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LACROIX, David and Emilie Julien Lacroix

Like so many other French Canadian families, the Lacroix family has deep roots in New France and Lower Canada. This is a family whose women-folk led eventful lives with links to two European kings. The King of Belgium Leopold II and his consort La Baronne Vaughan, Caroline Lacroix, is one royal connection, as shown in this postcard from Lacroix Consort Royalty

There was also a Francoise Lacroix amongst the King’s Daughters  who came to Quebec from Dieppe, France, in 1669, at age 29, with about 150 other “Filles du Roi” and a few other colonists aboard the ship “St-Jean-Baptists”. To help correct the imbalance of the male to female ratio in the new colony, over 800 women were recruited and sent out by the King of France with a dowry and all expenses paid.

Lacroix, Francoise,King's Daughter

A ship load of “King’s Daughters” arriving at Quebec, New France.

The name as it appears in old records can also be found as La Croix or Bourgault dit Lacroix and Lacroix dit Lagiroflee. The Lacroix name is also found in Arnprior and Bytown records; so Lacroix family members were in the Ottawa Valley before coming west to Westmeath Township.

The Lacroix Family of Westmeath Township

David Lacroix (1807-  ) and Emilie Julien (1811-1868) are the earliest pioneers that we know of coming to Westmeath Township. She was the daughter of Jean-Baptiste Julien and Catherine Auger. They had a son Alfred Lacroix (1831-1907) whose name appears in the 1851 Census of Westmeath Township.

1851 Census Westmeath Township

1851 Census Westmeath Township

That 1851 Census lists 3 young people who are perhaps siblings (not verified):

David Lacroix, 24, birthplace Canada West, birth year about 1828, Labourer. David settled in LaPasse. The LaPasse R.C. Cemetery  has a grave marker  to commemorate David’s daughter  Adeline Lacroix (1865-1893), wife of Jules Marion.  Adeline Lacroix is the daughter of David Lacroix Jr. and Tarcille Longpré. She was born August 23, 1865 and baptized in LaPasse on 3 September 1865 and died in Gower Point at age 28.

Alfred Lacroix, 22, birthplace Canada West, birth year about 1830, Labourer. He was born in Westmeath Township in 1831 but was taken back to the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal to be baptized in 1832.

Theresa Lacroix, 20, birthplace Canada West, birth year about 1832.

They were at Gower Point – later called LaPasse in Westmeath Township.  Labourers were always in great demand in the lumber trade, or to clear the land and prepare it for incoming homesteader-farmers.  Strong hardworking men could always find employment. The Lacroix men it would seem, often connected with people downstream (Ottawa and St. Lawrence Rivers), so it is speculated that they were travelling either with the rafts of timber going downriver to market or as voyageurs to move the trade cargo of such concerns as the Hudson Bay Company.


This entry will follow two sons of pioneers David Lacroix and Emilie Julien, who remained and settled in North Gower (LaPasse), Westmeath Township:  (1) Louis Lacroix (1827-1918) and (2) Alfred Lacroix (1831-1907).  Each brother raised a large family;  Louis had 13 children and Alfred also had 13 children. Louis was 92 years and Alfred was 76 years of age when they died.

Fortunately various Lacroix descendants have used and that information was most useful and appreciated in the preparation of this entry. We thank those contributors.

Because there were several branches of the Lacroix family and numerous children in each family, it was not uncommon to have a first or second cousin with the same name. This makes the work of genealogists challenging. If you are interested in more on the genealogy of the Lacroix family you can contact: 

1.  The Descendants of Louis Lacroix and Eliza Clermont (Clarmont)

Louis and Elizabeth "Eliza" Lacroix, 1870.

Louis and Elizabeth “Eliza” Lacroix, 1870.

Louis and Elizabeth Lacroix.  Photo from

Louis and Eliza Lacroix, 1870.
Photo from

Louis Lacroix (1827-1918), had been baptized in Boucherville, Quebec in 1828. That is now a Montreal suburb on the southeast shore of the St. Lawrence River. In 1857 at age 23 years, he married an Elizabeth “Eliza” Philomène Clermont or Clarmont  (1830-1904), daughter of Jean- Baptiste Clermont and Theotiste Leblanc in LaPasse Parish. Louis would die at age 84 of cirrhosis of the liver after a long acquaintance with alcohol. 1918 Louis Lacroix Death Reg.  Both Lois and Eliza are buried in the Roman Catholic Cemetery  at LaPasse.


Eliza Clermont Lacroix’s gravestone at LaPasse, Westmeath Twp.

In the 1871 Census for Westmeath Township record we find this  young Lacroix couple raising their family in Gower Point:

“-Louis Lacroix, 36, birth place Ontario, birth year about 1835, a French Catholic. And Eliza Lacroix, 33, their children in the household were:  Josephine Lacroix – age 12, Toussaint Lacroix  – age 10, Louis Lacroix – age 7, Delemer Lacroix – age 5, and Julie Lacroix – age 2.”

1881 Census Louis and Eliza Lacroix Household

Lacroix Louis M 45 Ontario RC French Farmer Married
Lacroix Eliza F 45 Ontario RC French Married
Lacroix Josephine F 22 Ontario RC French
Lacroix Toussaint M 21 Ontario RC French Farmer
Lacroix Philomene F 14 Ontario RC French
Lacroix Peter M 17 Ontario RC French
Lacroix Julie F 13 Ontario RC French
Lacroix Harriet F 11 Ontario RC French
Lacroix Edward M 9 Ontario RC French
Lacroix Antoinette F 6 Ontario RC French
Lacroix Alex M 2 Ontario RC French

Louis Lacroix was listed at age 56 in the 1891 Census. He lived to the old age of 92 and is buried in the LaPasse Roman Catholic Cemetery. 1891 Census Louis&Eliza Household.  They would have 13 children.

By the 1901 Census the Louis Lacroix Household consisted of:

Louis M Lacroix                66

Eliza C Lacroix                 62

Edward Lacroix               29

Baptiste Lacroix               26

Alexander Lacroix           20

Charley Lacroix               18

1. Louis Lacroix (1857-1858) infant death, buried at LaPasse.

2. Josephine Lacroix (1859- ) m. Joseph Colborne in Mattawa, Ont. in 1900 when she was age 42,

3. Toussaint Lacroix (1860-1925) m. Marguerite Veronique Lamarche (1858-1956) at LaPasse Parish in 1889. She was the daughter of John Lamarche and Philomene Gervais. They are buried at LaPasse.  1925 Toussaint Death Reg.

Toussaint Lacroix Family' Photo from

Toussaint Lacroix Family in 1908.  Back Row: Henry, Ephraim, Wilfred. Front: Julie, Rose, John and Ida.  Photo from


  • Leaving the Log House, circa 1933, LaPasse.

    Leaving the Log House, circa 1933, LaPasse. Photo from

    The land parcels at Gower Point (LaPasse) run up from the water frontage of the Ottawa River in the old style of the Quebec signories.  Because the river was the main mode of transportation, early settlers built one room log homes along its banks. Many of the early houses were used for 2, or even 3 generations and would then be re-purposed as barns or henhouses.

    Marguerite Lamarche Lacroix with her sons John (left) and Wilfred.

    Marguerite Lamarche Lacroix with her sons John (left) and Wilfred. Photo from

1911 Westmeath Census Toussaint & Marguerite Lacroix Household

Lacroix Toussaint M Head M Aug 1860 50
Lacroix Marguerite F Wife M May 1869 42
Lacroix Rose Mary F Daughter S Aug 1890 20
Lacroix Ida F Daughter S Feb 1892 19
Lacroix Harry M Son S Dec 1893 17
Lacroix Ephriam M Son S Jul 1896 14
Lacroix Wilfred M Son S Mar 1899 12
Lacroix Julia F Daughter S Dec 1901 9
Lacroix John M Son S Feb 1906 5
Lacroix Jane F Daughter S Jun 1910 1

i.  Marie Rose Lacroix (1890- ) m. Philias Franceour, son of Amable and Philomene Levesque in LaPasse Parish in 1914.

ii. Marie Ida Lacroix (1892- ) m. Alexandre Leblanc in 1912 in LaPasse. He is the son of Joseph Toussaint Leblanc and Albina Gratton. See LEBLANC entry.

Marie Ida Caroline Lacroix, 1892-1974. Photo from

Marie Ida Caroline Lacroix, 1892-1974. Photo from

iii. Henri-Alexandre “Henry” Lacroix (1893 -1917), unmarried,  first of two brothers who died of drowning on August 12, 1917,  1917 Henry’s Death Reg. – even though they were good swimmers.  Buried at LaPasse. Henry was part of the cook crew in the lumber camp in the winter.

Henri-Alexandre Lacroix. Photo from

Henri-Alexandre Lacroix.
Photo from

iv. Ephraim Lacroix (1896-1939) unmarried, second brother who died of drowning at age 42 years. Buried at LaPasse.

Ephraim Lacroix 1896-1939.

Ephraim Lacroix 1896-1939. Photo from

Lacroix stone at LaPasse Cemetery.

Lacroix stone at LaPasse Cemetery.

v. Wilfred Lacroix  (1899-

vi.  Julia Lacroix (1901- ) m. Philias Amyotte, son of Moise Amyotte  and Cordelia Gervais, on May 14, 1927 in LaPasse. Daughter Marie Cordelia “Leona” Amyotte (1928-2000) m. Marc “Mark” Lacroix (1912-1975), son of Charley Lacroix and Marie Louise Miron.

vi.  John Arthur Lacroix (1906-1988) m. Florence M. Lacroix (1916- ), daughter of Charles Lacroix  and Marie Louise Miron in 1933 in LaPasse.   Lacroix, J & F 50th.   Their children are Ray, Sister Connie, Mabel Adams, Lilliam Pharand and Susan Legault.

vii.  Marie Jeanne “Jane” Lacroix (1910- ) m. Fabien Euchere Mousseau, in LaPasse in 1934, son of Simeon Mousseau and Domothilde Perreault.

4.  Louis Lacroix Jr.  (1864- ) m. Hermeline (Ermiline) Leblanc (1873-  ) in 1889, daughter of Theophile Leblanc and Henriette Belanger, in LaPasse Parish. 1889 Louis&Emerline Marriage Reg. See LEBLANC entry. Their two daughters married two brothers, sons of Victor Poisson and Lucy Bertrand:  Elizabeth Lacroix m. Victor Poisson in 1919 and her sister Antoinette Lacroix m. Raoul Poisson in 1920. Louis Junior and Ermiline farmed on Lots 16 & 17 on Concession East Front C (EFC), the north-eastern shore of the township at what is now known as the Lacroix Bay area.

1896 Voter List for Westmeath Township

1896 Voter List for Westmeath Township, showing Lots and Concessions.


1901 Louis Lacroix & Hermilene LeBLanc Household

1901 Louis Lacroix & Hermilene LeBLanc Household

The children of Louis (Junior) and Ermiline Lacroix are:

i. Louis J. Lacroix (1890 –1976)

ii. Joseph Lacroix (1891 – 1966)

iii. Eva Lacroix (1892 –

iv.  Bellense Lacroix (1894 – 1942)

v.  Elmere Lacroix (1897 –

vi. Wilford Lacroix (1898 –

vii.  Eliza Lacroix (1900 – ) m. Victor Poisson in 1919.

viii.  Isabell Lacroix (1902 –

ix.  Antoinette Lacroix (1904 – ) m. Raoul Poisson in 1920.

x.  Alexander Lacroix (1905 –

xi.  Harriett Lacroix (1907 –

5.  Euchere  Lacroix (1866- 1901) was a bachelor and a blacksmith when he died of diphtheria in February 1901, at age 36 years. A look through death registrations shows that a number of Westmeath Township residents died of Diphtheria that winter.

6. Philomène Lacroix (1868-1947) m. Théophile Gratton (1868- 1953) , son of Eustache Gratton and Henriette Laverdure in LaPasse in 1895; the Grattons were also a LaPasse Family. They are buried at LaPasse Cemetery. Daughter Josephine Gratton 1903. The Grattons homesteaded on Pleasant Valley Road and that farm stayed with Josephine in her marriage to George Amyotte; then to their son Roger Amyotte and his family.

Philomene Lacroix with her older brother Toussaint Lacroix.

Philomene Lacroix with her older brother Toussaint Lacroix. Photo from


7. Julia Lacroix (1868- ) m. Napoleon Gauthier in Bonfield Ont., Nippissing area, in 1884 when she was only 14 years old. By the 1891 Census she is listed at age 21 living back with her parents in Westmeath Township. Young women of that era would sometimes  return to their home rather than spend the winter months alone; if her husband was in the lumber camps working all winter.

8. Henry Lacroix (1871- )  m. Jane Mary Ann Thibeau in 1896. 1896 Henri-Mary Marriage Reg..  Their children are: Eximere Lacroix (1896-) ; Rapheal Lacroix  (1899- ); Emoure Lacroix (1905- ); James Lacroix (1911- )

9. Edouard Lacroix (1872-1953) m. Clara Rose Anna Desrocher (1883-1943). Clara was the daughter of Aldolphe Desrocher and Julie Beauchamp of Fort Coulonge, Quebec, a settlement directly across the Ottawa River from LaPasse Ont. They are buried in Mt. Carmel Cemetery, LaPasse. Ont. Their children were:

Roger Lacroix

 i.  Ovila Edouard Lacroix (1906-1991) m. Evelyn M. Lablanc (1913-1998) in LaPasse in 1912. She was the daughter of Joseph Lablanc and Ida May Lacroix, in 1936 in LaPasse. Their son Roger Lacroix  died in 1944. See LABLANC entry.

ii.  Arthur Domina Lacroix (1908-

iii.  Joseph Euchere Forenzo Lacoix (1909-1985) m. Marie Corrine (Couronne) Victoria Gervais in 1937, daughter of Cyrille Gervais & Auxile Laderoute. See GERVAIS entry. They settled in LaPasse, Ontario and farmed just upriver from the village. Their children were:

a. Claudette Lacroix (1938- ) m. Edward Kingston, son of Edward Kingston and Muriel Martin, in 1959.

b. Mona Lacroix (1940- ) m. Denzel Ethier, son of Lawrence Ethier and Louise Chevier. See ETHIER entry.

c. Doreen Lacroix (1943- ) m. Robt. McNair, divorced.

d. Ronald Lacroix (1944- ) m. Eva Herman, daughter of James and Nora Gervais in 1969.

e. Ralph Lacroix (1947- ) m. Mona Lachance, daughter of Armidas Lachance and Rita Lamarche, in 1969. They would be storekeepers of the LaPasse Lacroix’s Store for a generation and retire just downriver from the village.

f. Richard Lacroix (1949-

g. Rolly Lacroix (1950- )

h. Rock Lacroix (1956-

i. Marie Lacroix (1957-  ) m. Dwayne Ethier, LaPasse, Ont.

iv.  Evaline Lacroix (1910

v.  Aurore Elizabeth Lacroix (1911-1968) m. Donat Francoeur (1907-1979), son of John Francoeur and Annie Graveline in LaPasse Parish in 1938. Buried at LaPasse.

vi. Anora Lacroix (1912-

vii.  Joseph “Camille” Lacroix (1913-1994) m. Bernadette Leblanc (1914-1980), daughter of Joseph LeBlanc & Ida May Lacroix, in 1939. Buried at LaPasse.

viii.  Rudolphe Lacroix (1920-1934) – died age 14.

ix.  Rheal Lacroix (1922-1965) died at age 43.

10. Antoinette Lacroix (1875- ) m. Francis Lapage, son of Francois Lapage and Anna Mongrain, in LaPasse parish in 1899. Marriage Antoinette Lacroix and Francis Lapage.  Antoinette and her brother Baptiste would both marry into the Lapage family. There are no children listed for her marriage and seven years later in 1902 Francis is a widower when he marries Robina Ryan of Calumet Island, Pontiac, Quebec.

11. Jean “Baptiste”  Lacroix (1876- ) m. Julie Anne Lepage  at LaPasse in 1900. She is the daughter of  Francois Lapage and Anne Mongrain.

Jean Baptiste Lacroix and Julie Lapage.   Photo from
Jean Baptiste Lacroix and Julie Lapage.
Photo from

1911 Census Westmeath Township

Lacroix Baptiste M Aug 1876 34
Lacroix Julia M Jun 1878 32
Lacroix Violet S Oct 1901 9
Lacroix Francis Ann S Jul 1903 7
Lacroix Leon S Jul 1905 5
Lacroix Ida May S Jun 1909 2
Lacroix Clanneade? F. S Apr 1911 1/12
Lacroix Mary Clara S Apr 1911 1/12

 The children of Baptiste Lacroix and Julie LaPage are:

 i. Violet H. Lacroix (1902-1967) m. David E. Dufault (1899-1960). Buried at LaPasse.

ii. Frances Annie Lacroix (1904-

iii. Leo Lacroix (1906-

iv.  Pancy Lacroix (1909-

v. Clacus Lacriox (1911- ) a twin?

vi. Mary Clara Lacroix (1911- ) a twin?

12. Alexandre “Alex” Lacroix (1879-1966), youngest son, m.  Jennie Fleury (1883-1945). Buried at LaPasse. Their children:

      1. Lorrain Lacroix (1908-1923) died age 15.
      2. Lorette G. Lacroix (1913-1997), buried at LaPasse.
      3. Mae Dorianne Lacroix , born 01 Jul 1921 in LaPasse, Ont.   m. John Gervais, 26 May 1942 in LaPasse, Ont, John was born 10 Dec 1918 in LaPasse, Ont., and died 11 Oct 2003.
        May 1942:  A Double Wedding at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, LaPasse.  At left: Leonard Lacroix marries Laurence LeBlanc; at right:  John Gervais marries Mae Lacroix. Photo courtesy of Doreen LeBlanc Adam.

        May 1942: A Double Wedding at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, LaPasse.
        At left: Leonard Lacroix marries Laurence LeBlanc; at right: John Gervais marries Mae Lacroix.
        Photo courtesy of Doreen LeBlanc Adam.

        Their children are:

i. Geraldine Gervais, b. 05 Apr 1943, m.

ii. Renaud Gervais, b. 21 Jan 1945, m..

iii. Edward Gervais, b. 14 Feb 1946; m. Christina Huguet, 11 Jan 1975

iv. Lorrain (Fatty) Gervais, b. 22 Sep 1948; m. Karen Pappin, 04 Jun 1990.

v. Jo-Anne Gervais, b. 22 Jan 1953, m.

vi Donna Gervais, b. 11 Apr 1961, m.

 4. Leonard Lacroix (1916-1998) m. Laurance LeBlanc (1919-  ), daughter of Paul Leblanc and Eleonore Soucie in LaPasse in 1942. See LEBLANC entry. Their children are:

i. Lianne Lacroix (1943

ii.  Rachel Lacroix (1944

iii.  Christine Lacroix (1946

iv.  Philipe P. Lacroix (1951

v.  Maurice Lacroix (1954

vi.  Francine Lacroix (1958

13. Charles “Charley” Lacroix (1882-1969) m. Marie Louise Miron  (1885-1978) in LaPasse Parish in 1933.


Charles Lacroix. Photo from


Mary Louise Miron Lacroix 1885-1978.

Mary Louise Miron Lacroix 1885-1978. Photo from

Marie had been born 4 Feb 1885, in Bois Franc, near Fort Coulonge, Quebec. Her death 8 Oct 1978, in Pembroke, Ontario at age 93 years.

Lacroix-Miron stone, LaPasse Cemetery

Lacroix-Miron stone, LaPasse Cemetery

Charles and Marie married in 1904 in St. Pierre de Fort Coulonge.  The children of Charles and Marie are:

i. Denis Lacroix

ii. Lillis Lacroix

iii. Morris Lacroix

iv.  unknown

v.  unknown

vi.  Marie Edna Eleonore Lacroix (1905-1980) m. Joseph Vann Million (1904-1965)

John Lacroix and his wife Florence with Edna Lacroix at right. Photo from

John Lacroix and his wife Florence with Edna Lacroix at right.
Photo from

vii. Edgar Raymond Lacroix  (1907-1979) – died in Kirkland Lake, On.

viii. William Maurice Lacroix (1908– 1909) – died in infancy.

ix.  Joseph Charles Ferdinand Lacroix (1910 – 1997)  m. Ida Wyman in LaPasse in 1940, son of Napoleon Wyman and Emma Gervais. Charles died in Sudbury at age 87 years.

x.  Joseph Marc “Mark” Lacroix (1912 –1975) m. Marie Cordelia “Leona” Amyotte (1928-2000), daughter of Julie Blanche  Philomene Lacroix and Philias Amyotte (1898-1974).

xi. Marie Lina “Mabel” Lacroix (1915 –

xii.  Florence Melvina Lacroix (1916 – )   m. John Arthur Lacroix,  son of Toussaint Lacroix and Marguerite Lamarche; they are also pictured above with John’s sister Edna. John was 27 years and Florence was 16 years old when they wed. Their children: Raymond Lacroix, Sister Constance (Connie Lacroix), Mabel Lacroix Adam, Lily Lacroix Pharand (divorced) and Suzie Lacroix Legault (divorced).

1933 Wedding John Lacroix and Florence Lacroix. Photo from

1933 Wedding John Lacroix and Florence Lacroix. Photo from

xiii.  Ariel Lyda Lacroix (1918-  m. (1) Valmore Laporte, son of Fred Laporte and Mary Ann O’Hara in 1936; (2) ___ Trudeau; three children.

xiv. Joseph Davis Lacroix

The Charles Lacroix Family as listed in the 1911 Census for Westmeath Township.

Lacroix Charles M Head M May 1883 28
Lacroix Mary Louise F Wife M Feb 1885 26
Lacroix Mary Edna F Daughter S Dec 1905 5
Lacroix Edgar L. M Son S Feb 1907 4
Lacroix Charles F M Son S May 1910 1
Lacroix Louis M Father W Aug 1834 76

1921 Census Household Members:

Charles Lacroix               38

Mary Lacroix                   37

Edna Lacroix                    15

Edgar Lacroix                  14

Charles Lacroix               12

Joseph Mark Lacroix      8

Mabel Lacroix                 6

Florence Lacroix              5

Ariel Lyda Lacroix            3

Joseph Davis Lacroix       10 months

2.   The Descendants of Alfred Lacroix and Angele Lessard

Church marriage records show that Alfred  Lacroix (1831-1907) married Angele Lessard (1837-1911) at LaPasse in 1854

1881 Census for Westmeath Township

Lacroix Alfred M 49 Quebec RC French Farm Laborer Married
Lacroix Angele F 38 Ontario RC French Married
Lacroix Alfred M 23 Ontario RC French Laborer
Lacroix Charles M 22 Ontario RC French Laborer
Lacroix Louis M 20 Ontario RC French Laborer
Lacroix Eleonore F 18 Ontario RC French
Lacroix Josephine F 16 Ontario RC French
Lacroix Felix M 14 Ontario RC French
Lacroix Theophile M 12 Ontario RC French
Lacroix Henry M 9 Ontario RC French
Lacroix Selena F 7 Ontario RC French
Lacroix Leona F 5 Ontario RC French
Lacroix John M 3 Ontario RC French
Lacroix Julia F 0 Jul Ontario RC French

The men of the family are all listed as labourers rather than farmers so they were not landowners at that time. By the next Census taken in 1891 some of the older children are no longer living at home. 1891 Census is clearer in spelling with the Alfred and Angele Lacroix family listed below. Spouses have been added where available with information from parish marriage records, as:

1. Alfred Lacroix (1858-1902) m. Marie Louise Cecile, daughter of Toussaint Cecile and Marguerite Labine, in LaPasse in 1885. Alfred  died at age 45 and is buried at LaPasse.

In the 1911 Westmeath Census Marie Louise Lacroix was widowed and running a busy boarding house.  She had grown up in her parents Cecile Hotel business in Westmeath Village. See CECILE entry. Daughter Beatrice would die at age 25 yrs.

Lacroix Mrs. M.L. F Head W Nov 1858 52
Lacroix Beatrice F Daughter S Sep 1888 22
Lacroix Edward A M Son S Jun 1890 20
Webb R M Lodger S Apr 1889 22
Thildeau Delia F Servant S Apr 1889 22
Taylor Charles M Lodger S Jan 1899 22
Rowan Elizabeth F Lodger S Mar 1886 25

2. Charles  Lacroix (1859-  ) m. Elizabeth Bridget McManus in 1908. 1908 Charles & Elizabeth Marriage. Charles was listed as a cook – a position of importance in the lumber camps to feed the hardworking men.  They lived in Hailibury in 1911 Census with Albert Marcotte, Myles Shea (adopted). Elizabeth had very bad luck with husbands and in all would be marry and outlive four. In 1886 she married Eli Napoleon Marcotte in LaPasse; in 1908 she married Charles Lacroix in LaPasse; in 1916 she married Michael John O’Brien in LaPasse and in 1929 she married Alfred St. Dennis in LaPasse.

Elizabeth Bridget McManus

Elizabeth Bridget McManus

3. Louis Lacroix (1861-  ) m. Celina Leblanc in 1889, daughter of Theophile Leblanc and Henriette Belanger. 1889 Louis&Celina Marriage. Son Elmire Lacroix (1891- ). See LEBLANC entry.

4.  Eleanor Lacroix, (1863- ) -spelled Eleonore on 1881 Census, born in 1863 was married in Gower Point to Alfred Noiseux (1859- ) from Repentigny, just east of Montreal on the St. Lawrence River. Alfred worked as a Shanty Foreman in the winter lumber camps.  They are buried at LaPasse.

6.  Josephine Lacroix  (1865- ) m. Olivier Lanthier, son of Joseph Lanthier and Suzanne Lavioe, in LaPasse in 1891.

7.  Felix Lacroix (1867-  ) was listed as a labourer in the 1891 Census; probably in the lumber camps – details unknown.

8. Theophile Lacroix (1869-1902) was listed as a labourer in the 1891 Census; probably in the lumber camps. He died at age 33 – details unknown.

 9. Henry (Henri)  Napoleon Lacroix (1872-   ) m.  Dulcina Bertrand, daughter of Francois Bertrand and Melinda Turcot, in LaPasse Parish in 1895. 1895 Dulcina&Henri Marriage.  Henry also worked as a labourer.  In the 1921 Census the family consists of:  Henri Lacroix  –  51 yrs.; Jane Lacroix – 40 yrs.; Exerine Lacroix – 24 yrs.; Blanche Lacroix – 20 yrs.; Ralph – 21 yrs.; Edmonde Lacroix – 15 yrs.

10. Selena Lacroix (1874-   details unknown

11. Leona Lacroix (1876-  details unknown

12. John Lacroix (1878- ).  In the 1901 Census, 24 year old John is at home with Alfred (68), Angel (60), and Charles (42) . Details unknown.

13. Julia Lacroix (1881- details unknown