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LADEROUTE, Charles Boyer and Marie Smith

When Jean- Baptiste Boyer (1699-  ), known as Joseph, left his native Provence, in the south of France; and set sail for New France; he would never believe that some of his descendants would populate his new homeland under a different surname; but that is indeed what happened.

The  explanation of why some of the children of Charles Boyer and Marie Smith in the mid-1800’s decided to adopt the surname of LADEROUTE has been lost in time. But church records show that some in that family of five children; two of the boys, Charles Jr. and Vital, have Laderoute added to the Boyer name in their marriage records.  The rest of the family, Emilie, Caroline and Pierre are entered as Boyer.

Were those two sons Charles and Vital, under the guardianship of someone named Laderoute? Or something of that type of arrangement? Some in the extended family have heard the tale that the Boyer parents were both killed in an accident and so the children were taken in and raised as Laderoutes.  It is just  speculation. As the years went on, the Boyer name fell out of usage in those two branches of the family – the branches that settled in Westmeath Township.

The usage of the French term “dit” can roughly be translated as “also known as” or “formerly known as“.

The (Boyer dit) LADEROUTE Family Tree, prepared and generously submitted by Linda Gervais Bromley has this new use of the name “Laderoute” occurring in the 4th Generation of the family.

This large French-Canadian family headed by Charles Boyer and Marie Smith had settled in Gower Point (later LaPasse) in Westmeath Township.

Alexander and Amanda (Maude) Laderoute

Alexander and Amanda (Maude) Laderoute

By the sixth Generation,  as set out in the LADEROUTE Family Tree, Charles and Marie’s grandson ALEXANDER (Boyer dit) LADEROUTE (1842-1919) married AMANDA Victorie ST. DENIS (1852-1929) in June of 1870. Amanda, (also known as Maude), was a local girl from LaPasse, Westmeath Township.  There was always plenty of work to be done; lumber camps to be manned and  land to be farmed. Over the next 30 years the babies kept coming.  Their children – 13 in all- would make up a large and industrious clan.

The children of Alex and Maude Laderoute were:

  1. Napoleon “Paul” (Boyer dit) Laderoute, b. Nov 1872; m. Josephine Lamarche ,  Laderoute,JosephineLamarche , 16 Nov 1926, LaPasse, Ont.

    The Ottawa Journal, Tuesday, July 6, 1937

    The Ottawa Journal, Tuesday, July 6, 1937

  2. Euchere (Boyer dit) Laderoute, b. 28 Feb 1874; d. 31 May 1899, drowned age 25 on the Schyan River. (-lumbering Area NW of Westmeath Township in Deep River Area).
  3. Vital-Alexandre “Alex” (Boyer dit) Laderoute, b. 22 Dec 1875; d. 1954; m. Louisa Lafreniere (1877-1939) in 1901.  Their daughter: Laderoute,Geneva Theresa Laderoute Obituary
Alex Laderoute & Lisa Lafreniere.

Alex Laderoute & Lisa Lafreniere.

4.  Marie-Auxile (Boyer dit) Laderoute, b. 30 Aug 1879, LaPasse, Ont. (-by Hennessy’s Bay); d. 29 Apr 1958, LaPasse, Ont. She m. Cyrille J. Gervais (1870-1939) in LaPasse in 1898. See Gervais entry. One of their grandsons Leo Gervais Jr. was a WWII veteran.

Auxile Laderoute Gervais 1879-19

Auxile Laderoute Gervais –   1879-1957.

LaPasse Cemetery Stone


Leo Gervais Jr.

5.  Charles (Boyer dit) Laderoute, (1882-   ),b. 08 Jan 1882; m. Mamie Smith (1888-   ).

Charles Laderoute

Charles Laderoute

1921 Census Westmeath Township, Charles & Mamie Household

Their children:

i. Celestine Laderoute (1909-  )

Alfred Laderoute

ii. Geraldine Laderoute (1911-1947). Geraldine met an untimely death: Johnstone,GeraldineLaderoute.

iii. Reginald (Reggie) Laderoute (1912-   )

iv Alfred Laderoute (1918-1969)  Laderoute, Alfred. served in the Canadian Army in WWII and is buried in North Ridge Cemetery, Niagara Falls, N.Y.

1946 Border Crossing Documents of Alfred and wife Rita.

v. Rosabel Laderoute (1920-   )

6.  Alfred  “Fred” (Boyer dit) Laderoute, b. 18 Jul 1883; d. 22 Jul 1956, Buried In Westmeath; m. Philomena “Mina” Drapeau (1883-1975) in 1904. Laderoute, Philomena.

Auxile Laderoute Gervais with her brother Fred Laderoute

Auxile Laderoute Gervais with her brother Fred Laderoute.


Joseph Victor Laderoute

This branch of the Laderoute Family has produced a great musical talent- one of the first Canadian Tenors; but unfortunately we are unsure of the relationships. Take a moment to listen and enjoy this tenor’s beautiful voice:  Laderoute, Joseph, Canadian Tenor.

  Fred & Mina Laderoute’s large family consisted of ten children:

        • Agnes Laderoute (1903- ) m. ____ Johanssen, from Dearborn. Michigan
        • Alexandrine “Zan” m. Auto Ford from Detroit, Michigan
        • Dora Laderoute (1908-  ) m. Louis Smallwood from Wychoff, New Jersey
        • Florence “Flossie”  (1907-  ) m. ____ Mitchell
        • Marie Addie Laderoute (1906-1983)
        • Maurcina m. Romeo Desilats, 29 Aug. 1939, in LaPasse, Ont.
        • Joseph Euchere “Sam” was another great musician and was the Pipe Major of the Cooper Cliff Highlanders Cadet Corps; instructing young pipers for almost 50 years. He played for royalty and received an honorary medal from the Governor General. Laderoute, Joseph Euchere (Sam)
        • Francis Leo “Frank” (1919-2001). Buried in Westmeath R.C. cemetery
        • Dorion Peter (1922-1985)
        • Kenneth Laderoute (1924-1944) was killed in action in Holland in WWII. Laderoute, Kenneth Alfred.

Kenneth Laderoute

7. Dynase (Boyer dit) Laderoute, b. 20 Dec 1884; m. Felix Gervais (1879-  ) in 1904 in LaPasse. See Gervais entry.

8. Rosalie Emma (Boyer dit) Laderoute, b. 18 Sep 1886; m.  (1) Edouard Gervais 1880-1906) and m. (2)  Thomas Dempsey in 1908.

9. Lucille “Lucy” (Boyer dit) Laderoute, b. 10 May 1888; m. Paul Gamache.

10. Margaret “Maggie” (Boyer dit) Laderoute, b. 20 Nov 1890; d. 1956; m. Archille Gevais (1887-1979) in 1909 in LaPasse. See Gervais entry.

Daniel Laderute 1892-19

Daniel Laderoute 1892-1960

11. Daniel John (Boyer dit) Laderoute, b. 22 Jun 1892; d. 1960; m. Barbara Mary Ethier (1897-1988). See Ethier entry.   Laderoute, Daniel John.

Daniel & Barbara Stone, LaPasse Cemetery.

Their children are:

i. Cecil Laderoute b. 1918 m. Rose May Soucie (b.1924) in 1947 in Ft. Coulonge, Quebec. Their two children are; Carole and Richard.Laderoute, Cecil, Obituary

ii. Marie Laderoute m. Jack Reilly

iii. Bernard Laderoute


Bernard Laderoute

Bernard Laderoute

Bernard Laderoute

iv. Emmett Laderoute, twin of Clarence, b. 1923; m. Irene Gauthier, in 1950 in LaPasse. They fostered many children and had two children Gary Laderoute and Sharon Ann Laderoute.

Emmett and Clarence Laderoute

Emmett and Clarence Laderoute

v. Clarence Laderoute, twin of Emmett, b. 1923; m. Ethel Cook in 1947. Their children are: Donna Laderoute, David Laderoute, Janet Laderoute, Paul Laderoute and Micheal Laderoute.

vi.  Gabrielle Laderoute m. Harry Reilly.

vii. Quinton “Bob” Laderoute  m. Lola Mary Gervais, 29 Oct. 1949, LaPasse, Ont.; b.1922, d.1969.

viii.  Aurelle Laderoute

ix. Denis Laderoute m. Lucille Amyotte, 30 Aug. 1952, Ft. Coulonge, Quebec

x. Patricia Laderoute m. Harold Keegan

xi. Ambrose Victor Laderoute m. Agatha Evelina Norlock in 1962 in LaPasse. Their children are Rose-Anne, Rene, Stephen, Danny and Glen.

xii. Julia Laderoute m. Ira Rowe

xiii. Shirley Laderoute m. George Stevenson

xiv. Nelligan Laderoute

xv. Elizabeth “Betty” Laderoute m. Ken Pyle.

xvi.  Eleric Earl Laderoute (1922-1978) Laderoute, Eleric  m. Priscillia Sibbard.

xvii. Rene Laderoute

xviii. Lenix Laderoute

12.  Isabel “Belle” (Boyer dit) Laderoute, b. 19 Feb 1895; m. James Retty

13.  Corena Agnus (Boyer dit) Laderoute, b. 04 Jun 1896; d. 10 Jul 1953, Sudbury, Ont. She m. John “Jack” Galloway in 1915 in LaPasse.

The younger Laderoute children, from right: Dan, belle and Corina.

The younger Laderoute children, from right: Dan, Belle and Corena.