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MCCRACKEN, brothers Allan & Thomas

In the 1851 Agricultural Census for Westmeath Township, two brothers are farming side by side: Allan McCracken (1820-   ) at  Lot 24 of Concession Front A, with 200 acres and 40 acres under cultivation, and Thomas McCracken on  Lot 23 of Conc. Front  A, with 140 acres and 6 acres under cultivation. The Front A Concession was waterfront on the Ottawa River along the southeastern shore of Lower Allumette Lake, in the Perretton area of the township.

The Descendants of Allan McCracken & Elizabeth Elliott

Allan McCracken (1820 – ) and Elizabeth Elliott (1823-1903)  were both born in Ireland and immigrated to Canada in 1837 as stated in Elizabeth’s 1901 Census entry. They settled in Perretton and raised a large family of 10.

1861 Census Westmeath Township - Allan McCracken Household

1861 Census Westmeath Township – Allan McCracken Household


1891 Census Westmeath Twp. Mother Elizabeth Elliott McCracken is now widowed, aged 62, living with her adult children.

1901 Census Westmeath - McCracken Household headed by Elizabeth Elliott McCracken.

1901 McCracken Household headed by Elizabeth at age 77. She has two sons and four daughters still with her. Grand-daughter Etta Spotswood (23)  is listed as a schoolteacher.

The children of Allan and Elizabeth were:
1. John J. McCracken (1849–  )
2. Sarah Jane McCracken (1851–  ) m. Widower Robert Spotswood, a Kemptville merchant; the son of William & Jane Spotswood of Westmeath.  1875 Sarah & Robert Marriage. One daughter: Etta Spotswood. Robert’s first marriage had been to (1) Margaret Jane Brownlee (1849-1870). See SPOTSWOOD entry. Etta is listed as a school teacher on the 1901 Census.

3. Robert Elliott McCracken (1859-1927) m. Catherine Emma  Elliott (1860-  ). Robert was a commercial traveler when they wed. She was the daughter of Robert and Mary Elliott, also a local family in Pembroke Township.  1898 Robert & Catherine Emma Marriage. Robert’s death registration lists him as a Lumberman. He died in the Toronto General Hospital at age 70 years. 1927 Robert Death

4. Elizabeth McCracken (1860-1932), died in Toronto

5. Thomas Allan McCracken (1861-1909) – unmarried. His death reg. says he was born in 1858. He died of heart failure at the Pembroke Cottage Hospital.  1909 Thomas Death

6. Maria McCracken (1863-  )

7. Christina McCracken (1865-  )

8. Samuel McCracken (1867-  ) – unmarried

9. Ida A. McCracken (1869- )

10. Ester McCracken (1877-  )

1888 Directory- McCracken

By 1888 there were 4 McCracken farms in Perretton on the original homesteaded lands. 1888 Directory of Renfrew County.

The Descendants of Thomas McCracken & Mary Porteus

The children of Thomas McCracken (1810-   ) and Mary Porteus (1823-  ) – who was widowed by the time of 1871 Census. On December 27th of 1860 Thomas at age 50 married Mary Thrasher, aged 36,  according to the Methodist Marriage Registry.

1.Henry McCracken (1855-  )

2. Thomas McCracken (1859-1897) m. Susannah Smyth (1858-1929) 1892 Thomas & Susannah Marriage, daughter of James Smyth and Ann Jane Watson. See SMYTH entry.


In this 1891 Census entry, Thomas and his mother Mary are alone on the farm. The next year, 1892, Thomas would marry Susannah. Five years later he would be dead, leaving his wife with two little daughters.

McCracken-Smyth stone, Perretton Cemetery.

McCracken-Smyth stone, Perretton Cemetery.

By the 1901 Westmeath Census, Susan is widowed and living with her two daughters.


1901 Census, Westmeath, McCracken Household

In 1904 Susannah Smyth McCracken remarried to (2) Joseph Boyd. 1904 Susannah & Joseph Marriage

Thomas and Susannah McCracken’s two children were:

i. Sarah McCracken (1893-  ) m. William Charles Patterson (1881-  ), son of David Patterson and Jane Elizabeth Wilson, also from Greenwood- Perretton area. 1918 William & Sarah Marriage. See PATTERSON entry. In the 1921 Census the couple are living at Finchley Station, Greenwood.

ii.  Eleanor McCracken (1895-  ) m. Duncan Justus Seeley of Cobden in 1919, son of Colin Seeley and Ellen McLaughlin.  1919 Duncan & Eleanor Marriage.