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PATTERSON, John and Sarah Kaine Patterson

When John Patterson immigrated from Ireland in the first part of the 1800s with his wife Sarah Kaine and children; he was establishing his new life. After coming out from County Tyrone in Ireland, the family had come up the Ottawa River to find steady work and claim land for a homestead. If you were a hard worker, you could build a new  life with more possibilities than any available in 19th-century Ireland. The young family found what they sought in Westmeath Township.


John Patterson

This Patterson family is often mentioned in the Greenwood Settlement  section of this website.  In 1855 at age 23, John is listed in the Canada, British Regimental Registers of Service, 1756-1900, as a “69th Foot Soldier” :  1855 John Patterson Military Record. At that time British soldiers were encouraged to take up land to help colonize Canada – sometimes by way of being offered  a homestead free-of-charge by the government.  This was advantageous to the British to have loyal former militia men in the Colony’s population. The Republican sentiments from the south and the invasion of the Americans in 1812 was still fresh in the minds of the colonial government.

weaver loomJohn’s occupation on the record is listed as a Weaver.  It is not known if he set up a loom and weaved in Greenwood settlement. But it is easy to assume that he would use those skills in his new home area.

They were well establushed by 1850 in Westmeath Township and in the 1851 Agricultural Census of Westmeath Township,  the farms of John Patterson (page 1-line 26), and of his son Charles Patterson (page 1-line 28), are listed with the acres under cultivation plus many more details.

The Patterson family homesteaded on adjoining properties in Greenwood and the 1871 enumerator Abel Beach lists the three household one after the other; including the Brouse household.  John and Sarah are now in their late 70’s in 1871.

1871 Census Westmeath Township - Patterson and Brouse households.

1871 Census Westmeath Township – Patterson and Brouse households.

This “immigrant ancestor” couple John Patterson (1794 – 1872) and Sarah Kaine (1795-1886) were married in Antrim, Northern Ireland in 1821. The children of John and Sarah were:

1.  Margaret Patterson (1824 – ) m. John Blair (1821- ) No record of this young couple ever coming to Canada.

2.  Charles Patterson (1826 – 1889) and Jane Ann Henderson (1838 – 1910) 1850 Charles & Jane Marriage Reg.

Charles Patterson stone, Greenwood Cemetery.

Charles Patterson stone, Greenwood Cemetery.

 The children of Charles and Jane were:

I.  David Henderson Patterson (1852 –1912) m. Jane Elizabeth Wilson (1861-1946, daughter of David Wilson and Mary Jane Grainger. Jane was the first of two Wilson siblings to marry into the Patterson family. See WILSON entry.  1877 David & Jane Marriage.  Their children were:

i. David Henderson Patterson Jr. (1879 –

ii. William Charles  Patterson (1882 – ) m. Sarah McCracken (1893-  ), daughter of Thomas McCracken (1859-  ) m. Susannah Smyth (1858- ). See McCRACKEN entry.

iii. Hugh Patterson (1885 –

iv. Samuel J Patterson (1887 – 1916)

v. Olive Mildred Patterson (1890 –

vi. Margaret A Patterson (1893 –

vii. Leonard Harold Patterson (1897 –

viii. Abraham “Abe” Melville Patterson (1899 – 1965)  became a well-known Pembroke carver. His work is on display at the Champlain Trail Museum, Pembroke, Ontario. This excerpt is from History of the Corporation of Westmeath Township by Evelyn Moore Price, 1984.

Abe Patterson by E.M_edited-1

Abe Patterson by E.M.Price 1984(1)_0001

  xiv. Cecil Patterson (1904 –

II. Charles William Patterson  (1852 – 1931) m. Sarah Wilson  1875 Charles & Sarah Marriage. This family settled in the Lanark County area around Carleton Place. Their

III. Lilly Patterson (1852 – 1938) m. Hugh Wilson (1846- 1921). 1871 Hugh & Lilly Marriage.  Her groom Hugh Wilson was born in Belfast, Antrim, but she was Ontario-born. Hugh was also brother to Jane E. Wilson who married Lilly’s brother David. See WILSON entry.

IV. Margaret Patterson (1853 – 1934) unmarried. Worked at the Alba Post Office and on early switchboard. 1935 Margaret Death Reg.

Photo from "The Greenwood Scrapbook, 1937."

Photo from “The Greenwood Scrapbook, 1937.”

 V.  Sarah Patterson (1855 – 1939) m. George Joshua Little (1851-1911) and settled in Pembroke, Ont. raising a family of four children. They were married in 1875 in the Greenwood Methodist Church.

VI. Mariah P. Patterson (1861 – 1939) m. William Henley Thompson (1870-  ) on 13 Apr. 1898. This family lived in the Copper Cliff and Sudbury area of Ontario. They were also married at the Greenwood Church.

VII. Martha Patterson (1864 – 1941) m. George Mick (1856-1941) from Stafford Township, son of John Mick and Ann Doupe. Martha and lived in Westmeath Township after their marriage. They had no children but in the 1911 Census a niece called Jessie Beaty is living with them.


George Mick Photo from

Mick-Patterson stone.

Mick-Patterson stone. Photo from

 VIII. Christina Patterson (1867 – 1951) m. John James Cotnam (1867 – 1947), son of George Cotnam and Rita Lee. 1889 John & Christina Marriage.  They farmed raised their children in Greenwood:

i.  Lawrence Clifford Cotnam (1890 –

ii. Leslie George Cotnam (1891 – 1978)

iii. George Charles Leslie Cotnam (1892 –

iv. Olive Pearl Cotnam (1894 – 1902) – died at age 8 years.

v. Pansy Jamesena Cotnam (1902 –

vi. Parry James Eva Cotnam (1902 – 1989)

VIV. William Patterson (1870 – 1883) – died at age 13 years. 1883 William Death Reg.

3.  Sarah Ann Patterson (1829 – 1908) m. Jacob “Jake” Brouse (1825-1908), son of Samuel Brouse  of Dutch ancestry, (-see the 1871 Census for Country of Origin shown above), and  mother Mary Cairn who was  born on Allumette Island, (which sits in the Ottawa River channel opposite Westmeath Township). This couple would have 8 children and the two died within months; Jake in July and Sarah in October of 1908. 1908 Sarah & Jacob Deaths.

Drawing from the "Greenwood Scrapbook", 1937.

Drawing from the “Greenwood Scrapbook”, 1937.

Jake Brouse’s blacksmith shop is  mentioned in Walter Thrasher’s writings in Greenwood Settlement.

blacksmith In the 1891 Census the family is living in a north-western part of Renfrew County, in  Buchanan and Wylie Township, and Jacob (aged 65), continuing his occupation of Blacksmith; as does his son Charles (aged 27). There was always a need for those skills with even small villages  having as many as three blacksmith shops. The opening up of these  townships of Renfrew County further upstream required lots of manpower in the lumber shanties and plenty of horsepower. Wherever horses were found; blacksmiths were needed.  The sons of this family would soon find work and opportunities in the booming lumber trade.

The children of Sarah Patterson & Jacob Brouse were:

I. John Brouse (1852-1929) m. Mary Esdrail of Almonte, Lanark County in 1886. 1886 John & Mary Marriage.


John Brouse

John Brouse & Mary Esdrail

John Brouse & Mary Esdrail. Photo from

Sons of John Brouse circa 1925. Photo from

Sons of John Brouse circa 1925. Photo from

 II. Frances “Fanny” Brouse (1855 – 1925) m. William Hewitt of Kent, England in 1872. 1872 Fanny & William Marriage

III. Joseph Brouse (1856 – 1927)

IV. Lilly Brouse (1860 – 1930) m. Peter Aubichon, a carpenter, as his second wife in 1887. He also was working in the upper Ottawa Valley when they were married at Point Alexander near Rolphton, Ontario. 1887 Peter & Lilly Marriage.

V. Charles Brouse  (1863 – 1930) occupation Blacksmith

VI. William Morton Brouse (1865 – 1937

VII. Celcallis Brouse (1865 –

VIII. Wellington Brouse (1868 – 1957) m. Margaret Jane Richardson (1868-1959), born in Pontiac County, Quebec. They would settle in Ottawa, Ontario.

4. Lilly Patterson (1834 – 1892) m. Alexander Carnegie (1832 – 1920) in 1854. Alex was the son of Alexander Carnegie (1784 – 1874) and Ellen___ (1796- ).  See CARNEGIE entry.