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JACKSON, John and Elizabeth Warren Jackson

According to the 1881 Census for Westmeath Township a John Jackson (1825-1906), an Irish immigrant and his wife Elizabeth Warren (1834-1916), who was born in Ontario, were raising a family of 11 children and were farmers. John and Elizabeth Jackson are buried in the Beachburg Union Cemetery.

Jackson John M 53 Ireland Methodist Irish Farmer Married
Jackson Elizabeth F 45 Ontario Methodist Irish Married
Jackson Sarah F 22 Ontario Methodist Irish
Jackson Mary F 20 Ontario Methodist Irish
Jackson Ellen J F 18 Ontario Methodist Irish
Jackson John M 16 Ontario Methodist Irish Farmer’s Son
Jackson Elizabeth F 13 Ontario Methodist Irish
Jackson William M 12 Ontario Methodist Irish
Jackson Maud F 10 Ontario Methodist Irish
Jackson Margaret F 8 Ontario Methodist Irish
Jackson Emma F 6 Ontario Methodist Irish
Jackson Phema F 3 Ontario Methodist Irish
Jackson Florence F 1 Ontario Methodist Irish

Some of the family moved to Lake Dore, Ont.

Of this large family we know that three of the children lived out their lives in Beachburg. Two Jackson girls would marry into the Beach family. Margaret Jackson married Mahlon Beach; then Emma C. Jackson (1874-1944) married James A. Beach (1867-1951). See BEACH entry.

Older brother William “Bill” Jackson was a Beachburg businessman. He married Harriett McNealy, daughter of William McNealy and Eliza Shepherd from Lanark County.

“My mom’s father was Bill Jackson.  Bill Jackson owned Jacksons Lumber Mill on “Jackson Lake” in Beachburg, as it is now known.  I used to play around the mill as a child.  They lived in a house adjoining the mill yard. At one time he owned 5 cheese factories but sold them and bought the mill in Beachburg.  In those years many people from the village worked for him at one time or another.  He and my grandmother Jackson are buried in the Anglican graveyard in Beachburg.  I know he had at least one brother who would visit him once in a while. I think he was mom’s Uncle Willie.   My Grandmothers name was Harriet I think. Her family (McNealy from Renfrew), was fairly well off.  But I recall seeing a picture of a small log cabin that apparently was her parent’s home when they came over from Scotland I think.  My aunt Olive visited her paternal ancestral home in Ireland I think but I don’t have any records.”

submitted to the “Family Registry” by JACKSON Grandson Bill Hennessy


1935 Jackson Ad14112013_0000

1935 Ad from “1835-1935 Beachburg Centenary” booklet

Bill Jackson and Harriett McNealy Jackson’s Jackson, Harriett McNeeley  children were:

l.  Clifford Jackson (1900-1969) Jackson, Clifford  m. Ethyl Johnson.  Their children were: Helen,  Errol and Sherwood.

“Clifford was the only boy in that family.  He went into the military at age 16, and worked as a tank mechanic in England.  When he returned he bought a garage in the centre of Beachburg. I adopted Sherwood as my older brother when he came to live with us in London.  Sherwood married June Given and they have two children.   Errol became a hair dresser and Helen married Dez McGonegal.  The had three children David, Johnny and Willa.”

2.  Lyla  Jackson m. Lowell Hennessy. They had one son A.W. (Bill) who submitted this Family Registry entry.  See HENNESSY entry.

“Mom went into teaching.  I have her story here in a book she wrote called “The Country School Marm”.  Mom started teaching in Hurst with the pioneers.  Her experiences there are quite interesting.”

3.   Laura Jackson  married  Bob Graham who had a son Jackson.  Jackson had two children:  Andrea who is a audiologist and James. Laura retired to Ottawa.


Clifford Jackson & Bob Graham

“Bob Graham was wounded by a German during WWI.  The German felt so bad he stayed with Bob until the medics came for him and went with him to the field hospital.  They thought Bob was a German because the German that shot him put his great coat over Bob.”

4.   Olive Jackson married Dave McElroy who died suddenly of heart failure when she was teaching with her sister Lyla in the Timmins camp. They had no children.

5.   Eileen  Jackson married Fred Truelove who became the principal of the Cobden Pubic School.

“They had two children John and Pat.  John Jackson became a micro-biologist and worked in a government lab and Pat Jackson married Esse Younge who was awarded the Order of Canada for his work in the broadcasting industry”.

6.   Edna Jackson married Clarence Little.

“Clarence was an engineer for the CPR.  He did the run from the Sault to the lake head. They had no children. They retired to Renfrew.