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WOOD, Dr. Edgar Troy

Not often does a funeral require additional speakers set up to amplify the rites to an overflow crowd; the folks not able to fit into St. Andrew United Church, Westmeath Village on a March day in 1961. But the village doctor and friend had died and the community wanted to pay their respects.  Wood, Dr.Edgar.  As a bachelor, the whole of the community was his family.


Dr. Edgar Troy Wood, country doctor 1921-1961.

A native of Brockville, Ontario, Edgar Wood had come to Westmeath Township 40 years before and as a country doctor he had probably done and seen it all. A Masonic Lodge member of high rank and a Conservative to the bone, Dr. Wood’s long medical practice meant that generations of Westmeath Township residents had received his administrations and countless babies came into the world with his help.

There are many around that can still tell tales of anxious visits to Dr. Wood’s practice located in the front section of his big red brick house, one house in from the Main and Synton Street corner in the village. Dr. Wood also served as the Township Medical Health Officer for many years.

He had graduated from Queen’ s University, in Kingston in 1921 with a degree of M.D., C.M.  That same year he came to Westmeath to practice medicine and surgery, remaining for 40 years until his death in 1961. His funeral was held at the Westmeath United Church.  Wood E