Who is running this thing?

Everyone. We ALL are running this thing!

We count on every member to do some work for the club throughout each year.

There are always jobs to be done planning and executing our various activities. Everyone pulling his or her  weight makes this a Powerhouse Club, enjoyable for all.

2017-2018 Executive

Thank you to these wonderful capable men and women who will see us through our next busy year.

The NEW Executive for  2017-2018, elected at the June 14th Club Business Meeting, is:

President                                        Gayle Stewart
Vice President                               D’Arcy McMullen
Treasurer                                        Paul Stewart
Secretary                                        Doreen McNair
Trip Coordinator                           Shannon Dunfield
Memberships                                 Connie Gray
Kitchen Coordinators                    Pauline Wright, Janice McMullen and Pat Larocque
Advertising, Newsletter, etc.        Pat Larocque, Sheila O’Brien, Heather Campbell and Bob Grylls

A HUGE Thank You to some key players was on the menu at the End-Of-Year Potluck, 28th June, 2017.


I am here to turn a spotlight on Doreen McNair’s tenure as our Riverview Club President for the past 4 years. I am pleased to do so because Doreen deserves our applause  and commendations for the work she has put into her time  as President.

But before I zero in on Doreen, I want to give a very special mention to Linda Bromley who will be leaving the executive; – who as the Club’s Vice President


for many years, has set the tone and made the good vibes at our events. Linda is often the woman who leads in the decorating of the hall or the setting up for an event. She takes the time to review the details – the small ways that make a Club event meticulously handled. So thank you, Linda, for your selfless giving of your many  talents and  your  time over the years in this Club.

Also, I want to mention the soup & sandwich teams who work monthly for our Club. S & S brings in about 40% of our Club funding so it is the most fundamental work the Club does to raise money.

  1. The Soup & Sandwich “Door” team led Eric Blackwell and his sidekicks – Ed Norlock and Claudette Kingston who handles the 50-50 Draw  for us. Eric is meticulous with the money and it just wouldn’t be the same without Eric’s smiling face when you come through the door!

Applause please

  1. “Up and Down Team” – Those men in the Club who come in prior to our events – not just Soup & Sandwich – but ALL our events and haul out the table and chairs and set up and stay late to put everything back under the stage and stacked at the side. What would happen without this team’s dedication to setting up and taking down furniture? The men are key players:  D’Arcy, Ted, Paul, Gary, and others who have said “Yes I’ll help”

Applause please….

  1. The Soup & Sandwich Food Team starts with Laurine Blackwell listing  what is needed to feed all our guests, each third Wednesday; to a wide swath of the membership – those who make the soups, and prep the meats and slice the components and bake the desserts – then lay the tables, and wash up and put away afterwards. – Pauline, Shannon, Mona, Joyce, Jan, Irene, Doreen, Heather, Pierrette, 2 Pats, Linda, Connie, Sheila, Swanee and others who hopefully don’t get upset that I missed them

Applause please….

So I will get back to talking about Doreen,  – and Linda has been great about listing things so I won’t miss too much.

To get to know Doreen is to understand that she has a lively brain, always jumping ahead to foresee what can be accomplished and as President she brought that willingness to push forward, to not just us but also to the wider community.

Doreen never wants just the “status quo” – it is important to her to say “Why not try this or that?” and “Why Don’t We?”

As our Club’s  “Brand Ambassador” she has excelled.

Her work for the Club has brought us to the point where we have actually gotten a reputation as a club with a younger and more engaging  and engaged demographic – the sort of  club that now seniors from outside our traditional catchment area of the Westmeath Peninsula are asking if they can join us.

Doreen has been in large part responsible for giving this club our reputation as a youthful, busy, exciting Club.

Under Doreen’s leadership new activities such as a yoga class, new money such as nearly 20K of grant monies, and many sold-out social events – Rock & Roll fundraisers, the must-attend Christmas Dance, our famous Spring Teas, etc. and our yearly bus trips both long and short.

Our membership continues to climb at a time when membership of other seniors clubs are in decline – and it is people like Doreen who makes that happen.

She has also led to the betterment of our “Clubhouse” if you will – such as new dishes, new tablecloths, a new Canadian Flag – the things we might take for granted.  If the hall is beautifully decorated for some event you know that Doreen and Linda and their possee were at work.

Under her 4 year leadership this Club has aided our greater community by donating to

  • MRI fund at Pembroke Regional Hospital
  • Hospice Renfrew,
  • Vincent de Paul
  • Food bank
  • Whitewater Historical Society
  • WDRA
  • Robbie Dean project and
  • Scholarship to local schools
  • Support to Tour de Whitewater

Whether it is Winter Carnival, Canada Day, Run for the Cure or any other community event, Doreen with be there and she will be pitching in to help. She has been a “roll up your sleeves” kind of President.

And that great laugh and her sense of fun has made all the work go faster.

Thank you sincerely Madame President for all your guidance and work these last 4 years.  We are very happy to have you still on the Club Executive and you have left big shoes to fill , so I expect I will make great use of your mentor-ship.

Speech by Gayle Stewart at the Potluck