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PRICE, Enoch and Susan Jackson

The Price (Pryce) family “Immigrant Ancestor” ENOCH PRICE (1831-1928) came to Westmeath Township in 1849 as a young lad  of 18 from Wicklow, Ireland, on the east coast of the Irish Republic. From the records it would appear that he travelled alone. His parents were Abraham Price and Eliza Buttle. He had spunk and ambition and that can go a long way in a new land.

He and his wife  SUSAN  (Susannah) JACKSON  (1841-1929), met in Lanark County and were married there in 1861 when he was 30 years of age. By the time of the marriage in the county seat Perth, ON., in October of that year, Enoch had established himself as a farmer on the 10th Concession of Lanark County. Better farmland was being offered to new settlers north in Renfrew County and the couple moved to Westmeath Township.

His new bride Susan Jackson was a daughter of William Jackson and Elizabeth “Eliza” Applebee.  See JACKSON entry. She died at age 88 years. 1929 SusanJacksonDeathReg. Enoch lived even longer until 97 years;  79 years of which he had spent in Westmeath Township according to his Death Registration, filled out by Dr. Alexander in Beachburg.  1928 EnochPriceDeathReg.

Price stone, Perretton Cemetery

Price stone, Perretton Cemetery

1901 Census for Westmeath Township has four Price households. The only child still living at home with Enoch and Susan is youngest son Samuel.

Price William M Head M Jan 28 1867 34
Price Anne J. F Wife M Jun 3 1871 29
Price Enoch D. M Son S Aug 29 1893 7
Price Eliza B. F Daughter S Feb 14 1896 5
Price Elizabeth F Daughter S Nov 13 1899 1
Price John M Head M Aug 1 1870 30
Price Mario F Wife M Oct 3 1873 27
Price Mabel G. F Daughter S Jul 28 1895 5
Price Ira C. M Son S Apr 14 1897 3
Price Willard T. M Son S Jan 9 1901 2 1/2
Price Enoch M Head M Apr 14 1835 65
Price Susan F Wife M Nov 25 1843 57
Price Samuel M Son S Dec 5 1882 18
Price Thomas M Head S Feb 10 1868 33
Price Nancy F Wife M May 13 1876 24

The children of Enoch Price and Susan Jackson are:

1. Abraham Price (1864-1990) m. Margaret Ann Sullivan (1864-1938), a woman from Westmeath Township. They had two children: William Price (1894-1894) and Hazel Isobel Price (1902-  ). They are buried in Pembroke.

2. William Price (1866-1939) m. Ann Jenny Costello. This branch is followed in more detail later in this entry.

3. Thomas “Tom” Price (1868-1952) m. Nancy Carnegie (1876-1910), daughter of Daniel Carnegie (1825 – 1892) and Sarah Fraser of Greenwood; the first of two mariages between the Price and Carnegie families. See CARNEGIE entry.

In the 1921 Census three generations are living at:  Lot ½ 15, ½ 16, E ½ 17, Westmeath Twp., including Enoch (age 88) and Susan Price (age 77).   1921 Census Westmeath Township Price Family.  The children of Thomas and Nancy  Price are:

i.  Lloyd Price (1905-1983) m. Viola Boyd (1910-1980). Price, Lloyd & Viola.  Their daughter: Doretta Price m. Welland England.

ii. Ula V. Price (1907-1978) m. Arthur L. Weedmark (1899-1987). See WEEDMARK entry.

iii. Dawson Price (1909-1967)

4. John Price (1870-  ) m. Marion Adelaide Mayhew (1873-1968) from Admonston Township. She was the daughter of Charles Mayhew and Sarah Dunlop. 1911 Census Price Pembroke Township.  The children of John and Marion Price are:

i. Mabel G. Price (1896-

ii. Ira Clifford Price (1897-

iii. Willard Leonard Price (1901-

iv.  Percy Wellington Price (1907-

5. Elizabeth “Eliza” Price (1872-1906) m. Robert Woodburn Carnegie (1868 – 1952). She died at Beachburg and is buried at Perretton. Robert was the son of Daniel Carnegie (1825 – 1892) and Sarah Fraser and like his older sister Nancy had married in to that family. See CARNEGIE entry.

6. Enoch Samuel Price (1882-1957) m. Elizabeth Elliott Costello (1882-1949). Their son  Carl S. Price (1907-1980) m. Evelyn A. Moore (1910-1988) and they farmed on the Beachburg Road in Perretton. Their children were Willard Moore (1937- ) and Donald S. Moore (1941- ).

Evelyn was the daughter of John B. Moore and Mary Shaw and would become a noted musician and historian of the area. See MOORE entry.  Evelyn Moore Price’s book “History of the Corporation of Westmeath Township” has been frequently used as a  reference  in the main website.

Price- Costello stone, Perretton

Price- Costello stone, Perretton

Descendants of  William Price and Jenny Costello

Enoch and Susan’s son WILLIAM JACKSON PRICE (1866-1939) took over the 200 acre, homestead in Perretton, on what now is called the Beachburg Road. He married Ann JENNY COSTELLO (1878-1952) from Westmeath and they raised their family of one son and two daughters.

1939 Wednesday, October 25. Ottawa Journal. Wm. Price Death

1939 Wednesday, October 25. Ottawa Journal. -Wm. Price Death

Price-J.Costello stone, Perretton

Price-J.Costello stone, Perretton

1. Enoch Dalton Price (1893 – 1965) born in Perretton married Martha Elizabeth Elliott (1890 – 1976) in 1915 at the Greenwood Methodist Church.  She was a daughter of David W. Elliott and Martha Robinson. See ELLIOTT entry and ROBINSON entry. Their June 1915 marriage certificate is signed by one W. H. Perrett, the man for whom “Perretton” is named. 1915 Marriage Cert..

In the 1921 Census the family had three generations together living at: Lot 18 Con A , Westmeath Township, in Perretton, and the household members were:

  • Dalton Price – 27
  • Elizabeth M. Price – 29
  • Vernon E Price – 5
  • Oran B Price – 3
  • Harry C Price – 2
  • Welbert W Price – 3/12
  • William Price – 55
  • Jennie Price – 49

Dalton  and Martha”Lizzie” Price raised a large family of twelve children:

i. Vernon Elliott Price (1916-1992) m. Vera Majesty Dunlop (1921-1961) settled in “The Glen”, just outside of Beachburg Village going west towards the Lower Allumette Lake. The couple raised a large family of 12 children; many of whom married locals and are still  prominent in the community. Tragedy struck in 1961 when Vera and one daughter Keitha Lynn Price (1948-1961) were killed.  1961 Automobile Accident Beachburg.

Like so many young men of his day, Vern Price went to the lumber camps in the winter. He enjoyed shanty life and was able to capture in pictures and writings some of the flavour  of that era.  Price, Vern – Lumber Camp.

The great kindness shown by the Price family is commented on in writings by Irvin Collins who grew up as neighbours to the Price household. See COLLINS entry.

ii. Orville Brown Price (1917-1990) m. Thelma Hawthorne (1925-1968)

iii. Clayton Harvey Price  (1919-

iv. William “Bill” Delbert Price (1921-1985)

v. Fredrick Dalton Price (1923-1995)

vi. Enid Elizabeth Price (1924-

vii. Eleanor Price (1926-2007)

viii. Sheldon “John” Jackson Price (1929-2005)

ix. Gordon David Price (1930-

x. Eric Herbert Price (1932- ) m. Patricia M. Johnson (1946-

xi. Ruth Francis Price (1934-

xii. Ralph Earl Price (1936-2003)

2. Beatrice Eliza Price (1896 – 1979) m. Herbert D. McGonegal (1892-1979) . See MCGONEGAL entry.

3. Elizabeth Gladys Price (1900– 1964) m. Herb Martin (1894-1965) of Beachburg.