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MCBRIDE, John and Annie Jeffrey McBride

The McBride Immigrant Ancestors

John McBride, with his 18 year old son James, came out from Belfast, County Down, Ireland, to Canada in 1848. Some months later, John’s wife Annie Jeffrey, and the other children, followed on the voyage to Canada.  Annie kept a little store in Ireland after her husband had sailed for Canada, to sustain the family until they would all set sail.

Annie Jeffrey McBride, daughter Martha, and John McBride, the first emigrant of the family to arrive in Canada in 1848.

Annie Jeffrey McBride, daughter Martha, and John McBride, the first emigrant of the family to arrive in Canada in 1848.

As in all early 19th century cities, conditions in Belfast in the years 1800-1850 were appalling. Streets were dirty and houses were overcrowded. The River Lagan was used as a sewer. Not surprisingly in 1847 there was an outbreak of typhus – a disease spread by lice. In 1848 cholera struck Belfast. Things were dire. Added to that, the Famine took hold.

“In Ireland, the Great Famine was a period of mass starvation, disease and emigration between 1845 and 1852.  It is also known, mostly outside Ireland as the Irish Potato Famine.

“During the famine approximately 1 million people died and a million more emigrated from Ireland causing the Ireland’s population to fall by between 20% and 25%. Although potato blight ravaged potato crops throughout Europe during the 1840’s the impact and human cost in Ireland – where one-third of the population was entirely dependent on the potato for food – was exacerbated by a host of political, ethnic, religious, social and economic factors which remain the subject of historical debate.

For more….Great Famine.

The McBride’s first settled in Fitzroy Township, east of Arnprior, Ontario, on the West Half of Lot 17 and the East half of Lot 16, Con. 10. The west half was purchased from the Crown for £50. At John’s death, these two farms were willed respectively to his sons James, the eldest and William John, the youngest. William John would later sell his farm to his brother James.


James McBride was a lad of 18 years old when he came with his father from Belfast, Ireland.

McBride-Jeffery stone, Diamond Cemetery, Fitzroy.

McBride-Jeffery stone, Diamond Cemetery, Fitzroy.

John McBride (1804-1870) and Annie Jeffrey McBride (1808-1892) had six children who were:

  1. James McBride, born Dec. 15, 1830; died May 23, 1900 – m. Isabella Moorehouse & farmed in Fitzroy Township.
  2. Thomas McBride, March 17, 1834;  Feb. 18, 1908  – m. Agnes Jeffrey & came to Westmeath Township.
  3. Eliza Jane McBride, May 3, 1835; Aug. 3, 1898  – m. Samuel Stevenson & moved to Listowel area of Ontario.
  4. Martha Carss McBride, July 13, 1849  – m. James Jeffrey & farmed in Fitzroy Township.
  5. Patrick Jeffrey McBride, April 6, 1844; Nov. 3, 1918  – m. Eliza Jeffrey & farmed in Fitzroy Township. Their son George J. McBride McBride, George
  6. William John McBride, Nov. 8, 1847; Dec.7, 1928   – m. Nancy Donaldson & farmed in Fitzroy Township.
William & Nancy McBride & Family - from "Beyond Our Memory; A History of Fitzroy Township.

William & Nancy McBride & Family – from “Beyond Our Memory; A History of Fitzroy Township.”


Taken from “Beyond Our Memory; A History of Fitzroy Township”

John and Annie McBride’s extended family tree was set down in a booklet published in 1939. MCBRIDE FAMILY TREE 1804 – 1939     This scanned copy was owned by Arndell and Ellie McBride; Arndell being the great-grandson of John and Annie – the first immigrants of the family to come to Canada.  Handwritten notations in the booklet, entered to update the material, were made by Arndell and Ellie McBride, and their daughter Shirley. This 1939 Booklet has been used as reference material for this website entry, along with other family materials.

Thomas McBride and Agnes Jeffrey McBride

Thomas McBride, whom we will follow in this piece, was born in Belfast, Ireland, May 17, 1834. He was the second son of John and Annie Jeffrey McBride and a boy of 14 years when he emigrated with his mother and siblings, to join his father and older brother already in Fitzroy, Upper Canada.


Thomas McBride (1837-1908) and Agnes Jeffrey McBride (1837-1898) were the first of the family to come to Westmeath Township. Exposure times were long for these old photographs and Agnes’ movement of her right hand is caught.

Thomas McBride with his wife Agnes Jeffrey McBride were married in 1857 and first settled on the 11th Line of Fitzroy Township, (Arnprior, Ontario, area).  Later they moved to the Gore Line in Westmeath Township.  Two other of Thomas’s siblings, Martha and Patrick,  also married Jeffrey family members as seen in the listing above.  The two families –  McBride and Jeffrey – were from the same area of Northern Ireland near Belfast, and both immigrated to Fitzroy Township in Upper Canada. See JEFFREY entry.

Thomas and Agnes would have a large family of seven sons and one daughter surviving.   AGNES JEFFREY, wife of Thomas, predeceased him in 1898, at the age of 61 years.  She was buried in Westmeath Union Cemetery.

Note spellings of Agnes Jeffrey, Westmeath Union Cemetery.

Note the spellings of Agnes Jeffrey, Westmeath Union Cemetery.

The next year in 1899, Thomas married CATHERINE “KATE” HOLMES in Ottawa, a spinster woman in her ‘50s.  She became well-loved within the family and played an important part in her later years.  Kate’s stepson Henry would name his first born son “Arndell”,  an old Irish surname from his step-mother Kate’s family. Thomas and Kate lived in Cobden for a short while and then went to live with his son Henry in the Eight Concession, Westmeath Township. He died in 1908 at the age of 75 years and was buried in the family plot at Westmeath.

McBride-Holmes stone, Westmeath Union Cemetery

McBride-Holmes stone, Westmeath Union Cemetery

Kate then moved back with family in Ottawa, but would return to help Henry after his second wife died. Kate Holmes, second wife of Thomas McBride, died at the home of step-grandson Arndell McBride in 1927 at the age of 82 years.  She also is buried in the family plot.

MCBRIDE FARMS:   When Thomas and Agnes left Fitzroy Township and moved to Westmeath Township, they first bought a farm situated on the north side of the Gore Line opposite the Hawthorne Road (8th Line) corner.  Their youngest son Hamilton would later own that farm. Thomas then bought the homestead on the 9th Line (Canola Road) of Westmeath Township from McCarthy and Corrigan.   His eldest son John would farm there and raise his family. Thomas also bought another farm on the 6th Line (Lookout Road) of Westmeath Township.

With so many sons, the McBride’s owned and operated a number of farms in Westmeath Township in the late 1800’s, with initially a clustering on the south end of the Gore Line. Later when more land on the Concession Roads were available, the sons John and Henry would buy in the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Concessions of the township.  McBrides on Gore Line

The Children of Thomas and Agnes Jeffrey McBride, on the occasion of Agnes’ funeral in 1898.Back L to R: Hamilton (1879-1950), Tom (1865-1934), Alex (1871-1937), Jeffrey (1867-1937)Front: John (1860-1927), Martha (1875- ), James (1861-1927), Henry (1877-1926).

The Children of Thomas and Agnes Jeffrey McBride, on the occasion of Agnes’ funeral in 1898.
Back L to R: Hamilton (1879-1950), Tom (1865-1934), Alex (1871-1937), Jeffrey (1867-1937)
Front: John (1860-1927), Martha (1875- ), James (1861-1927), Henry (1877-1926).

The family photograph shown  above, was published in the Cobden Sun newspaper and its  caption  read:

“They used the opportunity to pose for a family portrait. The photo was taken at the Edward and Harrison Studio in Pembroke and loaned to the Cobden Sun by Henry’s grandson Harry McBride.

“Alex was the father of Mrs. Hilliard Guest and Mrs. Percy Collins of Cobden and Lloyd of Renfrew and grandfather of Bromley Township reeve Clarence McBride and Milton of Renfrew.  John was the grandfather of the late Lester and Harold McBride and of Erla McLaughlin, Cobden, Morris Barr, Galetta and Lepha Cameron, Beachburg.  Henry was the father of the late Arndell and James McBride and of Myrtle (Mrs. Clyde Brown), of Westmeath.  Grandchildren of Henry in the area include Harry, Arthur, Murray and Izett McBride, Marilyn Robinson, Dr. Donald Brown and Elaine Hawthorne.”

Most of the Westmeath McBrides are buried at the Westmeath Union Cemetery.

Martha McBride Baird and 3 brothers. If you know the correct names of the men and year, please email this website at

The Children of Thomas and Agnes Jeffrey McBride:

1.   ANNIE MCBRIDE: Annie  (1859-1883) never married and died at age 24.

2.   JOHN MCBRIDE: John  (1860-1927) – m. Isabella Pettigrew in 1885 & farmed on 9th Con. (Canola Road), Westmeath Township.  She was the daughter of Matthew Pettigrew and Christianna Harper.  1885 John & Isabella Marriage.      1928 John Death.

John McBride (1860-1928) and Isabella Pettigrew (1868-1943), circa 1920. Photo from

John McBride (1860-1928) and Isabella Pettigrew (1868-1943), circa 1920. Photo from

1901 Census Westmeath - John McBride Household

1901 Census Westmeath – John McBride Household

Thomas and Agnes’ oldest son John McBride would build a house on that 9th Line (Canola Road) homestead and with Isabella Pettigrew, would raise their nine children. This homestead would be later owned by John’s son Milburn and later his grandson Lester McBride.

John McBride & Isabella Barr Family Mary McBride, Russell McBride, Father John McBride, George McBride, Earl McBride, Tena Mcbride, Morris McBride on Mother’s knee and Melville McBride at end.

John McBride & Isabella Pettigrew Family
Back Row: Mary, Russel, Milburn and George. Front: John, Earl, Tena, Morrie, Isabel and Melville. Photo courtesy of Ruth McBride Ross.

John and Isabella McBride’s children:

i.  Milburn McBride (1886-1971) married (1) (Eliza) Mae Collins (1885-1950) in 1909; the first of two brothers marrying two Collins sisters.  She was the daughter of John Collins and Mary Wright. 1909 Milburn & Eliza May Marriage See COLLINS entry. Milton would marry a second time to (2) Agnes Dickson. McBride, Milburn and Agnes.

1961 McBride Picnic. Milburn McBride, Mae Collins McBride, Enerson McBride, Ann ___, Lester McBride, Agnes McKinnon McBride, Earl Anderson, wife Joan and little daughter Vivian, Bill & Linda- children of Lester, Audrey McBride Anderson, Ruth McBride, Harold McBride, Wallace Anderson, Heather McBride and Patricia____.

1961 McBride Picnic. Back L – R: Milburn McBride, Mae Collins McBride, Emerson McBride, Ann Marks McBride, Lester McBride, Agnes MacKinnon McBride, Earl Anderson, his wife Joan and little daughter Vivian. Middle: Bill & Linda- children of Lester, Audrey McBride Anderson, Ruth McBride, Harold McBride, Wallace Anderson. Front: Heather McBride and Patricia____.

Milburn and Mae’s children were:

a) George Harold McBride (1911-1985) lived in Beachburg. He married Mary Comrie McBride,H& M 35th,  Mary Comrie McBride’s writings on the Comrie Family is heavily used in the COMRIE entry.  They had three girls are Ruth McBride m. Dan Ross; Wanda McBride and Sylvia McBride.

b) Handley Emerson McBride (1913-1974) married Anne Marks, and they were missionaries in Jamaica, under the Pentecostal Church of the USA. They set up a Mission School in Kingston, Jamaica, and another in the penitentiary in Spanish Town. They had one boy and one girl.

 c) Audrey McBride married Wallace Anderson, had two boys Earl Anderson and Keith Anderson and lived in Sudbury. Wallace worked in the mines his whole career and Audrey was a stay-at-home mother and active in church affairs.

d) Lester McBride, the youngest, lived on the homestead on the 9th Line (Canola Road). He married Agnes MacKinnon and they had three girls and two boys. McBride, Lester, Heather.

Milton McBride’s cow made national headlines in 1933, McBride Cow at Pump1933.


The Milburn and Mae branch of the McBride Family: 1990 McBride Reunion.

ii. Bertha McBride (1887- 1902) – died at age 14 of “brain fever” now known as Meningitis.

iii. Russell McBride (1888- 1976) married (1) Minnie Collins (1882-1950) in 1910. See COLLINS entry. Russell married a second time to (2) Mary Mick Byce.  McBride RussellMcBride, Mary Mick Byce. The children of Russell and Minnie are:

a) Lepha McBride (  – 1993) married Allen D. Cameron (  – 1991) Cameron Party.  The Camerons had one daughter Dorothy Cameron (  -1986) and they lived on the 6th Line (Lookout Road).

b) John McBride married Ella White and they had two boys and three girls and were missionaries in Kenya, Africa, starting in 1935 and worked easily with the Kenyans even through the Mau Mau Revolt. On their furloughs back to Canada they would raise money to continue the mission. They had a long career and were still hard a work into the 1990’s.  Letter home from Malawi, Central Africa.

c) Mary Erva McBride m. Elwyn Elliott of Pembroke. She died on a railway  track in Pembroke in 1950 under circumstances that Minnie always believed suspicious.

d) Mary McBride married Walter Barr in 1916 and the Barr’s had two children Earl Barr  and Morris Barr. Earl Barr married Clare Black in 1926.

iv. George McBride (1890-  )

v.   Mary McBride (1894-  )

vi. Melville McBride (1896-  )

vii. Earl McBride (1898-   )

viii. Tena McBride (1900 – 1980) married Ernest Livingstone in 1923 and lived in Beachburg. They had one daughter Vivian Livingstone m. Graham Moore. Livingston, Tena McBride.

ix. Morris McBride (19

3.   WILLIAM  JAMES MCBRIDE:    (Known as) James (1861- 1921) – m. Agnes Jeffrey (1865-1934).

Thomas Sr.’s second son James married Agnes Jeffrey in 1888 and had four children Jennie McBride, Melville McBride, Sparling McBride and Gladys Irene McBride.  James and family settled in the West in Saskatchewan. James was a Blacksmith by trade and had a shop before marrying.

4.   THOMAS MCBRIDE:   Thomas, Junior,  (1865-1934) – m. Martha Maria (Mattie) Chamberlain (1869-1939) in 1886.  See CHAMBERLAIN entry. McBride, Thomas 1934 Death Notice

Thomas and his wife Mattie Chamberlain settled on the Gore Line’s southern end, on land bought first  from the Crown by George Tucker  and then farmed by the Chamberlains, Mattie’s  family, and raised four children.  The large red brick McBride home on the farm  later sat unused and was finally taken down in the 1940s. This land on the west side of Gore Line opposite the 7th Line (Pleasant Valley Road) Corner would later come back into McBride ownership in the early 1950s when Arthur McBride and Beryl Menear  purchased it in 1952.  Arthur is the great-grandson of Thomas, Sr. and grandson of Henry.

Thomas and Mattie’s children;

  • daughter Mary May McBride HAWTHORNE, M.McBride..   married Johnny Hawthorne and farmed on 8th Line. Children: Hilda Hawthorne (1919-  ) m. Harry Viggers;  Gladys Irene Hawthorne (twin) (1924-  ) m. Arthur Robinson;  Alma Vern Hawthorne (twin) (1924-  ) m. Herbert Robinson;  Chole Norma Hawthorne ((1927-1997);  Thomas Hawthorne (1930-  )
  • daughter Hannah McBride married James (Jim) Baird who owned a road grader and kept the gravel roads in good shape. Hannah (1891-1962) and James (1884-1966), married in 1910 and lived in Westmeath Village next door to the Cecille Hotel, (later the Bryan and June Kenny home).  They are buried in the Westmeath Union Cemetery.    Baird, J.& H McBride
  • daughter Annie Laura McBride married Cliff Davis
  • son Wyman McBrideMcBride, Wyman (Mac) married Jessie Burgess. They operated a farm on the Gore Line, later owned by Willard McMullen on the top of the knoll and across from Wyman’s parent’s farm.  That log house is still in use as a home; having had extensive renovations.  Children: Jean McBride m. Vernon Hamilton;  Vera McBride m. Floyd Brown; Carmel McBride m. Paul Kennedy; Sheldon McBride;  Ronald McBride.

5.   JEFFREY MCBRIDE:  Jeffrey (1867-1937) – m. Margaret Baird 1894. Moved to Ottawa.   McBride, Jeffrey1937 death notice. They lived on what would later be Norris McMullen’s farm at the knoll on the northern side of  the Gore Line.   Jeffrey and Margaret’s large red brick home is still standing and is occupied today by Gordie McMullen and Lynn Laporte McMullen.  They had four children:

  • Effie McBride m. J Small,
  • Osler W. McBride m. Annie Lindsay,  1979-Osler-Death
  • Cora McBride m. T.A Boyles
  • Orval McBride.
1935 McBride Tea Advert

1935 McBride Tea Advert

The McBrides then  moved to Ottawa and their sons Osler  McBride, McBride, Annie Lindsay  and Orval McBride would open a McBride Tea importing and selling business. In the late-teens and early 1920s they went up and down the city’s residential streets ringing a bell, and the housewives would come out and buy from their fine selection of teas and coffees.

6.   ALEXANDER MCBRIDE:  Alexander (1871-1937) – married Olive Jane Smith in 1894, and they lived in Cobden. See SMITH entry. Two McBride brothers Alex & Henry, would marry two Smith sisters.

The Alexander McBride and Olive Smith genealogy: The Descendants of Alex & Olive McBride

Alex McBride and Olive Smith

Alex became a Cobden blacksmith and later a farmer just to the west of Cobden at the Snake River-Cobden Road area of Bromley Township

December 16, 1937 Death Notice for Alex McBride in Cobden Sun newspaper.

Children of Alex & Olive McBride.
Back: Lloyd McBride, Olive McBride,
Front: Cecil McBride, Emerson McBride and Ada McBride.

Alex and Olive had eight children:

  • Lloyd McBride (1894-   ) m. Eva Humphries (  -1929) in 1916,
  • Emerson McBride (1897-1934) m. Aleta Ross in 1920,
  • Ada McBride (1899-1975) m. Hilliard Guest in 1920,
  • Cecil McBride (1902-1983) m. Idena Prendergast in 1927,
  • Muriel McBride (1904-  ) m. Percil Collins in 1928,
  • Annie McBride (1905) – stillborn,
  • Alexander McBride (1907-1908) infant death
  • Gerald McBride (1916-1916) infant death.

Two sons would continue farming in Renfrew County; Lloyd McBride and wife Eva Humphries in Horton Township in the Renfrew area and son  Cecil McBride and wife Idena Prendergast McBride, McBride, Idena Prendergast  in Bromley Township at Cobden – later continued with their son Clarence and grandson Stuart.

Emerson McBride

Emerson McBride

Son Emerson who saw action overseas in the First World War, would settle in Begarvillle Alberta.  Ada and Hilliard Guest and Muriel and Percy Collins and families would live in Renfrew County.

7.   MARTHA MCBRIDE BAIRD:  Martha  (1875-       ) – married Samuel Thomas Baird 1894. Baird-McBrideAnniversary1949

Daughter Martha and her husband Samuel Baird raised their children on the Fitzroy Township first homestead of her father Thomas Sr.,  who had sold it to his son-in law Samuel.   For more detail on their children please refer to:MCBRIDE FAMILY TREE 1804 – 1939, pages 15 to 17.

  • Willo Baird (1895-   ) m. John James Reid in 1915.
  • Ebert Baird (1896-1982) m. Myrtle Eastman (  – 1974)  in 1921.
  • Merville Baird (1897-1973) m. (1) Alice Johnston ( – 1925) in 1920; (2) Ode Frizel in 1927.
  • Gertrude Baird (1899-1976) m. John Eastman in 1921.
  • Wilbert Baird (1900-1977) m. Rubena Wilson in 1924.
  • Tena Bell Baird (1901- )
  • James Thomas Baid (1906-1906)
  • Lila Baird (1909-  ) m Earl Shaw in 1933.
  • Dalton Baird (1912-  ) m. Lola Moore in 1936.

Martha McBride & Sam Baird Family, on June 26, 1948 at Erva Eastman’s Wedding. Back row L to R:  Willo Reid, Earl Shaw, Lila Shaw, Lola Baird, Dalton Baird, Ode Baird, Merville Baird, Rubena Baird, Wilbert Baird.   Front row L to R: John James Reid, John Eastman, Gertrude Eastman, Martha Baird, Samuel Thomas Baird, Myrtle Baird, Elbert Baird.

8.   HENRY MCBRIDE:  Henry (1877-1926)  – m. (1) Ada (Addie) Myrtle Smith in 1902- marrying a McBride like her sister Olive had eight years earlier. Addie died in 1907. See SMITH entry. Three years later Henry would marry (2) Elizabeth McKay in 1910 who died 1918.

Widower Henry McBride with young son Arndell, circa 1908.

Second youngest of Thomas and Agnes’s sons,  Henry and his new wife Addie farmed in  Westmeath Township on the 8th Conc. (Hawthorne Road), on the Smith Homestead,  when her parents Francis (Frank) and Susan Smith  moved to Cobden. Henry and Addie had one son Arndell McBride  in 1903. Then Henry remarried to Elizabeth McKay and after her death she would leave behind two children Myrtle McBride, born in 1910 and James Henry McBride  McBride, James (Jimmy)  born in 1913.

For more on this branch of the McBride Family, see MCBRIDE  entry in this Registry.

9.   HAMILTON (HAMMIE) MCBRIDE:  the youngest of Thomas and Agnes’s children, Hammie was born a deaf-mute.  He farmed on the  family’s first homestead on the Gore Line northside, west of the Hawthorne Road corner. He married (1) Ida Justice in 1902 and had two daughters Mary McBride and Iva McBride.  Ida died in 1909 and Hammie remarried (2) Minnie May Green McBride, Minnie Green   in 1911.  Hamilton died 1951 and Minnie died 1964. Daughter Mary would marry Henry Gamble in 1930.

-This MCBRIDE Registry entry has been prepared by Gayle McBride Stewart, granddaughter of Adie Smith and Henry McBride, 2013.