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LEBEAU, (LEBO, LABOW) James and Lydia “Liddy” Moore

When noting this family’s many versions of the surname, it is best to be flexible. The Lebeau’s, like many French-Canadian families in the British Colony of Upper Canada, found that Anglicizing the name helped the members to be successfully integrated and  prosper in a predominantly English-speaking community. In that era, society was stratified;  Scots and Brits were top rung,  the Irish and the French were lower rungs.  Lebeau, Lebo, Labow are all found in the records.

James Lebo (1810-1842) was born  in Clarendon Township, Pontiac County, Quebec; across the Ottawa River to Horton Township, Renfrew County.  James married Lydia “Liddy” Moore (1816-1904) as a girl of 16 years in 1832. Lydia was the daughter of  United Empire Loyalists Martin Moore  and his wife Eunice Waller, both from Saratoga, New York. The Moores  by 1816 had moved to the Ottawa area, with Lydia being born in Nepean, Carleton County, Upper Canada. James and Lydia Lebo had seven children.

After James Lebow died young in 1842, Lydia remarried to a (2) Oliver Twa (1815-1899) in Clarendon Township, Pontiac County, when she was aged 28 years. Oliver and Liddy would have eight children. In all, Liddy Moore birthed 15 children.

In the 1851 Census for Ross Township, adjacent to the east of Westmeath Township, the Lebow children are in the  blended household of Oliver Twa and Liddy Moore. In the 1851 Census oldest son Martin had not moved to Upper Canada with his mother and was listed as a 19 yr. old labourer in Clarendon Township, Pontiac County.

1851 Census Ross Township,

1851 Census Ross Township – Laboo  & Twan Household

The Twa-Lebo family would later move to Wicklow Township, North Hastings County,  in the Haliburton Highlands of  Ontario.

Twa-Moore stone, North Hastings

Twa-Moore stone, North Hastings

The children of  James Lebeau (Lobo) and Liddy Moore are:

1.  Martin Lebeau (1831 – 1919) m. Mary Smyth (1821-1906), (the spelling is changed to Smith at some point), who was born in Antrim, Ireland, the daughter of James Smyth and Ann James Larmour.  1906 Mary’s Death. See SMYTH entry.

Mary and Martin Lebow. Undated. Photo from Graham Lyttle

Mary and Martin Lebow. Undated. Photo from Graham Lyttle.

By 1861 Martin heads his own family and resides in Westmeath Township. He would die in Beachburg at age 88.

1861 Census Westmeath Township, - Lebo Household

1861 Census Westmeath Township, – Lebo Household

Labow-Smith stone, Beachburg Anglican Cemetery

Labow-Smith stone, Beachburg Anglican Cemetery

In the 1893 Voter List , Martin and his youngest son Thomas are listed:

1893 Voter List Municipality of Westmeath, Polling sub-division 1.

1893 Voter List Municipality of Westmeath, Polling sub-division 1. This parcel of land jointly-owned by Thomas & Martin is on the Westross-Fletcher Road & Zion Line corner.

Three years later Martin is listed in the 1896 Voter List as owning Lot: Part N 1/2 8, Con. 5 EML within the Village of Beachburg.

Extensive genealogical research has been done on the family by Graham Lyttle, which includes martin-labow-4-generations-report, setting out the extended family through the generations. Graham also has generously submitted the Family View report:family-view-lebeau

Martin “Labow” Lebeau and Mary “Smyth” Smith had the following children:

i.  Ann Jane Labow (1850-1937) m. Hiram McClelland (1845-1914). See MCCLELLAND entry. Hiram came to the New World in 1850 as a lad of 7 yrs. old. Hiram m. Anne Jane on November 8, 1882. Hiram remained on the homestead all his life. They lived in Perretton area west of Beachburg and raised 4 children. Their children attended S.S. No.12 Crozier School on the Beachburg Road.

ii.  Elizabeth Labow (1852 –1927) She died on 03 Dec 1927 in Beachburg.  She married David “Davey” Beverley White (1856-1930). See WHITE entry.  In the 1901 Census for Village of Beachburg, the older Martin and Mary Smith household was next door to their daughter Elizabeth’s household with the three children Sarah White aged 17; Gustus White aged 13, and Thomas White aged 7. 1-martin-lebeau-daughter-elizabeth-lebeau-david-white1901-westmeath-twp

Elizabeth Lebow White circa 1920. Photo from Graham Lyttle.

Elizabeth Lebow White circa 1920. Photo from Graham Lyttle.

iii. Frances “Fanny” B. Labow (1858 –1842) m. Augustus Brown (1845-1932). See BROWN entry.  She married Augustus “Gus” Caesar Brown, son of David Brown and Ann Sweetman on 12 Jul 1875 in Beachburg, Westmeath Township, Renfrew County.


Fanny Lebow Brown

iv.  James Labow (1859 –1940) m. Elizabeth Robinson (1859-1941) on December 31st, 1879. James is listed in the 1909 Voter List as owning Lot 3, Conc. 5 EML on the Beachburg Road to the south of the Village of Beachburg.   Elizabeth Robinson was the daughter of James Robinson and Mary.

Graham Lyttle has submitted this family’s report: james-lebeau-descendants-report.

Their children were:

Irvin John Labow

Irvin John Labow

I.  James H Labow (1883 –

II. John Labow (1891 – ) m. Jemima Brannon, a seamstress from Renfrew. 1916 John & Jemina Marriage. They settled in Greenwood, Westmeath Township. Their son Irvin John Labow (1918- 1944) served as a Flying Officer in WWII and is profiled in The Lest We Forget  on this website.

III. Samuel Labow (1894 – ) m. Jennie Aubin born in Montreal. 1921 Samuel & Jennie Marriage

IV. Thomas William Labow (1894 –1960) m. Elizabeth “Bessie” West Lee, a widow who was a clerk in Renfrew. 1919 Thomas & Bessie Marriage.


V.  Ernest Lebow (1899 –

VI. Abraham Lebow (1904 – 1932)

v.   Thomas William Labow (1860 –1940) m. Caroline Richards (1868-1942),daughter of James Richards and Fahmar Briscoe in 1890 in Beachburg, Westmeath Township, Renfrew County. 1890 Thomas & Caroline Marriage.

I. Martin Labow  (1892-1917)

II. Laurie Labow (1902-1903)

vi.  Sarah Lebow (1864-1918) married Wlliam James McClelland  born in 1865 in Alice Township. Renfrew County. He died on 08 Jul 1931 in Beachburg, Westmeath Township.

 2.  Ann Jane Lebow (1832 – 1928) was very long-lived; dying in Maynooth, Ontario at age 96 years. She married Irish immigrant John Robert Carmichael (1826-1911) and they farmed in Horton Township (1861 Census) until moving to Hastings County. They had 3 children: (Mary) Jane Carmichael (1855 – 1918); William James Carmichael (1863 – 1870); Mary Williams Carmichael (1865 – 1942).

Carmichael-Leabo stone. Photo from

Carmichael-Leabo stone. Photo from

3.  William W. Lebow (1833 – 1916)  was baptised March 7, 1836. He m. Albertina “Betsy” Fiss from German-Polish descent who had immigrated with her family from Hamburg, Germany in 1859.  William Lebow and family moved to the U.S. in 1885 when he was 52 years old and he died in 1916 in  Bird City, Cheyenne, Kansas, United States.   [Thank you to contributor].

William Lebow. Photo from his great-grand-daughter Angela Foltz.

William W. Lebow. Photo from his great-grand-daughter Angela Foltz.

Anglea Foltz has also created a Facebook page on the Lebow Family.

      William and Betsy were raising 5 children in the 1871 Census in S. Hastings, Ontario.

1871 Census South Hastings

1871 Census South Hastings

The children of William and Betsy Lebow are:

i. William Henry Lebow (1862 – 1921)

ii. Thompson Lebow (1863 – 1921)

iii. Frances Jane Lebow (1864 – 1960)

iv. Fred Lebow (1868 – 1951)

v. Mary Lebow (1871 – 1951)

vi. Sarah Anna Lebow (1872 – ) m. John E. Foltz

Three generation of Lebow-Folz family. William Lebow and Betsy Fiss on the right. Daughter Sarah Lebow married John E. Foltz in Bird City, KS. They moved to the northwest to Spokane, Washington State.

Three Generations of Lebow Family. William Lebow and Betsy Fiss Lebow are seated on the right. Daughter Sarah Lebow married John E. Foltz in Bird City, Kansas, (seated at left). They moved to the northwest to Spokane, Washington State, USA. Photo courtesy of Angela Foltz.

vii. Lydia Lebow (1875 –

viii. Martin Lebow (1876 – 1951)

ix. William Nassa Lebow (1880 –

x. Joseph Lebow (1884 – 1982)

xi. Edward C Lebow (1890 – 1951)

4.  Sarah Lebow (1838 – 1898) m. William Best of Madoc, Hastings County, ON in 1884. 1884 Sarah & William Mariage

5.  James  Lebeau (1839-1940)

6. Thompson Lebow (1841 – 1924) m. Sarah Ann McChesnie (1845-1908) in 1863. They lived in Hastings County and Nipissing District. In the 1861 Census for Westmeath Twp. 20 yr. old Thompson is working as a Blacksmith in Beachburg Village. He is listed as a Wesleyan Methodist adherent. He would later move to Hastings like his brother William, and raise his family.


1871 Census Hastings County, Thompson Lebo Household

Eldest son James Lebow m. Marcella Livingstone 1890-James-&-Marcella-Marriage.

Half-siblings to the Lebeau children were the Twa children of their mother Liddy Moore Labeau Twa and Oliver Twa. They are:

1. Catherine Ann Twa (1845 – 1902)

2. Hiram Twa (1847 –

3. Robert George Twa (1848 –

4. Lydia Twa (1851 – 1917)

5. George Oliver Twa (1852 – 1932)

6. Philander Twa (1856 – 1901)

7. Eunice Ann Twa (1859 – 1947)

8. Julia Elizabeth (Jane) Twa (1863 – 1937)