (7) and servant Mary Mitchel (23) Irish. The enumerator used two, not three,  “d”s in the spelling of the surname.


Goddard-Golouhoun stone, Westmeath Cemetery

Their elder son Robert would go on to marry and raise a family of seven children in Westmeath Village, but his younger brother John Goddard (1854-1877) died young, (of unknown cause), as on his tombstone in the Westmeath Union Cemetery.

John Goddard, aged 23 years.

John Goddard, aged 23 years.

Goddard-Colquhoun stone, Westmeath

Goddard-Colquhoun stone, Westmeath

The 1891 Census, by Enumerator Joseph C. Jackson, shows son Robert now grown-up with his own family: Robert Duncan Goddard (1854-1895) , with English father and Scottish mother, and wife Margaret G.C. Garrett (1855-  ), (possibly his 1st cousin) and children. Also living in the household are both grandmothers: Jessie Garrett, widow, 68, from Scotland, (widow of James Garrett and Margaret’s mother) and Margaret Goddard, widow 72, from Scotland, (Robert’s mother).

Goddard's Corner by E.M.Price 1984

Excerpt from “History of the Corporation of Westmeath Township” by Evelyn Moore Price, 1984.

In the 1893 Voter List:  Robert Goddard is the owner of Lot N 1/2 21, Con. 7; a piece of land with roads on three sides; Pleasant Valley Road to the northeast, Lover’s Lane to the southeast and Lookout Road and the Westmeath to Pembroke Road to the southwest. Well positioned to maximize passing trade. Robert had established himself as a businessman just on the edge of Westmeath Village – a blacksmith shop, a post office – that area soon became known to the locals as “Goddard’s Corner“.

The first P.O. was kept by Mr. M. Drew, above Goddard’s Corner.  It later was moved into a grocery store at the corner, across from which was a carpenter and blacksmith shop.  Mail came in about twice a week, and letters, – which were a rarity, – had to be paid for on delivery.

A letter written to George Washington Tucker and his wife Mary from his sister in Massachusetts in 1837, when penny postage was used and collected on delivery, is a prized possession of one of his grand-daughters.

Referring to Sir Wm. Mullock at a public function in Toronto, the late George W. Ross, then Premier of Ontario, said that he himself was a Scotchman, but Sir Wm. (the author of penny postage) could make 2 cents go farther than any Scotchman he knew.  In fact, he made it go around the world.

For many years the Post Office was in Fraser’s store, where a Telegraph System was installed for Long distance Messages. .. the only communication with the outside world.  Both were operated by Mr. Riley.          – notes from Westmeath W.I. Tweedsmuir Book

By 1901 Census the Goddard family lists:

  • Robt Goddard  46
  • Margaret  Goddard  45
  • Jessie A Goddard  17
  • Edmond L Goddard  16
  • John M Goddard  18
  • Bertie C Goddard  14
  • Herbert L Goddard  11
  • Gideon A Goddard  9
  • Flora M Goddard  5
1901 Census of Richard Goddard Household

1901 Census of Robert Goddard Household

The Ottawa Journal, Saturday, May 7, 1938

The large fraternal organization died out: see: The Chosen Friends.

Ralph Buck has generously provided information to this entry and the contributors.

The children of Robert and Margaret are:

1.  John M. Goddard (1882-1939) – he with siblings Jessie and Edmond are buried at Westmeath Union Cemetery.

Edmond, John and Jessie Goddard stone, Westmeath.

Edmond, John and Jessie Goddard stone, Westmeath.

2.  Jessie Ann Goddard (1884-1975) – never married  and lived until age 91. She farmed the family homestead. The old barn still standing at the corner of Lookout and Westmeath Roads marks the spot of the farmyard. The Goddard house was towards the river, where a new house was later build by new owners, after Jessie’s death. Jessie  was very well educated and was a great reader.  She was trained and had a short career as a Deaconess with the United Church. The 1911 Census has her teaching in Brandon, Manitoba.

3.  Albert “Bert”  C. Goddard (1886- ) m. Edie ____ .  Bert Goddard went to work in the Fraser-Paterson store and was a Westmeath Village fixture. Son Garrett Goddard m. Jean ___, Toronto.

“The general store was also an outlet for farmers’ produce. When Alexander Fraser went into partnership with John Paterson, the store was enlarged. A new building behind the store housed much of the bulk goods. Bert Goddard worked at the store for years as a clerk. John R. Fraser a cousin of Alexander’s was the store’s bookkeeper. The store sold mostly in bulk. Usually customers brought in a container to have filled from the bulk one. Clothes and fruit were also sold at the store. Eventually a generator installed between the store and the creek provided lighting. It was the only building or home to have such a luxury.”

Bert had been badly hurt as a young man when the horses had ran away with him; leaving him with an affected walking gait. However in later years he also had a severe tremor perhaps indicating Parkinson’s Disease. Bert and his wife Edie boarded the young school-teachers who came to work in Westmeath.  Edie was very kind and treated the boarders very well. They also had hens and a large garden. Their large red-brick house was in Westmeath Village  on corner of Grace and Jessie streets. Bert went to live with son Garett and his wife Jean in Toronto after Edie died.

Herbert Lawrence Goddard
Herbert Lawrence Goddard

 4.  Edmond Goddard (1888-1933) married Harriet Robinson and had five children.

5.  Herbert Lawrence Goddard (1889- ) m. Rose Anna Mann born in Munroe, West Virginia, USA. Herbert was drafted in the USA World War II effort in 1942. According to information generously submitted by Ralph Buck, Herbert’s  ‘draft’ of 1942 seems to have been more a registration in what was known as the ‘old mans draft’. He was a machinist and/or master mechanic, based on his immigration papers, his Masonic Lodge application and the US census. Son Charles M. Goddard also served in the American Air Force; later as a chemist in the US Army labs. 2014 Charles Death.

6.  Gideon Adams Goddard (1890- ) m. (1) Edith Eleanor Salmon, who died the week on their first anniversary from diabetes and she is buried in Toronto. 1922 Edith Eleanor Death. When he was a bank manager in Temiskaming, Ontario,  he married (2) Gertrude McKinley in 1927 in Waterloo (Galt), Ontario. 1927 Gideon&Ethel Marriage.  Only two short years into the marriage, Gertrude would die from influenza. 1929 Gertrude Death.  She is buried in Mount View Cemetery, Cambridge, Ontario. Gideon’s third marriage was to  (3) Ruby Liddle and lived in Grimsby and they had one daughter.

7.  Flora Marjory Goddard (1896-1977) m. Lorne Festus Weedmark (1891-1970), son of Festus Weedmark and Elizabeth Kincaid of Beachburg . 1926 Flora&Lorne Marriage . Flora had been teaching school and Lorne was a barber in Stoney Creek, near Hamilton when they married. They had two children.  See WEEDMARK entry. Son Robert Lorne Weedmark (1931-2005) 2005 Bob Weedmark Death.