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Villages & Settlements

The Place Names and the Wonderful Feeling of “HOME”

Each of the Historic Westmeath Township villages and settlements has its own feel.

LaPasse hamlet where everyone on the north side of the road has a backyard running down to the Ottawa River and with its Franco-canadienne flair and large cottage population, has a particular “Joie-de-vivre”.

Bustling Beachburg where the business community and the hard-working population of young adults bring some hustle  and innovation to the area.

Westmeath, the sleepier eldest sister community  where the roots go deep and the reliance on neighbours is still the standard  with a “Let’s git  ‘er done!” attitude.

Perretton-Greeenwood, where the sense of community relies on the past strong ties between families, against a backdrop of closures of  schools or church.

G’day is the greeting of the area – and laughter is the common currency.   Any real or perceived differences between the settlements in  each  part of the old Westmeath Township slips away when you get people talking about their families.

Chances are high that someone in your family married/dated/is a cousin of/works for/owes money to/ helped in a pinch/went to school with/went to dances/babysat/went snowmobiling/ hunting or fishing with someone in their family.  It is best to remember that in small communities everyone knows everyone else, or knows someone – who knows that someone.