Riverview Calendar



Events are held at the Westmeath Recreation Centre Hall, 119 Synton Street, Westmeath, ON, K0J2L0, unless otherwise indicated.

Plenty of on-site free parking and fully accessible.

CLUB MONTHLY BUSINESS MEETING.  Every 2nd Wednesday of each month the members come together to discuss the activities they are working on currently and exchange ideas on new points of interest to the Club. The atmosphere is kept light and meetings usually are less than an hour in length.  Every CLUB MEMBER is expected to come out to the Business Meetings as often as they can. Many hands make light work. It is a great way to make new friends and find new volunteer opportunities. Info: 587-4502.

GENTLE YOGA will benefit all adults  wishing to gently stretch and tone the body. Come out and warm up those tense and rigid muscles. Gentle help for flexibility and balance as you age. Very useful for anyone recovering from illness or dealing with mobility issues. Info: 587-4615.
SOUP & SANDWICH is the well attended monthly luncheon, served to the community. It is an important socializing occasion for many of the older citizens of the area. The food is prepped and served by CLUB MEMBERS. This work should be shared by all the membership. Come out and do your part on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. This work brings in 40% of the Club’s annual funding so please help make these important luncheons a success. Info: 587-4491.