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GRAUBERGER (GROWBARGER), Andrew & Elizabeth Bauch, & Mary McCord

Andrew Grauberger, of German descent, witnessed the growing-pains of his new  country, America,  being born out of Revolution, thus forcing his coming north to remain loyal to the British Crown. He  and many of his compatriots settled  in the Township of Matilda, Dundas County, Upper Canada.

Matilda has an area 62,327 acres (252 km2) and is located on the St Lawrence River in eastern Ontario. It was first settled in 1784 by Loyalists to the British crown after the American Revolutionary War. Many of these Loyalists were of German descent and had been settled in America for two or three generations.

The Township was formally organized in 1787 and named in honour of the Princess Royal, Charlotte Augusta Matilda, who married the King of Württemberg in 1797. During the War of 1812 a fort was located at Point Iroquois.

This is one of the few United Empire Loyalists German-America families who came to Westmeath. The surname was somewhat Anglicized and often spelled as Grawbarger or Groberger or even Growbarger in records of the time.

The multi-culturalism and multi-ethnicity of the Loyalists is often ignored and they are stereotyped as ‘English’ because of their support of the Crown and their spoken language. But in a review of its members’ records, the Toronto Branch of the U.E.L found where national origin of a member’s Loyalist ancestor could be ascertained, 28 percent were originally from Germany, 23 percent from Scotland,18 percent from England, 12 percent from Ireland, 8 percent from Holland, 5 percent from France,4 percent from Wales, 1 percent from Switzerland and less than 1 percent from Denmark and Sweden.” – from United Empire Loyalists – Mysteries of Canada.

“Immigrant Ancestor” Andrew Grauberger (1783-1871)  m.  (1) Elizabeth Bauch (1797- ), and they had one son; Peter C. Grauberger. (Peter and his descendants are listed later in this entry.) Then  father Andrew remarried to (2)  Mary McCord (1809- 1889).


1851 Westmeath Census – Andrew Senior & Mary Household

Andrew Senior and his much younger second wife Mary, (a 25 year difference in ages), had settled on Lot 12, Conc. NFA,  and in the 1851 Agricultural Census the holding has 100 acres, 6 acres under cultivation and 6 acres under crops with 94 acres under wild or woods. Mary would birth 8 children. They would later move to the Snake River area of Westmeath Twp. to the west of Muskrat Lake. Later still, the extended family moved to Wilberforce Township, Renfrew County. Work would be plentiful in the lumbering camps.

The children of UEL German-American Andrew Grauberger Sr. and Irishwoman Mary McCord are:

1. Thomas Grauberger (1833-1919) m. Marion Gilchrist Hamilton (1843-1922); settled in Restoule in Patterson Twp., Parry Sound, Ontario.

Thomas and Marion, undated, from

Thomas and Marion, undated, from


Undated, now in Restoule Provincial Park, from

2. Andrew Grauberger (1834-1907) m. Mary Jane Tennant (1837-1883), daughter of Richard Tennant and Ann Hill, born Lanark County. Andrew took up land and farmed at Snake River to the west of Muskrat Lake, Westmeath Township.

By the 1861 Census the extended family is now in Wilberforce Township of Renfrew County, Ontario with father Andrew, now 76, listed as Farmer and the men (Thomas, Andrew, James), listed as labourers – probably in lumbering. The Richard Tennant family was also in Wilberforce Township.

1861 Census Wilberforce Township, Renfrew County, - Grobergier Household

1861 Census Wilberforce Township, Renfrew County, – Grobergier Household

Andrew Graubarger, undated, from

Andrew Graubarger, undated, from

The children of Andrew and Graubarger and Mary Jane Tennant are:

i. Thomas Grawbarger (1859 – 1925) m. Sarah Jane Tennant (1837-1883), daughter of Thomas James Tennant. They settled in Sprague, Provencher, Manitoba, Canada and raised seven children.

Thomas Grawberger & Jane Tennant, undated, from

Thomas Grawberger & Jane Tennant, undated, from

Sarah Jane died when her children were still young.  Her brother George took some of the younger children to raise.  Her son Richard was 19 when she died too. William who was a twin, aged 9 and Mary Ann aged 7.  They went to Restoule Ontario.  Thomas was the oldest, Richard was the next then Andrew, Peter and Sarah (the other twin) then Mary Ann, Robert, James and Ned, John who they called Jack and George.”– from

ii. Andrew Samual Grawbarger Jr.(1861 – 1893) m. Isabella McBain (1866-1937) from Alice Township, Renfrew County in 1888. They had 2 children. After Andrew’s death Isabella married his brother John.

iii. James Grawbarger (1864 – 1948) m. Hannah Grawbarger (1864-1899), daughter of his great-uncle Peter (see details of that branch below), and died in Burnaby, B.C. He was a section foreman  before  going west. 1889 Hannah & James Marriage.

iv. Richard Tennant Grawbarger (1864 – 1943) m. Sarah Polson (1872-1913). They had eleven children and settled in the Pringle, Muskoka and Parry Sound area of Ontario.


Richard Tennant Grawberger, undated, from

v. Edward “Ned” Grawbarger (1869 – 1933)

vi. John “Jack” Cardiff Grawbarger (1870 – 1935) m. Isabella McBain Grawberger, widow of his brother Andrew in Nippissing District in 1895. They had 5 children and lived in Parry Sound, Ontario.

John Grawberger from

John Grawberger from

vii. Peter Grawbarger (1871 – 1949)

viii. Robert Grawbarger (1873 – 1916)

ix. Sarah Jane “Ginny” Grawbarger (1876 – 1945) m. Joseph William Severin (1872-1934). They lived on the Westmeath Road and raised a family of 12 children. Sarah “Ginny” was a twin of William and only 9 years old when her mother died.

Ginny & Joe Severin from

Ginny & Joe Severin from

x. William Grawbarger (1876 – 1944), twin of Sarah “Ginny”.

xi. Mary Ann Grawbarger (1877 – 1934)

xii. George Grawbarger (1880 – 1880)

3. Mary Ann Grauberger (1837–1911) m. Thomas Tennant(1835-1911) in 1858, son of Richard & Jane Cardiff Tennant, the first of three Tennant brothers marrying three Grauberger sisters. they settled in Petawawa and McKay Township, Renfrew County, and raised 12 children.

Mary Ann Graubarger and Thomas Tennant, undated photo from

Mary Ann Graubarger and Thomas Tennant, undated photo from

4. James Grauberger (1842-

5. Isaac Grauberger (1844 –

6. Margaret Grauberger (1848- ) m. Aaron Sweezie (1848- ) in 1869, son of Charles Sweezie & Eliza Dobson of Pembroke. 1869 Margaret & Aaron Marriage

7. Elizabeth Grauberger (1847-1913) m. Robert Tennant (1838-1920) in 1861; the sons of Richard & Jane Cardiff Tennant, the second of three Tennant brother marrying three Grauberger sisters. The couple lived and raised 12 children in Rolph and Buchanan and Wylie Township, Renfrew County, ON.

8. Sarah Ann Grauberger (1848-1939) m. Edward Tennant (1850-1920), son of Richard & Jane Cardiff Tennant of Wilberforce Township, Renfrew County; the third of three Tennant brother marrying three Grauberger sisters. . 1874 Sarah & Edward Marriage,   1935 Sarah Ann Tennant Obit1935 Sarah Death

GROWBERGER LANDS:  The Growberger extended family were initially landowners and farmers in the Perretton area, south of the Ottawa River,  with lots bisected by the Westmeath Road #12, and with lands either side of Hila Road. The land parcels held by family members changed through the years because of inheritances and purchases or sales.

Peter Growberger: Lot 15, Conc. NFA. Andrew Growberger: Lot 12 Conc. NFA. George Growberger: Lot W 1/2 18 Conc. 2 EML  George Groeberger: Lot W 1/2 Pt 14, 15, 16, Conc. 2 EML, NFA  John Growberger: Lot S pt 14 Conc. NFA  John Growberger: Lot E pt 18, Conc. 2 EML

Peter Growbarger: Lot 15, Conc. NFA.
Andrew Growbarger: Lot 12 Conc. NFA.
George Growbarger: Lot W 1/2 18 Conc. 2 EML
George Growbarger: Lot W 1/2 Pt 14, 15, 16, Conc. 2 EML, NFA
John Growbarger: Lot S pt 14 Conc. NFA
John Growbarger: Lot E pt 18, Conc. 2 EML

The Descendants of Peter & Sophia Growbarger

Peter was the only child of Andrew Graubarger’s (1783-1871) first marriage to  (1) Elizabeth Bauch (1797- ). He came with his father and step-mother into the Westmeath Frontier.

Peter Grauberger (1819-1900) m. Sophia Mary  Ricard Lacore (1823-1876) from Bechwith Township, Lanark County in about 1842. The family settled on riverfront property on the south shore of Lower Allumette Lake. 1900 Peter’s Death1876 Sophia’s Death   The children of the family attended S.S. No. 1, Moore’s School. This branch used the spelling Growbarger.


1851 Census for Westmeath Township. The Grobarger family now has four young children.

The children of Peter and Sophia were:

1. Elizabeth Growbarger (1843 – ) m. Edward Kenny (1831- ) an Irish immigrant. See KENNY entry.  Son William Kenny (1865-19676) m. Ann Robinson (1877-1946).

2. John Growbarger (1845 – 1909), unmarried farmer took over his father’s farm on Lot 12 NFA.  1909 John’s Death

in the 1891 Census for Westmeath Township, John is head of a household on the "home" farm, consisting of himself, his sister Sophia and his widowed father Peter.

In the 1891 Census for Westmeath Township, John is head of a household on the “home” farm, consisting of himself, his sister Sophia and his widowed father Peter. Mistakenly Peter is listed as having been born in Germany.

3. Susan Growbarger (1846 –

4. George Growbarger (1852 – 1920) m. Isabella Scott when he was age 46 in Buchanan Township, Renfrew County. 1898 George & Isabella Marriage. Two children: Charlotte Growbarger (1898- ) and George C. Growbarger (1900-  ).

5. Mary Ann Growbarger (1859 – 1931)  m.  Jacob Young, son of William & Catherine Young in 1880. She was the elder of two sisters who married two brothers.  1880 Mary Ann & Jacob Marriage

6. Sarah Growbarger (1860 –

7. Mary Jane Growbarger (1861 – 1932) m. Samuel Young, (1849-1907), son of William & Catherine Young and the second of the two Young brothers to marry Growbarger sisters.  1880 Mary Jane & Samuel Marriage. 1907 Samuel Death.

Jane Growbarger and Samuel Young Family, undated from

Jane Growbarger and Samuel Young Family, undated photo from

Young-Grewberger stone, Beachburg Cemetery

Young-Grewbarger stone, Beachburg Cemetery

The children of Mary  and Samuel Young were:

i. Catherine Young (1881 –

ii. Sophia Young (1883 – 1913)

iii. Samuel Young (1885 –

iv. Mary Jane Young (1889 –

v. Mary Ann Young (1891 –

vi. Jacob H. Young (1893 –

vii. Charlotte Annetta Young (1895 – 1968) m. Thomas Oddy.  1916 Charlotte & Thomas Marriage

viii. Wesley Young (1900 –

8. Hannah Growbarger (1864 – 1899) m. James Growbarger  (1864-1948), son of her half-uncle Andrew – see details of that family earlier in this entry. 1889 Hannah & James Marriage.

9. Sophia Growbarger (1864 – 1952) m. Hamilton Donnelly (1865-1946) and settled in British Columbia raising five children.

10. Susannah Growbarger (1868 – ) m. Daniel Robinson in 1877

11. Emily Growbarger (1870 – 1961) m. Hiram Thomas Weedmark (1867-1946), settled in Beachburg and raised 8 children. See WEEDMARK entry.

Perth Courier, March 9, 1894.    Weedmark-Growberger—Married, at the Manse, Beachburg, on the 21st Feb., by Rev. R. McNabb, Mr. Hiram Weedmark of Montague to Miss Emily Growberger of Westmeath.    -From


Weedmark-Grawbarger stone, Beachburg Cemetery