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1942 to 1950

WWII Victory Bonds and New Township Equipment

Council Minutes of Years 1929 to 1941,  inclusive, are missing

The Westmeath Township Minute Book(s) that would record the years 1929 through to the end of 1941 are missing from the collection housed at the Cobden Municipal Building.  If and when they come to light they will be inserted on this site.

This is an important loss because it would be interesting to read how the municipality dealt with the Dirty Thirties and the economic hardships of the Great Depression.


12th January 1942

Elected Officials

  • Reeve: John D. Mclean
  • Councillor: Samuel Young
  • Councillor: Albert Gervais
  • Councillor: Harry G. Bromley

1942 Appointments

Clerk:  A. Davison,  Sanitary Inspectors: W.F. Davidson, Maise Gervais

Medical Health Officer & Indigent Doctor: Dr. E.T. Wood

Poundkeepers: Harry G. Bromley, Donald Thrasher, John Wiggers, Lemox Dougherty, Abe Robinson, James Bennett, Harris Brown, W.P. O’Brien, James J. Barr, H.P. Brown, Jas. M. Metcalfe, Thos. A. Gervais, Wesley Berry.

Fence Viewers: George E. Smith, James J. Barr, M.E. Bromley    

Sheep Valuators: Dalton Price, H.P. Brown, M.E. Bromley

Weed Inspector: Algie Davison

School Attendance Officers:  Mrs. Thomas Rollins, W.A. McMullen, Nelson Leach, Joseph Davis.

Assessor: Garnet Kenny

Winter Road Overseers: Wallace Poff, John Hudson, George H. Smith, C.G. Kenny, Stephen Kenny, Randolph Dunlop, M.E. Bromely, Andrew Gervais, Epp Robinson, Thos. H. Collins, James J. Barr, Wm Fletcher, Wm. G. Fisher, James Bennett, W.A. McMullen, W.R. Conley, Thomas Broome, Dyer Kenny.

Tax Collector: Garnet Kenny


8th May 1943 Moved by Garnet Dougherty, seconded by H. G. Bromley, that the Reeve and Treasurer be authorized to purchase a Victory Bond out of the funds of the Municipality in the amount of $5,000.00, which money is now in  the Bank of Nova Scotia, on condition that the provincial government has no control whatsoever in the matter. Carried

The same amount was approved for purchase in May 1944.

8th May 1943 Moved by Garnet Dougherty, seconded by H. G. Bromley, that the by-law for the appointment of a Road Superintendent have the blanks filled in with the name of Ephraim Robinson, at a salary of 60 cents per hour (transportation included).  Read 3 times and Carried.


4th August 1945 Moved by Harry Condie, seconded by Nelson Leach, that the by-law to raise funds to provide grants to Returned Persons from overseas who have served in His Majesty’s Armed Forces -or His Majesty’s Allies- during the present war, and that such persons be given a grant of $25.00 by this Municipality, and that an amount of $3,620.76 be placed in the current estimates for the year 1945, and be set aside for such a purpose, and this be passed and submitted to the Dept of Municipal Affairs for approval. Read 3 times and Carried 


14th January 1946 Moved by Harry Bromley, seconded by Garnet Dougherty, that the by-law to provide for the Total Expenditures on Roads for the year 1946 under the Highway Improvement Act have the blanks filled in with the amount of Eight Thousand Dollars $8,000.00 and be now read a second and third time, and passed and submitted to the Dept of Highways for approval. Carried

Moved by Nelson Leach, seconded by Harry Bromley, that this council do hereby agree to give to the family of _____ _____ the sum of three dollars $3.00 per week in groceries, etc., to be purchased at Rupert Kenny’s store with instructions to Rupert Kenny not to exceed that amount and that the clerk be instructed to notify the ____ family of this motion.  Carried.    [Family name has been withheld here]

Social Welfare: Prior to beginnings of universal health care in Western  Canada in the late 40’s, municipalities cared for those unable to care for themselves. Over the earlier years, as has been shown in previous Council Meeting Minutes, the Township paid for vaccinations and paid local doctor fees and hospital fees in Pembroke and Renfrew for indigent Westmeath Township residents.

They also, on a case by case basis, waived taxes or provided cash or groceries, for those too injured or poor, or otherwise too physically or mentally incapacitated,  to cope on their own.

This is the first environmental initiative of the Westmeath Council:

8th June 1946 Moved by Garnet Dougherty, Seconded by Harry Bromley that the Clerk be instructed to write to the Dept of Health and Game& Fisheries of both provinces of Ontario and Quebec as follows:

That this council has been informed that the Temiskaming Mill has for a number of years been dumping all kinds of refuse and waste from the Mill into the Ottawa River making the water unsanitary and dangerous for drinking purposes also detrimental to the fish in the river and also harmful for bathing purposes, and the Council requests the immediate attention of both governments to have this matter cleaned up. Carried


8th February 1947  Moved by Garnet Dougherty, Seconded by Harry Bromley that a public meeting be held in the Town Hall Beachburg on March 5th, 1947, to discuss the putting in of a water system in the hamlet of Beachburg and that the Clerk be instructed to have notices printed and mailed to the people who have signed a Petition requesting the water system. Carried


1948 Elected Officials:

  • Reeve: John D. McLean
  • Councillor: Albert Gervais
  • Councillor: Arndell McBride
  • Councillor: Stewart Johnson
  • Councillor: Campbell Faught

1948 Appointments:

  • Clerk:  A. Davison
  • Member Board of Health: John Condie,
  • Sanitary Inspectors: W.A. McMullen, Thomas Watchorn
  • Tax Collector: James H. Valliant
  • Pound Keepers: Harold Bromley, Donald Thrasher, William Dunlop, Lennox Dougherty, Hector Robinson, Henry Bennett, Harris Brown, James J. Barr, H.P. Brown, Henry Metcalfe, Thomas A. Gervais, Arnold O’Brien.
  • Fence Viewers: George E. Smith, James J. Barr, M.E. Bromley,
  • Weed Inspector: A. Davison
  • School Attendance Officers: M.F. Davidson, W.A. McMullen, Hugh Hill,
  • Medical health Officer and Indigent Doctor: Dr. E.T. Wood
  • Winter Road Overseers: Wallace Poff, Eldon Smith, Reggie Kenny, Walter Brown, Kenneth Collins, Milton Lyons, Douglas Desjardine, John Perrault, John H. White, John Foy, Moise Drapeau, Leo Gervais, M.E. Bromley, Wilfrid Either, Gordon Fletcher, Thomas Watchorn, Stewart Sutherland, Donald Thrasher, Hector Robinson, Alex Dunlop, James A. Stevenson.
  • Assessor:  H.B. Brown,
  • Auditors: Milne- Honeywell, Burpee & Clarke of Ottawa

Special Meeting called 12th May 1948 to discuss purchase of firefighting equipment.

12th May 1948  Those present were Reeve McLean, and Councillors Gervais, Johnson and McBride, also Fred Potter of the Bickle-Seagrave Ltd., and Fire Chief R. Dey of Pembroke. After much discussion on the matter and after thorough investigation on the Bickle-Seagrave machine, it was moved by Albert Gervais, seconded by Arndell McBride, that this council hereby purchase from the Bickle-Seagrave Ltd one Triple Combination Pumper, Booster and Hose truck, according to the proposal now submitted to council by Fred L. Potter of the Bickle-Seagrave Ltd dated May 10th, 1948, including extra equipment attached to proposal now submitted to council at a cost of $10,968.93. Carried

The Council then appointed the following persons as volunteer fire-men to be in charge of the above equipment when taken to any fire within the Township or elsewhere:

  • Village of Beachburg – John W. Burnett (Fire Chief), Edgar Ernest Davidson, Alton Salter, John Arthur Johnson, E. Ernest Davison, Clarence Fraser.
  • Westmeath – Archie Blackwell (1st Deputy), John Gervais, Aurel Gervais.
  • Lapasse – J.A. Gervais, Willard Gervais

Note: a follow-up meeting was requested by some Westmeath ratepayers who felt that the cost was too high and that Westmeath Village  would not be adequately serviced with the vehicle housed in Beachburg. After further meetings and discussions, the motion held.

New Road Grader:  

31st May 1948  Moved by Albert Gervais, seconded by Arndell McBride that this council accept the tender for the grader of Craig Equipment, registered and hereby purchase an Austin Western Power Grader from the Craig Equipment Reg’d as per plans and specifications of tender submitted to Council dated May 4th 1948 (under tender for power grader) including giant snow plow for the sum of $15,993.00, without bull-dozer. Carried.

10 July 1948 Moved by Arndell McBride, Seconded by Stewart Johnson that the Municipal Council of the Corporation of the Township of Westmeath hereby make a motion to the Honourable Alphonse Fournier, Minister of Public Works, Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, requesting that provision be made by the Federal Dept of Public Works to erect and complete a Bridge on the top of the Storage Dam on the Roche Fondu channel of the Ottawa River and a connecting link between Ontario and Quebec also it will connect with the proposed scenic highway along the Ottawa River on the Ontario side of the Ottawa River. Carried


8th October 1949   Stewart Johnson gives notice of a by-law to establish a Community Centre located in Beachburg Village. Moved by Albert Gervais and W.L. Ross that the by-law establishing a Community Centre under Community Centre’s Act be now introduced and read a first time. Read 3 times and Carried

15th December 1949  Moved by W.L. Ross, seconded by Arndell McBride that the by-law to impose a special rate for Tile Drainage purposes on certain properties within the Township under the Tile Drainage Act now be introduced. Read 3 times and Carried


10th June 1950  Moved by W.L. Ross, seconded by Stewart Johnson that the bylaw for the establishment of an outdoor skating rink only as a community centre, in accordance with a petition from over 50 percent of the ratepayers of School Sections No. 7,12 & 14. The said rink to be situated in the village of Beachburg. Carried

8th July 1950 Moved by W.L. Ross and Arndell McBride that the following be appointed a board of directors to supervise the management of an outdoor skating rink in the Village of Beachburg

  • Council Reps:  Stewart Johnson, Albert Gervais
  • School Board Reps: Geo. R. Burgess, W.R. Reynolds for S.S. No. 7, Bert Martin for S.S. No. 12  and Kenneth Collins, John H. White for S.S. No. 14. Carried