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LYONS, Henry James and Emily Hodgins Lyons

HENRY JAMES LYONS (1830-1907) was born in Wicklow, Ireland. After coming to Canada, he married a girl from Modreeny, Tipperary, Ireland, named EMILY “EMMA” HODGINS (1830-1915). Emily was the daughter of Matthew Hodgins and Sarah Green and came to Canada in 1852. She was working as a maid in Bytown (Ottawa) when they met and they married in 1859. This starts the history of the Lyons Family written using notes prepared by Goldie Pearl Farnel Stephens and submitted by Edgar White. Mrs. Stephens wrote of her memories and family research:

“These pages are a happy memory of many happy times spent with my Irish Grandmother (Ellen Lyons) who had a lot of Irish sayings & was a very kind person and my kind-hearted Grandfather William White who had hair as white as satin. His hair was white form an early age. The White Family who I am proud to say I was a part.”

Also a full genealogy of the Westmeath LYONS family has been prepared by Linda Gervais Bromley.LYONS Family

They first settled on a small farm in Horton Township where children Sarah and William Lyons were born. Then they moved to Bromley Township, 2nd Concession about 4 miles east of Cobden where the rest of the children were born and raised. The family moved to Westmeath Township, 8th Concession (Hawthorne Road); the area known as Pleasant Valley in 1893 or 1894. Henry James would die of blood poisoning after having a fish whisker cut his little finger while out fishing. He died three days later. Both he and Emily at buried at Westmeath Union Cemetery.

Henry Lyons and Emily Hodgins born 1830, died Aug. 27, 1915 85 yrs old  Henry died August 18 1907  77 yrs.

Henry Lyons and Emily Hodgins born 1830, died Aug. 27, 1915 85 yrs old
Henry died August 18 1907 77 yrs.

The children of Henry James Lyons and Emily Hodgins are:

1.  Sarah Lyons (1860-1939) m. George Blackwell; another resident of Pleasant Valley. He owned and operated sawmill in Westmeath. They had 3 girls and 3 boys and are buried in Westmeath Union Cemetery. She died at her daughter’s in Copper Cliff, ON. To learn more about George & Sarah’s family, please see BLACKWELL entry.

Sarah Lyons Blackwell 1860-1939

Sarah Lyons Blackwell 1860-1939

2.   William Matthew Lyons (1862-1927) was born in Horton Twp. not far from Renfrew, Ont. He m. Margaret “Maggie” Smith (1865-1918) and they are buried at Haley’s Station, Renfrew County, ON. They married June 20, 1887 at Thorne, Quebec. William died of a heart attack sitting in a station waiting for a train.

They had 3 sons and 2 daughters: (i) Lawrence Lyons (1890-1972) m. (1) Grace Pender ( -1933) in 1920 and (2) Mabel Peever (1895- ) and they had twins with one surviving named Billy Lyons. (ii) Herbert Edgar Lyons (1891-1944) m. Luella Peever in 1938. Herb died of a sudden heart attack and is buried at Halley’s Station. (iii) Emily Lyons (1893-1972) m. Roland Crozier (1886-  ). They had a large family of 4 boys and 5 girls: Russell (1895-1958) m. Jessie Jean Jeffrey (1902-  ) and they had two daughters; Arnold; Glenson; Ellwood; Evelyn; Margaret (1902-1973) died in a car accident; m. Rowland Hornsby (1900-1974), Carleton Place; Grace; Lois and Shirley Ruth.

3.  Harriet Ann Lyons (1864-1936) m. twice (1) William Smith, brother to Maggie Smith, wife of William Lyons. The Smiths had 4 children.   Harriet remarried (2) J. Robinson and died at Fort William, Ont.

4.  Ellen Lyons (1866-1936) at age 25 in 1891 married Thomas “William” White (1857-1935) of Westmeath Township, the son of Thomas and Mary Brown White.  He was a farmer and aged 30. They were both Church of England.  She was visiting her daughter Emily when the house burned down and she dropped down dead coming out of the burning building. They are buried in Beachburg Cemetery. See the WHITE entry.

Ellen Lyons  and William White on their wedding day.

Ellen Lyons and William White on their wedding day.

White Lyons Stone, Beachburg Cemetery

White Lyons Stone, Beachburg Cemetery

 5.   Elizabeth Mary “Lizzie” Lyons (1867-1928) m. John McMullen and is buried at Haley’s Station. They married on April 3rd 1890 at Haley’s Methodist Church by Rev. Daniel Smith. Their 6 children were: Jacob McMullen (1895-1976) never married; Jacob McMullen (1897-1966) never married; Cassie McMullen (1900-1940) m, Dan Campbell (1896-1966) and is buried in Cobden; Edna Frances McMullen (1902-1974) m. Ellsworth Francis (1900-1974), buried in Northcote Rosebank Cemetery,Renfrew; Clarence McMullen (1905-1938) and sister Mina McMullen (1911-1916).

6.  James Henry Lyons (1868-1928)  m. Mary Minnie Gwinn (1877-1949). They farmed beside the farm of Wm. And Ellen White. On March 27, 1912 they moved to Saskatoon, Sask. His mother bought his farm and they settled in western Canada. They farmed south of Regina from 1918-1923 and moved to Regina in 1923. They had  one girl Henryette born 1902 and three sons David, William and Lester. Henryette m. John Steele in 1930. David born 1908 m. T. Helda Tetmundson and moved to British Columbia. William Lyons born 1914 married and had 3 children. He served in the armed forces and is buried in Jamaica 1941. David’s family lived in Manitoba. Leslie Manners Lyons born 1918 m. Kay Azel and raised their 3 children in Saskatoon, Sask.

In a very small, very old, undated, scrap of a 1928 newspaper clipping, a family back home in Westmeath Township gets devastating news on Christmas Eve. The item says:

“Word was received here on Dec. 24 of the unexpected death of James Lyons of Regina, Sask. a former resident. Mr. Edward Lyons of Westmeath is a brother. The late Mr. Lyons leaves a wife who before her marriage was Miss Minnie Gwinn, daughter of the late David Gwinn and Mrs. Gwinn of Westmeath and four children. The youngest being 10 years of age.”   Lyons-James

7.  Edward Lyons (1870-1944) m. Margaret Jane Anderson (1880-(1928)Lyons, Margaret  . She died of leukemia and is buried at Westmeath. This family started farming beside Edward’s mother Emily and late moved the 9th Concession behind William and Ellen White’s farm. Their children are:

i.  Mabel Beatrice Lyons (1900-1960) m. William Lawrence Jeffrey (1893-1967) on June 22, 1921 and they are buried in Beachburg. See JEFFREY entry. Lawrence retired from Inco at Coniston after 34 yrs. and moved back to Beachburg. They had one son Stanley Jeffrey (1922-1973) who married by Ruby French (1923-1976). They had 3 daughters.

ii. Emily “Emma” Lyons (1901-1973) m. William George “Will” Needham (1892 -1958) of Fitzroy Harbour.  They had 8 children: Marvin, Garland, Cora, Margaret, Edward, Mavis, George and David.

iii. Henry Lyons (1903-) died in infancy; just short of 2 years..Lyons, Infant Henry

vi. Twin – William Henry Lyons (1906-1965) Lyons, William Henry  m. Lillian Robinson (1910-980). They had six children: Donald, Willis, Gerald, Wayne, Shirley, Linda Fay.

v. Twin – Cora Lyons (1906-1991) m. Ira Edmunds (1903-1988) on August 1928 at her Uncle Jim Lyons home in Regina. They lived for many years on a farm in Bigger Sask. before moving to Garson, Ont. Three children: Arnold, Floyd & Eileen Edmonds.

vi. Percy Milton Lyons (1911-1985  ) m. (1) Violet Davidson (1910-1959) at the Westmeath United Church Parsonage on April 26, 1933. Lyons, Violet  and Milton farmed on his father’s homestead on the 9th Concession of Westmeath Township. Their daughter Margaret Jean Lyons (1934- ) m. Cecil Matheson and raised two boys Darrell and Delmer Matheson in Beachburg, ON.

Milton later remarried to (2) Lillian Robinson Lyons Lyons, Lillian Robinson ; his former sister-in-law and moved to Beachburg Village.

Edward’s nephew Herb Lyons, a son of William & Maggie Lyons had died of a sudden heart attack and his Uncle Edward had attended the funeral. Afterward he started to walk over to the old homestead, but dropped dead just behind the Herb’s barn. That was in the late afternoon of November 16, 1944. That same evening Edward’s 3-month-old granddaughter Shirley Lyons died. A double funeral was held Sunday Nov. 19th. They are buried in Westmeath Union Cemetery.

8.  Emily “Emma” Lyons (1872-1959) m. William Anderson who was a brother of Edward’s wife Margaret Anderson. They settled in Western Canada about 1912. William was a brother of Margaret Anderson; Edward Lyons’s wife. The had 8 children and lived in Alberta. The children: Henry, Ethel, Lester, Osborne, Ada, Margaret, Emma, Ruby, and Edna Anderson.

Lyons, Emily

Emily Lyons 1872-1959. Photo from