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POUNDER, John and Annie Rudsdale Pounder

Wexford County, Irish Republic.

County Wexford , Irish Republic.

John Pounder (1805-18740), like so many before him, set out for the New World from the shores of Ireland. Born in  Enniscorthy, County Wexford, Ireland, he was the son of  George Pounder (1776–1829) & Mary Allen (1780 – 1861). John was only 15 when the family emigrated. His parents and their eight (soon to be ten) children settled in Drummond Township of Lanark County in 1820. John was only 15 years old when the family emigrated.

(Descendant David Pounder has been very helpful in adding material and checking the accuracy of this entry. )

John’s siblings would settle and raise their families.  His sister Sarah “Sally” Allen Pounder (1808-1892) m. John Devlin (1792-1870) in 1827 in Perth, Ontario.

1892 Perth Courier; Sarah Allen Pounder Devlin Obit.

1892 Perth Courier; Sarah Allen Pounder Devlin Obit. Two weeks earlier her twin sister had died.

His brother Robert Allen Pounder stayed in the Belleville, ON, area and brother Thomas Pounder went to Wisconsin, United States. Mary Allen Pounder and her husband John Fletcher also moved to Hastings County.  One sister Hannah, moved to Lambton County after her marriage. Other siblings; Sarah, Ruth, Eliza, Bersaya, and Dorinda remained in Lanark County. But John would come to Westmeath Township. He moved from Glen Tay area to Westmeath in 1860 or 61. And he died at Beachburg Feb. 15, 1874, short of his 69th birthday. No baptism record has been found.

John was the only child specifically mentioned in his father’s last will noting that he would get “one shilling and no more” as he had been given £50 to buy a farm. 1829 George Pounder Sr. Last Will & Testament. In his mother Mary Pounder’s Will, she names her seven daughters. 1854 Mary Pounder Will. These two documents are generously submitted by Kathryn Pounder.

He married Ann “Annie” Rudsdale  (1811-1880) on April 29, 1831, at age 26, in Perth, Ontario. These were devout people and in Evelyn Moore Price’s writing on the Beachburg Methodist Church is the line: “….while arriving from Perth, July 1860, were John Pounder, Ann Pounder, and George Pounder.” – their son.

1851 Census, Lanark County, Canada West. John Pounder Household

1851 Census, Lanark County, Canada West. John Pounder Household.  John’s occupation is “Farmer & Quarryman”. Although by 1832 the building of the Rideau Canal was completed, the quarrying of square stones for building, from the rock formations of the “Frontenac Axis” would be continued and provide employment for Lanark County men. Today many fine examples of limestone and sandstone houses, built using locally quarried stones, still grace the eastern Ontario landscape.

John was aged 55 and Ann 50 when they arrived at Beachburg  in 1860 and parents of  eight adult sons; six of whom would buy land and homestead in Westmeath Township. 1874 John Pounder Death, Perth Courier 

Pounder - Rudsdale stone, Beachburg Union Cemetery

Pounder – Rudsdale stone, Beachburg Union Cemetery

This family became very prominent and numerous and  there are six Pounder men listed as farmers in the 1888 Directory of Renfrew County.


From 1888 Directory of Renfrew County, Westmeath Township showing  Pounder Homesteads on Zion Line & Sturgeon Mountain Road; with the exception of Joseph Pounder’s land which was on the Bromley Line at the southwest corner of the Malloy Road.

Pounder Lands west of Village of Beachburg, Westmeath Township.

Pounder Lands west of Village of Beachburg, Westmeath Township.

The Pounder Family of Perretton was profiled  in  The Pembroke Observer which ran a piece by Evelyn Moore Price in November 1955. It was generously provided to this entry by Kathryn Pounder, great-grand-daughter of Joseph Pounder and Mary Jane Dunn.  1955 Perretton’s Pounder Family by E.M. Price.

The children of John Pounder (1805-1874) and Annie Rudsdale (1810 – 1880) are:

1.   Jane Pounder (1832 –1899) m. Daniel Shaw (1826-1898) on March 20, 1863. He was a son of Thomas W. Shaw and Elizabeth Wiley.  Daniel was born in New York state and came with his parents into British North America (Canada) as part of the influx of United Empire Loyalists during and following the American Revolution. 1899 Daniel & Jane Shaw Deaths. 

1871 Census Westmeath Township - Shaw Household

1871 Census Westmeath Township – Shaw Household

Shaw Pounder stone, Beachburg Union Cemetery

Shaw Pounder stone, Beachburg Union Cemetery.

The children of  Daniel Shaw & his wives were:

Daniel’s first marriage to Phoebe Hogle (1828-1858) in New York. Their children:

i. Orison Shaw (1851-1932), m. Anna Thompson (1855-1929).

ii. Hugh Shaw (1853-1921)

iii. Daniel Shaw (1854-

iv. Elizabeth Shaw (1856-

Daniel’s second marriage Jane Pounder (1832-1899). Their children:

v. Anna Jane Shaw (1864-1928)  1928 Annie’s Death

vi. John Henry Shaw (1868- 1922) m. Elizabeth John Matthews (1877-  ) on April 4, 1900. He was a surveyor and they lived in Nippissing District and he died in North Bay, Nippissing District.

vii. Mary Louise Shaw (1871-1933) m. John Bowes Moore (1868-1954), son of William Moore and Martha Curry. See MOORE entry. Their large brick home on Westmeath Road is now owned by their grandson Howard Moore. 1898 John & Mary Marriage

Moore-Shaw stone, Perretton Grace United Cemetery.

Moore-Shaw stone, Perretton Grace United Cemetery.

viii. Thomas Gilbert Shaw (1875- 1939) m. Edith Margaret Caswell (1878-1934) in September 25, 1907 in Beachburg. 1907 Thomas & Edith Marriage

Edith Caswell & Thomas Shaw stone

2.  Mary Ann Pounder (1834 –1911) m. Charles m. LeBaron (1828-1888) of Saratoga County, New York. Children: John LeBaron (1865-1923); Jeremiah LeBaron (1870-1901).

i. John LeBaron (1865-1923)

                       ii. Jeremiah LeBaron (1870-1901).

3.  George Pounder (1836 –1901) m. Eliza Green (1840-1872) on March 13, 1867.  1872 Eliza Death Reg.

George later married  Helen Mae Chamberlain (1849-1912) on April 2, 1879.  1879 George & Helen Marriage

1891 Census Westmeath Township - George Pounder Household

1891 Census Westmeath Township – George Pounder Household

Pounder-Chamberlain Stone, Beachburg Cemetery

Pounder-Chamberlain Stone, Beachburg Cemetery

[-George’s children with Eliza Green]

George Pounder & Eliza Green stone

i. cheesemakerFrancis “Frank” Green Pounder  (1865 – 1905) – killed in an accident at age 37 years. 1898-Frank-Pounder-Cheesmaker

ii. John Pounder (1872-1892) – drowned at age 20 years at Foresters Falls. He had worked in the General Store there – perhaps in his Uncle Peter’s store?

John Pounder stone

iii. Annie Rudsdale Pounder (1870-1957) m. William Stewart (1870-1954) on October 19, 1897.

William Stewart-Annie Pounder stone

[-George’s children with Helen Chamberlain]

iv. Eliza “Lyla” Pounder (1880-1964) m. Colin Bruce (1872-1954) on June 19, 1906.

Bruce-Pounder stone, St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Cemetery, Forester’s Falls.

v. Roy Mason Pounder (1883-1968) m. Mary Norval McLeese (1884-1918) on July 14, 1914

Norval McLeese & Rev. Roy Mason Pounder stone

v. George Nathaniel Pounder (1887-1889), died of croup.

4.  Richard Pounder (1840 – ) -unmarried
5.  John Pounder (1843 –1869 ) died of typhus in Clark County, Wisconsin.

6.  William Rudsdale Pounder (1844 –1919  ) m. Margaret Elizabeth Beach  (1860-1909) on March 24, 1880, the daughter of Levi Beach and Margaret Shaw. 1880 Marriage William & Magaret.    One daughter Minerva Jane Pounder born June 5, 1880. The marriage did not last and Margaret married George Cunningham in 1882. The Pounder child was living with her Beach grandparents in the  1881 and 1891 Census lists.

7.  Joseph Pounder (1845 – 1925) m. Mary Jane Dunn (1850-1899), daughter of James Dunn & Catherine Cassidy also of Westmeath Township on June 15, 1886.   See DUNN entry.  1886-Joseph-&-MaryJane-Marriage1899 MJ Dunn Pounder Death.  Joseph and Mary Jane Pounder farmed on the Bromley Line at the Malloy Road corner.

1891 Census Westmeath Township - Joseph Pounder Household.

1891 Census Westmeath Township – Joseph Pounder Household.

Pounder-Dunn stone, Beachburg Union Cemetery

Pounder-Dunn stone, Beachburg Union Cemetery

i. Irvine Rudsdale Pounder (1890-1982) m. Susie Margaret Russell Findlay (1891-1958) on September 1, 1919.  1919 Irvine & Susan Marriage

1919 Irvine & Susie Pounder Wedding, Pembroke, ON.

Irvine Pounder-Susie Findlay stone

“Dr. Irvine R. Pounder a former member of the teaching staff of both Toronto and York Universities viewed one of these samplers at Champlain Trail Museum and supplied the missing lines from his memory. Dr. Pounder was a son of the late Joseph Pounder and was born in Westmeath Township and was a student at the Bromley Line School. He lived on the farm later owned by Clyde Brown. He was married to Susie Findlay of Pembroke.”  See BROWN entry.

John Allan Pounder

John Allan Pounder

ii. John Allan Pounder (1892-1952) m. Helen Marjorie Prettie ( 1894-1975). 1916 John’s enlisting

“John Allan Pounder, the younger son of Joseph Pounder was born in Westmeath Township. He attended public and high schools in Pembroke and graduated from the University of Toronto in 1912. He joined the International Boundary Commission and in 1913 was commissioned a Dominion Land Surveyor. Barring the period from 1916 to 1918 when he saw service in France in World War I with the 51st Battery, C.F.A., he spent the remainder of his life in the survey branches of the federal government. He was an authority on international boundary problems having for 15 years been an engineer to the Boundary Commission conducting surveys from the Quebec-Maine section to the Alaska-Yukon region.” – from 1955 Perretton’s Pounder Family

John Allan Pounder & Helen Prittie stone

iii. Wilfred Pounder (1895-1895) – died in infancy.

9.  Peter Rudsdale Pounder (1849 –1925) m. Marianne Snowden (1864-1915) on January 18, 1888.   One son John Pounder (1892-1966)  m.  Hazel Reilly (1892-1971) on October 27, 1915. See SNOWDEN entry. John Pounder was a veterinarian in Pembroke.

John Pounder & Hazel Reilly stone

“Peter Rudsdale Pounder became a school teacher and was also a storekeeper in Foresters Falls for many years. Due to an accident in the early days, he became paralyzed from the hips down. It has been said that he was one of the best-informed men in Ross Township. Some of his political articles, published in the Pembroke Observer, a Liberal paper, were republished and commented upon by many of the larger city dailies. He married a school teacher, Miss Mary Snowden of Westmeath and they had one child, John. He served on the Foresters Falls School Board also and sometimes a teacher was doubtful of accepting a position in that place where the names of the officials on the school board were Pounder, Faught and Thrasher.” – from 1955 Perretton’s Pounder Family

10. Robert Allen Pounder (1853 –1943 ) m. Jane Loten Whelen (1853 – 1920), daughter of James Whelen (1822 -1920) and Sophie Rudsdale (1826 – 1889) on December 23, 1975.  They settled in Beachburg.

1891 Census Westmeath Township - David Pounder Household

1891 Census Westmeath Township – Robert Allen Pounder Household

Jane Whelan Pounder and her sister Emma Whelan Johnson. Photo from

Jane Whelen Pounder and her sister Emma Whelen Johnson. Photo from

Robert A Pounder stone

The children of Robert and Jane were:

i. James Pounder (1877 – 1877) – infant death.
ii. John James Pounder (1878 – 1953) m. Ethel Mildred Anderson (1881-1986) on April 4, 1906.

iii. George Albert Pounder (1880 – 1966) m. Agnes Jean Poland (1887-1971) on August 26, 1908.
iv. Herbert Allen Pounder (1882 – 1905)

Herbert A Pounder & Ernest P Pounder (see viii. below) stone

v.  Robert Pounder (1884 – 1968) m. Daisy Lydia Martin (1884-1970)

Robert Pounder & Daisy Martin stone

vi. Sophia Mary “Minnie” Pounder (1886 – 1955) m. Charles “Levi” Briscoe (1887-1952) on June 26, 1912.   1912 Mary & Charles Marriage.

1947 Levi and Minnie Briscoe. Photo from

1947 Levi and Minnie Briscoe. Photo from

Charles Briscoe & Mary Pounder stone

vii. Edgar Rudsdale Pounder (1888 – ) -unmarried. Moved to USA in 1930.

viii. Peter Ernest Pounder (1889 – 1909)
ix.  Joseph “Harold” Pounder (1892 – 1940) m. Gertrude Currie Fraser (1897-1919) on May 1, 1918.                               x.  Ann Isabelle Pounder (1895-1897) –  Died of diphtheria.                                                                                                       xi.  Stephen Pounder (1896-1896). Died in infancy.

11. David “Dave” Pounder (1857 –1906) m. Annie Taugher (1869-    ). David was killed in a work-related accident in Haileybury. They were together in the 1891 and 1901 Census. Annie was still listed in the 1911 Haileybury Census.

1891 Census Westmeath Township - David Pounder Household

1891 Census Westmeath Township – David Pounder Household. They had adopted William Fisker a Scottish boy.

David McDowell Pounder stone