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JEFFREY Extended Family

In the late 1840s an extended family of seven JEFFREY siblings, consisting of three brothers and four sisters and their families at that time, emigrated from County Antrim (Belfast) Northern Ireland to the New World, coming up river as far as Fitzroy Township, near Arnprior, Ont.

County Antrim, Northern Ireland

County Antrim, Northern Ireland, Wikipedia Map

This was unusual that such a large group from one extended family would all emigrate together. But times were extremely hard at that time in Irish history, “The Great Hunger” and if you could make the sea voyage without harm, then hard work and determination would set you on a much better path to the future. Your extended family all working together would be of great help in settlement in the Canadian wilderness.

Others were also coming to Fitzroy, Upper Canada from County Antrim and word had spread of the land grants available to incoming settlers.

Some of the Jeffrey extended family would marry other families of Westmeath Township Immigrants Ancestors: McBride, Graham, Shield and Blackwell, Tate, Viggers. In fact on at least three occasions there were marriages between Jeffrey and McBride first cousins.

Herbie Jeffrey has provided two version of the Jeffrey Family Tree to use on this entry.

Version 1- undated is:  The Jeffrey Family Tree,

Version 2 – dated Oct. 1991; has been broken into the sections for each sibling below. The seven Jeffrey siblings who immigrated to Canada at that time are:  

1. AGNES JEFFREY (1787-1847) m. William Shield (1787-1860) Jeffrey, Agnes & Wm. Shields. Their nine SHIELD children are: Andrew Shield, Martha Shield, John Shield, Annie Shield, David Sheild, James Shield, Hugh Shield, Alexander Shield and Jane Shields. See SHIELD entry.

2. JOHN JEFFREY (1790-  ) m. Margaret (unknown) (1795-  )  Jeffrey, John & Margaret (Unknown). Their children are:

    1. Patrick Jeffrey (1835-1917) m. Isabella Campbell (1840-1913).  Their children would marry into the Laughlin, McLeese, Lyons and Wright families of Westmeath Township.              In the 1893 and 1894 Voter Lists Patrick and his eldest son John are on adjacent homesteads on the 9th Concession. Second son William is farming on the 4th Concession. The family is also listed in the 1888 Directory for Westmeath Township,Renfrew County.
      1893 Voter List, Poll 3, Westmeath Twp.

      1893 Voter List, Poll 3, Westmeath Twp.

      Jeffrey homesteads circa 1893

      Jeffrey homesteads circa 1893

      Patrick and Isabella’s children are:
      i.  John Jeffrey  (1851-1961) m. Catherine Jane Dickson (1872 – 1961).  See DICKSON entry. Their children      were:

1). Lawrence Jeffrey (1893-1967) m. Mabel Beatrice Lyons, daughter of Edward Lyons in 1921. See LYONS entry. Buried at Beachburg Cemetery. Children:  Stanley Edward Jeffrey (1922-1973 m. Ruby Elizabeth French in 1944;  Shirley Lorna Jeffrey (1938-  ) m. Richard Charles Atkins in 1958

2). Robert John “Harold” Jeffrey (1896 – 1983)  Jeffrey, Harold. Buried at Beachburg.

3) Lyla Mae Jeffrey (1898-1973) m. Allen Gilmore in 1925 in  Haley’s Station, Ontario. Children: Harold Gilmour (1926-  ) m. Florence Rose in 1950;  Marie Gilmore  (1930-  ) m.  C. Stanley Flinn in 1958; Hillis John Gilmore (1936-1960).

4) Catherine “Cassie” Alice Jeffrey (1900-1976)  m. Stephen Harold Kenny  in 1923. Kenny, Cassie Jeffrey.  See KENNY entry. Children: Jacqueline Ruth Kenny (1925-  ) m. Lee Emerson in 1957;  Theodore Harold Kenny (1928- ) m. Elsie Cameron in 1952.

5) Krenna Isabella Jeffrey (1903-  ) m. George Regis Conley in 1929. Their children: George Regis Conley (1944- ) m. Marilyn Shaw in 1970; John Lawrence Conley (1946- ).

6) Gordon Wellington  Jeffrey (1905-1950) lived in Toronto and buried at Beachburg

7) Graham Allan Jeffrey (1908-1991) m.  Nina Mae Munroe in 1932. Their children: Eldon Munroe Jeffrey (1933-1985) -buried at Beachburg;  Mervin Graham Jeffrey (1939-1992) m. Janice Vivien Bondar in 1959.

8) Muriel B. Jeffrey (1911-  ) m. Russell McLaughlin in 1930. Their children: Darrel R. McLaughlin (1931- ) m. Nellie James in 1953;  John Versil McLaughlin (1932- ) . Madeline Innis in 1953;  Wayne Jeffrey McLaughlin (1934- ) m. Virginia Voisin in 1974.

7) Doris  Loretta Jeffrey  (1914-  ) m. Gordon Franklin Wilcox in 1938.

ii. William Jeffrey (1869- 1935) Hettie Alice McLeese (1879- ) in 1896. See MCLEESE entry. Their children: Irwin Boyd Jeffrey (1890-1957) m. Etta May Townson; Jessie Jean Jeffrey (1901-1981) m. (1) William Russel Lyons and m. (2) William Thomas James – buried Auld Kirk Cemetery, Almonte; Harvey Jeffrey m. Muriel Lowe in 1935; Vira Jeffrey m. Michael O’Neil in 1953.

iii. Martha Jeffrey (1874- )

iv. Samuel Jeffrey (1875-1934) married Eliza Mae J. Crozier, from a prominent Perretton Family.

Clipping courtesy of Herb and Sandra Jeffrey.

1923 News Clipping courtesy of Herb and Sandra Jeffrey.

The children of Sam and Eliza are:

1)  Hazel Jeffrey (1903- ) m. Lloyd Hodgins (1893- );

2) Oliverta”Vertie” Jeffrey  (1905- ) m. Sam Lester Laughlin;

3) Cecil F. Jeffrey (1906- ) m. Edna Viggers (1912- );  their son Herbert “Herbie” m. Sandra Pietersma.

Cecil and Edna Viggers Jeffrey with Herby and Joan, 1938.

Cecil and Edna Viggers Jeffrey with Herby and Joan, 1938.

4) Viola Jeffrey (1908- ) m. Esmond O’Brien;

5) Stella Jeffrey (1912- ) m. Walton O’Brien;

Jeffrey Sisters. L. to R.:  Stella (Mrs. Walton O'Brien), Hazel (Mrs. Lloyd Hodgins), Vertie (Mrs. Lester Laughlin) and Blanche (Mrs. John Graham).

Jeffrey Sisters. L. to R.: Stella (Mrs. Walton O’Brien), Hazel (Mrs. Lloyd Hodgins), Vertie (Mrs. Lester Laughlin) and Blanche (Mrs. John Graham).

6) Blanche Jeffrey (1914- ) m. John Graham (1900- );

7) Lennox Roy Jeffey (1917 – ) m. Dorothy H. Blackwell;  Jeffrey L&D 40th

Dorothy and Lennox Jeffrey's Wedding Coach

Dorothy and Lennox Jeffrey’s Wedding Coach

8) Andrew Jeffrey (1920- ) m. Eunice Jackson.  JEFFREY, Andrew

9) Martha Jeffrey (1921-  )

v. James  Jeffrey (1878- )

vi. George James Jeffrey (1879- )

vii. Pheobe Ellen McQuitty ( 188- )- a half-sister.

2.   Agnes Jeffrey (1837-  ) m. Thomas McBride (1875-  ). See MCBRIDE entry.

3.  Thomas  Jeffrey (1831-  ).

4.  Michael Jeffrey (1827-  ).

3. PATRICK JEFFREY (1791-1856 ) m. Jane Johnson (1796- 1847).  Patrick Jeffrey & Jane Johnson . They farmed on Concession N.3, Lot 18, Fitzroy Township.  Their children are:

      1.  James Jeffrey (1836 -1906) m. Martha Carss McBride (1841-1890). James was born in Down. Northern Ireland and immigrated with his parents. Martha was born in Antrim, Northern Ireland and likewise had immigrated with her parents; John McBride and Annie Jeffrey. See MCBRIDE entry. These cousins married in Arnprior, Ont. on 14 Feb. 1865.  Their children are: William John Jeffrey (1865-1878); James Johnson Jeffrey (1868-1870); Annie Gelina Jeffrey (1871-1948); Johnson Jeffrey (1873-1930); Isabella Jeffrey(1875-1971).
      2.  Martha Jeffrey(1819-1947) m. Andrew Shields
      3. Agnes Jeffrey (1821- ) m. Joe Wilson
      4. Mary Jeffrey (183o-1947 )
      5. John Jeffrey (1831- )
      6. Liza Jane Jeffrey (1826- ) m. John Shields

4.  JANE “Jennie” JEFFREY (1806-) m. John Donaldson (1805-).  Jane Jeffrey & John Donaldson.  Their six  DONALDSON children are:

      1. James Donaldson
      2. Mary Jeffrey Donaldson
      3. Martha Donaldson (1835- ) m. Hugh Shields
      4. John Donaldson
      5. William Donaldson
      6. Agnes N. Donaldson  (1849- ) m. William John McBride (1847-  )

5. ANNIE JEFFREY (1808-1892 ) m. John McBride (1804-1870 ). Annie Jeffrey & John McBride. They farmed on Concession No. 10, Lots 16 & 17, Fitzroy.  See MCBRIDE entry. Their third child Thomas was the first to come to Westmeath Township to settle.

      1. James McBride (1830- ) m. Isabella Moorhouse (1843-  )
      2. Eliza Jane McBride (1831-  ) m. Samuel Stevenson (1827-  )
      3. Thomas McBride (1834- ) m. Agnes Jeffrey (1837- ). Thomas and Agnes would come to Westmeath Township.
      4. Martha Carss McBride (1840-) m. James Jeffrey (1836- )
      5. Patrick J. McBride (1844- )  m. Eliza Jeffrey (1844-)
      6. William John McBride (1847- ) m. Agnes N. Donaldson (1849-)

6. MARTHA JEFFREY (1811- ) m. Thomas Austin (1801- ). Martha Jeffrey & Thomas Austin.

7. JAMES JEFFREY (1812- 1894) m. Jane Thompson (1815-1891 ). James Jeffrey & Jane Thompson. They farmed Concession No. 7, Lot 14, Fitzroy. Their children are:

      1. Mary Jane Jeffrey
      2. Eliza Jeffrey
      3. Florence Jeffrey
      4. Martha Jeffrey
      5. George Jeffrey
      6. Annie Jeffrey
      7. Nancy Jeffrey